Hotel Portofino Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Story

Hotel Portofino is a Period drama TV series released in 2022. It is a Britbox (A UK subscription-based Video streaming platform like Netflix) Original series. Although the series is English, the story is mostly set in Italy, as the title suggests, Portofino is a town in Italy, Where the characters set up a Large British Hotel. The series as of now has 1 season only; it contains 6 episodes in total. Since its release, the show was received well by the viewers and it got 84% likes by Google users. The show is one of the best Britbox Originals and it is the most successful show on the platform. Hotel Portofino is created by Matt Baker. The story is based in the 1920s, therefore lots of topics related to World War 1 and Mussolini’s fascism are explored in the series.

And since it is based in 1920’s Europe, the show has a Downtown Abbey feel to it. However, unlike Downtown Abbey, Hotel Portofino is darker, in that it includes darker themes such as war and real-life politics in the characters and the story. Many of the central characters in the story are directly or indirectly affected by the war. When the Ainsworths move to Italy, Mussolini’s fascism is on the rise, therefore the story explores some of that aspect.

Although the show is a success, there are some reviews on the show that said that the storyline is not cohesive in some parts. A lot of details were just thrown in without much context or details. But overall, it is a great drama for those times you want to watch period dramas. Moreover, season 1 consists of only six episodes which are easy to finish in one go.

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Hotel Portofino Season 2 Release Date

The first season was wrapped up with 6 episodes with the last episode titled ‘Denouements’. The first season has been received well by the viewers on the platform. However, even with the last episode’s ends, there were still several loose ends that need to be cleared. In the sixth episode, the family heirloom mystery was resolved but besides that, there are still some unexplained events in the story that needs further explanations. Therefore, the natural question arises; Will there be a season 2? Or is it all there is? Let us see what the makers have to say about it.

First of all, it has been announced that there is going to be a second season for the show. It will come soon. But as of now, no information is provided by the makers about the date of release yet. Nonetheless, the fact that the show will get a new season is enough to make the viewers pleased. It has been shared that next season’s all six episodes will be written by Matt Baker and directed by Adam Wimpenny. And most original cast will also be returning for season 2. Hopefully, this season explain and solve some of the loose ends of the first season. That will further make the series more enjoyable and interesting.

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Name of the ShowHotel Portofino
Season NumberSeason 2
Hotel Portofino Season 1 Release Date27 January 2022
Hotel Portofino Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Hotel Portofino Season 2 Overview

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Hotel Portofino Season 1 Story

Hotel Portofino Season 2 Release Date
Hotel Portofino

The story is set in the 1920s, in Europe and it follows the story of a woman named Bella Ainsworth and her life with her family and her career. Bella is from a wealthy family but she is suffering from some financial issues. She is also a Proprietor of an upscale British Hotel in the Italian Riviera, in the town of Portofino. Bella Ainsworth owns the hotel along with her husband who is a money laundering type.

Bella moves with her family from Britain to Italy. She has a lot of stuff going on in her life besides her career. Her son is traumatized due to the war (World War 1). And her daughter is also affected by the war as she is a widow, due to her husband passing away in the war. She is left with a 6-year-old daughter or Bella’s granddaughter. The whole story sees lots of events in the family which gradually unfold till the end.

Hotel Portofino Season 2 Story

As of now, nothing is confirmed but it is expected that season 2 will continue with the story. And hopefully, tie many of the loose ends from season 1.

Hotel Portofino Season 1 Cast

Hotel Portofino Season 2 Release Date
Hotel Portofino

Bella Ainsworth: Natascha McElhone

She is the protagonist of the story, the daughter of a wealthy industrialist and working as an Expat Proprietor.

Lucian Ainsworth: Oliver Dench

Lucian is Bella’s son, traumatized by World War 1.

Cecil Ainsworth: Mark Umbers

Cecil is Bella’s money laundering husband who co-owns the hotel.

Where To Watch Hotel Portofino Season 2 Online?

It is not out yet as of now, but once it is released, it will be available on Britbox, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

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