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Horimiya Season 2 Release Date Is Not Announced!

Love watching anime mixed with the spice of high school romance?  Also, waiting for Horimiya season 2? Yes!

Here’s an update!

Nowadays the craze of anime is increasing a lot among the public, especially among teens. Anime is a hand-drawn and computer-based Japanese animated series and movie. Most adults and kids love watching anime. The anime demon and anime manga make their adventure fascinate the fans a lot more.

Horimiya is a romantic comedy anime based on Manga. Rom-coms are the most liked genre of anime, and many adults admire watching this genre. Anime has gained attention from all over the world. Anime had a Worldwide fan. Even in India, there are many crazy fans of anime!

Horimiya is based on a sweet love story of two students who kept each other’s secrets hidden from their peers. Horimiya received a lot of love and attention from fans on its release in 2021.

Horimiya Season 2 Release Date

Horimiya Season 2 Release Date
The anime’s first season was released on 10th January 2021 and ended on 4th April 2021. The anime consisted of 13 episodes with a running time of about 23-25 minutes. It received a positive response from the fans and also received 8.1 out of 10 on IMDB. Nowadays there has been a trend of many seasons of a series or anime, so we assume that it might have a season 2. The storyline had a happy ending in season 1 so the probability of season 2 is less. The season ended in May 2021, so there is hope for the upcoming season. As there is no news related to season 2 of the anime till now, so we can just wait for the news. So let’s wait and see whether there will be a season 2 or not!
Name of the ShowHorimiya
Season NumberSeason 2
Horimiya Season 1 Release Date10 January 2021
Horimiya Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Horimiya Season 2 Overview

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Horimiya Season 2 Story

Horimiya Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of the anime might have a plot of a slim slice of life. As season 1 had a happy ending, then there is the probability that the plot goes in a way as our main couple might face a lot of stumbling blocks in their relationship regarding their careers. As in the first season, the main female lead had a responsible character in comparison to the main male lead. The main female lead was a very pretty and bright student in her high school and the main male lead was not so responsible and quite a nerd and hideous.

They both might get a part in the next season for some time owing to some problems and might have another happy ending at the end of the season. The issue which can become a hurdle in their relationship might be their career issues. They are not able to take out time for each other due to their work and this will lead to misunderstanding among them. And later they will find a solution for this issue and might patch it up once again. It may also get married in the upcoming season. They might also end up showing their kid in the next season. So let’s see how the plot of the upcoming season will go if there will be a season 2. 

Horimiya Season 2 Characters

Horimiya Season 2 Release Date

 As it will be a continuation of season 1, so the character might remain the same. Many extra characters will be added and some characters will be removed but the main leads will remain the same.

Kyoko Hori: voiced by Haruka Tomatsu( Japanese) and Marisa Duran (English). Kyoko is an eminent, pretty, bright, good-looking, and well-known girl in her high school. But she is quite different inside her home. She ties a bun of her hair and remains off makeup Inside her house, she does all the household chores and takes care of her younger siblings.  She never wanted to expose her home life in front of the whole school. And is also in love with Izumi Miyamura.

Izumi Miyamura: Voiced by: Kōki Uchiyama (Japanese) and Alejandro Saab(English). Miyamura is a nerd and has a lot of tattoos and piercings. He has two different identities inside and outside the school. He is a bay guy outside the school and a nerd with specs on his face inside the school. He usually hangs out with Kyoko’s brother, Souta. He is in love with Kyoko. 

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They both are the main lead and will be the main lead in the upcoming season if there will be one. Many other characters like Souta Hori played as her younger brother who had a nosebleed and brought Izumi home and always made excuses for her sister to hang out with Izumi.

Toru Ishikawa was a friend of Izumi and had a crush on Kyoko; Yuki Yoshikawa was Kyoko’s best friend and had an interest in Izumi when she consequently saw him without glasses but she don’t recognize him; hekaru Sengoku was Kyoko’s childhood friend and a friend of Izumi, a student council resident, and Remi’s boyfriend; Remi Ayasaki as Kekaru’s girlfriend and many other characters was there in this season and might remain same in season 2. Sakura Kono, Shu Iura, Honoka Sawada, Yuna Okuyama, Yurika Hori, Kyosuke Hori, Akane Yanagi, Makio Tanihara, and Motoko Iura are the characters who are being predicted to remain in the next season also if there will be any announcement for the same.

Horimiya Season 1 Recap

Horimiya Season 2 Release Date

The story of the anime revolves around two students named Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, who fall in love with each other. Kyoko Hori is brilliant and a well-known high school student who looks after her younger brother, Souta. Izumi Miyamura is quite a nerdy student with specs on his face, exactly opposite of Kyoko. Despite being classmates they both had different social statuses.

The story begins when they both meet each other at Kyoko’s house and recognize each other as classmates. Souta was having a nosebleed and he came home along with a guy with multiple tattoos and piercings, who introduced himself as Izumi Miyamura to Kyoko. He even recognized Kyoko, who was dressed down as she is quite a homebody. Kyoko does not want anybody to know about his brother, to avoid social disruption. As Miyamura became aware of this, they made a deal to conceal each- other’s secrets, as Kyoko will also not reveal his true identity.

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After some time, Miyamura started visiting her home quite often too and they became friends. Kyoko’s brother also started liking him. Later, when they both learned many things in common about them, and this, they became more close. As time passed they became even closer and fell for each other. In the final episode, it was shown that they both graduated from the same high school and had a happy ending. The season was very interesting and received a lot of love from the fans.

Horimiya Season 2 Trailer 

There is no official trailer for the second season yet as there is no news related to the release of the second season. Well if interested in watching the trailer of the first season then you can watch it on youtube.

Hope soon there will be season 2 of the anime until then enjoy watching season 1.

Where To Watch Horimiya Season 2 Online?

All the episodes of the first season are available on Hulu, if you like the plot of the story then you may watch the season. If you have already watched it, then you can watch it again! You can also watch this anime on online sites like 9anime, HULU, Animefreak, Funimation,, Amazon Anime, and Chia-anime. Do let us know your review of this anime and also whether you want another season for the same or not.

Hope you will enjoy watching this anime whether it is once or twice!

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