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How Old Is Toga? Do You know? Check Here!

A Japanese superhero manga series My Hero Academia, illustrated and created by Kōhei Horikoshi. The manga series is serialized in the magazine named Weekly Shōnen Jump by the publisher Shueisha, along with 33 volumes the manga series is running from July 7, 2014, to date. Bones has adapted an anime series from the manga series of the same name on April 3, 2016. The anime series is written by Yōsuke Kuroda and directed by Kenji Nagasaki and Masahiro Mukai.

Tomo Sanjōba, Wakana Okamura, Sōkichi Onoda, Yoshihiro Ōyabu, Hiroya Nakata, Hiroshi Kamei, Hirokazu Hara, Hayato Saga, Naoki Amano, Mirei Tsumura, Kōji Nagai, and Natsumi Mori are producers of the series. The series ran on the network JNN (MBS) (1–13) whereas on NNS (ytv) (14–present ). Fans of anime have always been interested in the characters of the series, they love to know everything about their favorite characters. If you also have questions about the age of Toga in your mind, well I have to say that you are at a very accurate place. In this article, you will read about the age of Toga. Keep scrolling to know!

My Hero Academia Storyline

Being a fan of anime series sometimes becomes hard, because you have to wait for a long time to get another season. But it’s not the case with My Hero Academia, since 2016, creators are giving back-to-back seasons every year.

Before reading about the character Himiko Toga, let’s get to know something more about the storyline of My Hero Academia. This series has everything an anime lover loves to watch like superheroes, adventure, science fantasy, and a package of comedy too. With the incredible reviews, the series got a rating of 100% by Rotten Tomatoes whereas IMDB rated the series with 7.5 out of 10. The storyline follows the life of a boy who was born with no superpowers named Izuku Midoriya. Without the powers, he still has a dream to become a superhero. A Japanese superhero, All Might, recognized the potential of Izuku Midoriya and even helped him to join a prestigious high school for superheroes.

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How Old Is Toga?

If you don’t know much about Himiko Toga, no worries, read this article to know something about the character Himiko Toga. In the Japanese language, Himiko Toga is voiced by Misato Fukuen. This character debuted in the anime series in Episode 31. Her main hobbies are killing people and gathering their blood. Being a major antagonist of both anime and manga series, she was affiliated with Vanguard Action Squad and was a member of League of Villains. During the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc and Shie Hassaikai Arc, she was featured as an antagonist. In the attire of the villain she wears her normal outfit along with some additional gadgets, around her thighs she has knives strapped and some other things. I guess it’s enough information about Himiko Toga, as you are here to know the age of Toga, right? Keep on reading to know!

Sometimes, Himiko Toga acts like a child, either she starts throwing tantrums or gets excited by something very easily. But ever fall for her looks, she might look very young but she is definitely not. She has golden yellow eyes with light dirty blonde hair color and even has a height of 157cm which is around 5’2″. I have gathered some info about her age, when she debuted in the manga series she was just 16 years old, but according to the current events of the series she is around 17 years or we can say she is in her mid-teenage. 

Where to watch My Hero Academia Online?

If you haven’t watched the anime series, My Hero Academia or want to watch it again then luckily all the seasons of the series are available on various online platforms such as Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. What are you waiting for? Watch My Hero Academia right away because you are not going to regret watching it. Do let us know your reviews about the series in the comment section present below. Till then stay tuned with ThePoptimes to know more information about your favorite anime, shows, and movies!

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