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How Did Maciej Berbeka Died? Mountaineer Died While Doing What He Loved!

Broad Peak is a Polish movie that has just hit the screens on Netflix. To give you a short review of the film, it is spectacular, and all the scenes it captured seem serial. The film is about a polish mountaineer, Maciej Berbeka, who climbed a broad peak in his career.

The movie shows every scene as it happened that day. In addition, you will see many ups and downs in the film. The movie’s timing and the cast were wisely chosen, as I was not bored for a single minute of the movie. The film’s lead character has fabulously done his job, and I love the movie. Many of you are curious. How Did Maciej Berbeka Died? Here’s what we know.

How Did Maciej Berbeka Died?

The mountaineer died while doing what he loved. The movie is about a Polish mountaineer Maciej Berbeka who climbed Broad Peak in March 1988 and 2013. 80’s series was one of the spectacular achievements for polish Himalayan mountaineers—the first winter ascents of Himalayan eight-thousanders ready for the Karakoram. The Karakoram is considered the most inaccessible range in the world.

In winter 88’s, ice warriors reach the second highest summit on the earth. Among them was a well-owned mountaineer Maciej Berbeka. He has always mentioned that brought peak will remain in him forever. In March 1988, the team climbed the Karakoram for the first time. It was already two months at the Karakoram, and the couple had barely reached the halfway point.

How Did Maciej Berbeka Died?

This was when Alek gave the idea to climb the neighboring mountain, the broad peak. Maciej Berbeka and Alek then went on to climb the broad peak together. The team’s coach and team members told them not to go climbing vast expansive mountains as it could be hazardous at this point in the weather. Maciej Berbeka has always mentioned that he never wanted to compete with his fellow mates but wanted to try at least.

They finally started their journey and set up a camp after climbing a part of the mountain. The following day they again start climbing the hills.

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Andrej, the coach, told them on the radio that the weather was not looking good and they should think of descending back. There was a time when Alek said they should go back, but Maciej Berbeka disagreed. Alek leaves the place and returns to the base camp, whereas Maciej Berbeka keeps climbing the mountain alone.

After a great struggle, Maciej Berbeka finally reaches the mountain’s peak. But three months later, he realized he hadn’t climbed the height. He was just 17 meters below the peak. As his health situation was worsening, his teammates didn’t tell him as they knew he would go further and won’t come back alive.

His life ultimately changed when everyone came to know that he didn’t climb the peak, and he received many awards for it. Twenty-five years later, when his friend Welenski came to him and told him that we should finish what we started, he didn’t agree to go to that peak again. But after some days, he realized he should finish what he had started.

How Did Maciej Berbeka Died?
Movie Broad Peak

Maciej Berbeka is again going to climb the mountain with four young ones. He didn’t stop until he reached the peak of the hill. On 5 March 2013, the Polish team Ascended a broad rise in winter first time. This was the first time anyone in the world had done this. The team created history, and so did Maciej Berbeka. Maciej Berbeka was the last to reach the peak among the four members, but it was worth it. Twenty-five years later, he decided to go on a mountain again and did his job well.

Unfortunately, while they were descending the mountain, Maciej Berbeka and Tomaz died, and their body was not found for two days. After two days, both of them were declared dead. But we all know Maciej Berbeka must be proud of himself for what he did for his country.

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