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How Did The First Hokage Die? Did He Really Die? Find Out The Truth!

When we talk about deaths in Naruto, we are immediately taken to a nostalgic childhood that was filled with Naruto be it in reading form or visual form. The series has had a lot of amazing fighting scenes, Fantasy scenes, and a lot of comedy but the series is also known for their quite interesting deaths and most importantly all the deaths have a defined reason. But one of the deaths that has always confused all the fans and the manga also does not clearly explain is the death of The First Hokage.

The First Hokage in itself is a very important position but his death is only the one that has not been explained well or clearly. This, in fact, has raised a lot of questions among the fans that how exactly Hashirama died or did he really die or not because the manga never clearly addressed this issue properly. Kishimoto the writer and illustrator of Naruto has kept the series alive even after it has ended because of the death mystery of the Hashirama, The First Hokage. There have been several theories and thoughts behind his death but which one is actually true, is the big question.

The series has definitely been one of the most famous and remembered series of all time and has received lots of awards for the content that it has provided to its audience. The manga was not the only thing that became popular but the series also became the top watched series of all time. This popularity is still living today and one of the reasons for it is the mystery and the curiosity to find out how exactly Hashirama, The First Hokage died apart from Naruto himself.

So, in order to answer everything and calm down your curiosity, we have come up with this article that is solely dedicated to First Hokage’s death. We, after a lot of research and analysis, have brought a conclusion to this burning question. We will tell you our understanding of his death and we will also give you the detail that what is his future or if there is any future at all or not. So, let’s find out how The First Hokage Die.

How Did The First Hokage Die?

how did The First Hokage Die
The First Hokage

We know you cannot wait anymore to find out the reason for the death that has been a mystery since the start of the whole franchise of Naruto. Death of the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju has been one of the mysterious topics of Naruto that the fans have always tried to deduce and understand. The mystery has been because the anime itself never explained the death that clearly to create heightened curiosity among the fans. It is said that First Hokage died during First Shinobi War.

Many say that since he has the power to regenerate himself, it might be that he never died in reality. It is said that he died as his village was perishing and passed Tobirama the title of Hokage. One thing that is confirmed is, that the first Hokage did not die in any battle. In fact, it was his abilities and the power of his body that led to his ultimate death. His regenerating power has affected his long life. He had died actually around three times but revived himself due to his power. His ultimate death was when he died in middle age in peace in bed while playing with his granddaughter.

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Who Is The First Hokage?

how did The First Hokage die
The First Hokage

The First Hokage, you all must have come to know by now, who is he, he is Hashirama Senju. He was born during the time of the Warring States period which was just before the founding of the hidden villages. He was the first of four siblings. He grew up in a war environment where from his childhood he and his brothers saw fighting, especially with one particular clan which was Uchiha Clan. He was a member of one of the renowned gangs called Senju Clan. He was appointed as First Hokage of Leaf Village. He was also called the God of Shinobi. He was the one who worked hard to bring peace back to the shinobi world. He also was appointed as the First Hokage of Konoha. He wasn’t that successful to bring a peaceful life to the world but always had a vision that actually was followed after his death as well to form the village and Shinobi world. In terms of his personality, he was quite an excited person and loved every opportunity which led him to meet new people. He loved healthy competitions and always enjoyed gambling.

Though his personality seems like he would be light-hearted but do not get mistaken because whenever there was a serious and important situation, he would turn into a serious person immediately. Hashirama disliked the idea of children fighting and dying which actually led to the death of his two brothers and also increased the rivalry between the two rival clans. In order to stop the children from going into the war ground and dying, after the death of two of his brothers, he with his brother Tobirama went on to decide to start a shinobi system so that there will be no deaths of young ones. Hoshirama was absolutely one of the strongest Shinobis at his time which actually earned him the title of God of Shinobi. Because of his skills and strength, he managed to subdue eight nine-tailed beasts. He could also fight 24 hours straight without stopping because of the powerful Chakra that gave him stamina. He could also save himself from attacks as he could call several Rashomon gates.

He is even skilled in medical ninjutsu, Yin and Yang release. He had the amazing power of changing the surrounding landscape completely. He was a very talented ninja. His frenemy was Madara Uchiha. His best and strongest power was his Wood Style Jutsu and Sage Jutsu. It can be said that he was one of the responsible people behind the modern ninja world’s functioning be it the village system or the rank system. He was a mix of both humble and simple personalities with the rage of killing anyone who would be a threat to his clan or village to save.

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About Naruto

how did The First Hokage die
The First Hokage

Naruto is a manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto that started in the year 1999. The story of the manga is based on adventure, fantasy, and martial arts with a lot of comedic elements. The manga consists of 72 volumes. The manga became so popular that it later got adapted into an anime series of the same name. The series was first dropped in 2002 and Naruto Shippuden was dropped in 2007. Followed by another series called Boruto. The series received lots of acclaim and accolades making it one of the most important and famous series to date among all anime fans and in the anime industry.

Naruto is a story that focuses on the life of a young 12 year aged boy Naruto. He is not just a normal or simple kid but possesses the nine-tailed fox which was sealed to him by Minato Namikaze. This might seem a big power and it is indeed a very strong power, but it turned Naruto into a dangerous and powerful which also led to the death of his father, the leader of Konoha. He came to know about his seal from Mizuki. Naruto managed to beat Mizuki in a battle and got immense recognition even from Mizuki’s teacher. Naruto gradually became a skilled and renowned Ninja with Sasuke and his crush Sakura and formed a team with them which was led by one of the renowned ninjas Kakashi.

The team performed and helped the inhabitants of the village by doing their household chores, watching them over, or killing others for protecting the village. They face and tackle several challenges and missions. Followed by all this, the team went for an exam in order to raise their increase, so that they can perform important missions and tasks. Their hopes however are obstructed when Orochimaru, a criminal, killed the Third Hokage for revenge. The third Hokage is the one who took over the position of Naruto after Naruto’s father’s death. Naruto is chasing his dreams to become the next Hokage.

Where To Watch Naruto Online?

If you would like to watch Naruto, then let me tell you that you have quite a lot of options to choose from. I know many of you have already watched the series and read the manga but if you want to rewatch or if you are going to watch or read it for the first time, then just note down where you can get the series. You can watch the anime series on Sony Yay, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, and Netflix. You can read the manga on, and Shueisha. To find out all the deaths of the First Hokage on your own and let us know what you think about the death and his powers.

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