How Much Do Animators Make Per Month?

Nowadays being an animator is one of the best careers one’s should choose. After looking at the craze over anime, manga, and many more animations of people across the world, we can surely guess that this is one of the best careers to choose. If we try to define who is an animator then we can say that animators are some professionals skilled in using computers, who create video games, movies, or mobile apps. However, they not only design video games or movies, their work ranges from producing 3D models that display on the company website to the complex animation effect in movies. You must be aware of Japanese anime series, right? I guess nobody in the world is aware of anime series. Anime series have already been appreciated by a great number of audiences, and you must have seen the animation in the series after watching many people who want to pursue their career as animators. And of course, it won’t be a wrong idea. If you have a good interest in arts and can do well with computers then you can definitely go ahead with choosing an animator as a career option. All you need in being an animator is a good creative mind and work with computers. I hope you got enough information about any animator, so continue reading this article to know more! 

Job Description of Animators

It seems like magic how animators create 2D designs into realistic 3D. Being an animator is always fun, you get to design thousands of characters in series or movies. You can even design or animate advertisements for any particular brand. In this career, you have to deal with or have a conversation with your clients to understand what they want in the animation. If you have these kinds of skills and of course are interested in designing animations then you can definitely go ahead and choose this career. 

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What Do You Need To Become An Animator? 

How Much Do Animators Make Per Month?
How Much Do Animators Make Per Month?

You must be curious to know, what are the things required or what is the eligibility to become an animator. So basically it’s not something difficult if you are interested in being an animator. First, let’s talk about basic education. After completing your 10 + 2, you can choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree program in animation, where you can learn technical skills and even some computer programs like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Maya. After completing an undergraduate course, you need to pursue special animation training like special effects or 2D animation according to your taste. While you are doing all these you should also do some internships related to this to get experience in this particular field. Internships always give good opportunities to one’s, you can choose or go ahead with an unpaid or paid. After completing all these, you can go and give your resume to various companies where you want to join as an animator. Apart from all these requirements, you need a very creative mind in this field. I hope this has helped you and you must be curious to know what is the actual salary for an animator then continue reading. 

How Much Do Animators Make Per Month?

Salary is one of the important things in any career, if you are choosing an animator as a career then you can get approximately Rs. 8,000-15,000 ($ 103.77-194.57) per month as Junior animators or trainees. You can even earn around Rs. 25,000- 40,000 ($ 324.28-518.84) after getting experience of three to five years. However, after getting a good experience in this field you can earn more than Rs. 50,000-60,000 ($ 648.55-778.27) per month. 

The future of this field is quite bright, after looking at the craze of animation nowadays.  

I hope you all had fun and even got some knowledge about being an animator. Do choose this career if you are all into it, and do not forget to leave your precious comment in the comment section presented below. If you like this article then stay connected with ThePoptimes for more search updates. Have a great and blessed day ahead! 

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