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How Ervil Lebaron Killed His Daughters? What Is The Hulu Documentary About?

One of the most shocking crimes in history is Ervil Lebaron killing his daughters. The crime is brutal and gives you a chill. Many of you might wonder How Ervil Lebaron killed his daughters. Don’t worry we will get into the topic soon. 

Recently, Hulu created a five-part series based on the Ervil Lebaron case, which raised curiosity among viewers. The series depicts how a cult and its members killed people because of their beliefs. Let’s not keep you waiting and delve into the case.  

How Ervil Lebaron Killed His Daughters?

Ervil Lebaron was the leader of a Polygamous Mormon fundamentalist. Ervil ordered the killings of many of his rivals inside and outside the sect. He used the religious doctrine of blood atonement to justify the murders. Ervil had thirteen wives, several of whom he married while they were underage. 

Some of his wives were part of the murders. Ervil Lebaron is responsible for the deaths of at least twenty people. The first crime Ervil committed was to order his followers to kill his brother Joel because he disobeyed him as God’s one true, mighty prophet.

Ervil Lebaron married thirteen women and had at least fifty children. 11 were his stepchildren from the wives who were previously married. According to his children, they don’t know how many siblings they have. Some believed he had 51 kids, and some said 55. Ervil’s daughter Anna thought he had 14 wives. 

Ervil and Jordan armed the children of his colony with armed weapons. The police charged Ervil with killing Joel. Verlan Lebraon took over Joel’s church, but he and his followers feared Ervil. Ervil’s followers tried to kill Verlan. According to reports, Ervil’s 13th wife, Rena Chynoweth, tried to murder his stepdaughter Ramona Martson. 

Ervil Lebaron also killed his 17-year-old daughter, Rebecca, who was pregnant with her second child and wished to leave the cult. Ervil’s stepson, Eddie Martson, and brother-in-law, Duane Chynoweth, strangled her to death. The police of Mexico convicted Ervil for Allerd’s death.  


Where Is Ervil Lebaron Now And How Did He Die?

On June 1, 1979, Ervil Lebaron was apprehended by police in Mexico. In 1980, the court declared life imprisonment for Ervil, where he killed himself on August 16, 1981. Ervil’s brother Verlan died in an accident two days after Ervil’s death, which many don’t consider a coincidence. 

Authorities said Ervil wrote a letter stating, “I Have Gone To Meet My Makers.” The detectives claimed Ervil had a death pact with a woman. In his last letter, he wrote to the girl, stating they would be together in a few days. He died either from striking himself or from an overdose of drugs.

What Happened After Ervil Lebaron’s Death?

How Ervil Lebaron Killed His Daughters?

Ervil Lebaron’s legacy led him to have the nickname Mormon Mansion after Charles Mansion, who orchestrated his followers to kill seven people. Even after the death of Ervil Lebaron, his followers continued killing people under his name. 

Ervil’s son, Aaron Lebaron, took over the church and continued his father’s legacy of blood atonement. Lebaron’s colonies and followers committed multiple crimes after his death. 

While Lebaron was in prison, he wrote 400 pages of the bible titled The Book Of The New Covenants. The book included a hit list of people for his followers to kill. The list consists of one of the prosecutors of his case, President Jimmy Carter, and many others who tried to sabotage him. 

One of the members on the list, Jordan, died, and the authorities started taking Lebaron’s writing more seriously. Three others on the list died. According to the report, Aaron ordered the murders of the people on the list. The court ordered 45 years of sentence to Aaron Lebaron. 

The Hulu Documentary:

The platform Hulu released a five-part documentary series with exclusive interviews from Lebaron’s family members. The Hulu series Daughters Of The Cult deals with the Mormon cult and the spine-chilling crimes committed by Lebaron and his followers.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where is Ervil Lebaron now?

In 1980, the court declared life imprisonment for Ervil, where he killed himself on August 16, 1981.

2. How many children does Ervil Lebaron have?

Ervil Lebaron has at least fifty children.

3. How many wives did Ervil Lebaron have?

Ervil Lebaron has thirteen wives.

4. How many people did Ervil kill?

According to reports, Ervil Lebaron is linked with more than 20 deaths.

5. What is the 400 book written by Ervil Lebaron?

While Lebaron was in prison, he wrote 400 pages of the bible titled The Book Of The New Covenants.

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