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Is Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis Season 2 Confirmed? Renewed By Amazon?

Jeff Lewis appears to have received a lot of love and support following their debut on the renowned celebrity home makeover show, the Hollywood House Lift with Jeff Lewis. For the ones who aren’t aware of the show.

The first season of Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis was launched on June 10th of this year, and the show included a fresh unique approach of presenting a combination of reality television shows and a view of Hollywood celebrity residences.

Does that make sense? The primary concept of the show is that it focuses on the prominent interior designer Jeff Lewis, who appears in the show in two roles: as the show’s host and as the designer who will be working on the interiors of Hollywood celebrities.

He has an assistant named Shane Douglas who assists him with this interior project and makes the houses of many celebrities even nicer and better. However, they are not working alone on these interior projects; rather, they are part of a team of brilliant individuals.

Talking about Lewis! He rose to prominence in the public eye after debuting as the host of the iconic Flipping Out American reality television show, which likewise lasted more than a decade.

The reality program’s funding is done by the executive producer Lewis Allison Grodner and Rick Meehan and the guy behind operating this show to attain its success is the showrunner, Billy Taylor. Amazon has expressed interest in hosting the innovative reality show on its Amazon Freevee platform. And, if you want to view the first season, you can just go to the platform and check out the show.

So there was the end of the show. So, if you’ve seen the series and liked the premise, we’ve got you covered with all the latest information about the second season, so check it out:

Is Hollywood Houselift With Jeff Lewis Season 2 Confirmed?

Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis Season 2

As the first season of Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis was launched, many fans were truly looking forward to seeing more fresh seasons for the series. And, without further ado, showrunner and presenter Jeff Lewis has announced the coming of his skilled crew to restore and construct even more exquisite interiors for the second season.

This season will have additional twists and turns, as well as new celebrity faces and residences that will be refreshed with new décor to captivate viewers. However, there is still plenty of time to see what happens in the forthcoming new season.

Name of the Show/Movie Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis
Season/ Part NumberSeason 2
GenreReality Tv
Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis Season 1 Release Date10 June 2022
Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis Season 2 Release DateRenewed (No date)

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Has Amazon Renewed Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis?

Even Amazon gave the showrunners of the series the go-light to begin production on the second season on December 7th of this year. This next season will almost certainly be released on the Amazon Freevee streaming platform.

Release Date for Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis Season 2

 Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis Season 2 Release Date

The show’s second season has only received a green light for the upcoming season as of now. So, the showrunners will now plan before beginning production on the program. As a result, an official release date will be announced very soon. However, if we make some assumptions, we may be able to witness the new second season of the series by the end of 2023. We will notify you once we have received a confirmed update.

Ratings & Reviews

The show got 8.1 ratings out of 10. Check the images below so that you can understand the reason behind these ratings.

Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis – FAQs 

How many episodes are there in Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis?

As of now, only the first season of Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis has been released. And, the first season came with a total of 10 episodes.

How much does Jeff Lewis make with Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis show?

It’s not the first time that Jeff Lewis is appearing in a reality show as a host. Previously, he was also seen starring as the presenter for Flipping Out reality which was shown for roughly 11 years. His appearance as the host has earned him a million dollars! Although details about his earnings from Amazon’s Hollywood Houselife with Jeff Lewis are restricted, the host has a health net worth of approximately $16 million, which is projected to rise even more after his debut in Amazon’s show.

Who is Jeff Lewis’s assistant in the show?

Shane Douglas appears as the assistant for Jeff Lewis in the Amazon show.

Will there be more seasons coming in the future for the Hollywood Houselift series?

As of today, Amazon has granted the second season a green light, implying that the first season was a success for Amazon. However, further seasons will be renewed solely on the basis of popular demand.

Who will be cast for Hollywood Houselift Season 2?

Concerning the cast, it has been anticipated that we will see the same cast from the previous first season, which will undoubtedly feature Jeff Lewis, as well as his assistant, Shane Douglas, and their complete crew. However, several fresh celebs will feature on the show.

Where Can I Watch Hollywood Houselift Season 1?

You can go and watch the Hollywood Houselift Season 1 readily on the Amazon Freevee platform.

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