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How Much Is Coley Laffoon Net Worth?

Coley Laffoon, who does not know this name? We all are very acquainted with this popular name, whenever we heard this name it automatically comes to our mind “The ex Husband of Anne Heche”, who is actually Coley Laffoon? Why he is very famous? What he has done? Is he a celebrity? What he is? There are many questions that deserve to have answers, and this article has covered everything, so if you want to learn about Coley Laffoon then keep reading the article and stay connected to our page. Coley Laffon was born on October 7, 1973, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

Coley Laffon is originally a cameraman but after getting married to the famous actress Anne Heche, he became very popular and started his journey as a real estate agent. Coley started his career as a cameraman but then his life took an unexpected turn when he met the popular actress, Anne Heche, we all know what a great actress is Anne Heche, but unfortunately, Anne Heche died recently, she died on August 12, 2022. Coley Laffoon even tribute to her on his Instagram, his post is really heartbreaking and emotional, fans are sad to hear this heartbreaking news and the post of Coley Laffoon broke their heart more. Coley Laffoon was not popular at the beginning but after getting married to Anne Heche, he received a lot of popularity and we all are aware of that so this shows Anne Heche played a vital role in the success of Coley Laffoon.

Coley Laffoon’s Net Worth

Coley Laffoon Net Worth
Coley Laffoon

Coley Laffoon was not a popular public figure when he was a cameraman but he definitely got a lot of fan following when he got married to Anne Heche, as we have mentioned above, so after getting a lot of popularity what he is doing now? What is his net worth? How much does he earn? These questions are spreading over the Internet regarding Coley Laffoon and his net worth, are you curious about this too? If you are not curious about this then I can assure you that whatever you want to know you will the answers to your questions here.

According to the sources, Coley Laffoon’s net worth is $16 million as of 2022 but maybe now his net worth must have been increased. After knowing his net worth fans are curious to know how he is earning so much. What is his occupation now? Is he still married to Anne Heche? There are numerous questions but the fans are not getting the answers, you do not need to be worried because we are trying our best to give you the most appropriate and factual answers. His main income comes from photography and as he is a real estate agent so he earns a lot through it too. We can say that he has a stable and successful career.

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Coley Laffoon Early Life

Coley Laffoon was not a public figure at the very beginning, Coley Laffoon started his career as a cameraman, and he has done many popular films as a cameraman such as Ellen DeGeneres: American Summer Documentary and The Dead Will Tell, then after getting married to Anne Heche and getting the title of her husband made him popular and then he became a real estate agent. He is a talented man and he has been also popular as a photographer, as we have mentioned above his photography skills also help him a lot to earn. Coley Laffoon is a hardworking man and it took a lot of time for him to get fame and also receive support and love from the audience.

Coley Laffoon Personal Life

Coley Laffoon

Coley Laffoon got married to the popular actress Anne Heche in the year 2001 but unfortunately, they got separated in the year 2009, after having a long six years of marriage they got divorced, but they have a son and his name is Homer Laffoon, after getting a divorce from Anne Laffoon, Coley Laffoon got married to Alexi Laffoon in the year 2015 and this couple has two kids, Emmylou Polk Laffoon and Zoey Marine Laffoon and Coley Laffoon and Alexi Laffoon are still together and living their lives happily.

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