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How Did Kurama Die in Boruto?

Naruto and Boruto have had many heartbreaking occasions throughout the decades, with several tragic death tolls as well as other calamities. Kurama’s loss, on the other hand, is perhaps the most painful and tragic death to date. This came as a surprise to fans when chapter 55 of Naruto’s spin-off series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” was aired this week.

Naruto’s death had been rumored for weeks, if not months, but no one could have predicted it. The fate of our favorite animated character swept the internet in a matter of a few hours, with folks repeatedly posting about this and sharing their thoughts on the terribly sad scene. Since the very first episodes of Naruto, the legendary nine-tailed beast has played a significant role in the story.

There are spoilers ahead! Since he’s dead, the Leaf Village is sure to shift dramatically, particularly with Naruto, who has lived his whole life with Kurama. Kurama’s demise raises numerous issues, including just what would occur now and how his loss will affect Naruto. The main question, though, continues to remain: how did Kurama die in the story arc?

Even among several tailed animals, it’s nearly impossible to target the beast because it’s the toughest. Humans have terrified the strength of a tailed creature for generations, and Kurama is just the greatest of all of them and, was always unstoppable. We’ll talk about Kurama’s death and his goodbye to Naruto here.

Who is Kurama (Nine-Tailed Beast)?

How Did Kurama Die in Boruto?
Naruto and Kurama

Kurama was among the nine-tailed animals, also referred to as the Nine-Tails. Kurama despises humanity after decades of being seen as a senseless creature and sought afterward as a weapon of war. Kurama struggles to keep its cynical perspective on the world after just being trapped into Naruto Uzumaki, but thanks to Naruto’s persistence in addressing it with dignity; the fox overcomes its bitterness and gladly seeks to use its ability for the world’s salvation.

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How Did Kurama Die in Boruto?

Naruto and Kurama employed the Baryon Mode on Isshiki and Ohtustsuki, leading Kurama to use an inordinate number of chakra and eventually kill him. Naruto has a conversation with Kurama in his subconsciousness in Chapter 55 of the anime. Naruto thinks he’s died, but Kurama stops and claims he’s come to say his goodbyes. Kurama informs Naruto that this will be their final meeting, and he requests that he begin speaking. Naruto will not really know where to begin, so he talks about his family’s deaths and how they’ve had to go through a lot together.

Naruto expresses his gratitude for having Kurama alongside him for all of these years. Kurama appears dissatisfied with Naruto’s lack of conversation. According to Kurama, Baryon Mode worked, and they were capable of defeating Ohtsutsuki. He seemed to be unconcerned about the issue. Kurama quips that he didn’t want to pursue his tails and die needlessly, but that this is not really a horrible way to go. He then goes on to describe to Naruto that while a Jinchuriki died when the beast is extracted from its pupal stage, this does not implement whenever the creature’s chakra just departs.

Kurama subsequently adds that, despite the fact that Naruto appears to be dead to others, he will awaken shortly. This astounds Naruto, and Kurama eventually discloses that employing the Baryon Mode comes at the cost of his life, not Naruto’s. He also claims that he purposefully kept the truth from Naruto so that he would be hesitant to use his abilities. Kurama says he has to leave and warns Naruto to be careful because he will not have any superhuman abilities. Later, Kurama adds that if Naruto ever overdoes it, he will quickly join Kurama. He vanishes into Naruto’s subconscious, telling him to be careful until they meet again.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Story

How Did Kurama Die in Boruto?
Naruto and Boruto

In Bourto: Naruto Next Generation, after the fourth major shinobi battle, the narrative picks up some decades later. Naruto has finally realized his lifelong goal of becoming the Hokage of Leaf Village. His family comprises 2 kids, Boruto and Himawari, whom he shares with Hinata. In the meantime, Sasuke and Sakura marry and also have a daughter called Sarada. There was also Mitsuki, a mysterious character who appears to be related to Orochimaru. Mitsuki is initially revealed to be his child in the show. However, we subsequently discover that Mitsuki, like the older Mitsuki, is a medically manufactured human being made by Orochimaru with the embryo.

Boruto is the primary character in the story, and he wishes to be a shinobi like Sasuke. Sarada, on the other hand, wishes to be a Hokage like Naruto. The duo is assigned to a team, which includes Konohamaru as their captain, and Mitsuki, who appears to be somewhat strange. The show follows their exploits as they battle extraterrestrial enemies that are somehow linked to Kaguya. Boruto and others also discover much more about legendary abilities which are all connected to Sharingan in a certain way.

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