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How Yuji Can Defeat Sukuna With One Technique

In the ongoing narrative of Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna spearheads the Culling Game arc, engaging in spectacular battles that captivate fans. How Yuji Can Defeat Sukuna With One Technique. As the series nears its climax, Sukuna’s prominence continues to swell, both in power and sway.

He contends against formidable adversaries, including the legendary Gojo, emerging triumphantly. Yet, one formidable opponent remains unconquered: Yuji, the series’ protagonist. Yuji stands as the Jujutsu world’s potential last bastion against Sukuna’s ever-expanding might and influence.

The Anticipated Clash: Sukuna vs. Gojo

The showdown between Sukuna and Gojo garnered immense anticipation from the start of the series. Gojo’s dominance in their initial encounter wasn’t unexpected, given Sukuna’s limited strength. Despite Sukuna’s potential, Gojo expressed confidence in facing him at full power.

In the Culling Game arc, Gojo seized an opportunity to confront Sukuna under advantageous circumstances, utilizing Megumi’s body, the 10 Shadows Technique, and a hostage situation involving one of his cherished students.

Despite Gojo’s formidable performance, the battle pushed both combatants to their limits, with Gojo risking his life in the intense clash. The shocking outcome of Gojo’s demise left fans bewildered, as the event seemed out of place and poorly executed within the narrative. Nevertheless, for the sake of the storyline, Gojo’s unexpected death became a pivotal moment in the series.

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Facing Sukuna: Yuji and Higuruma’s Battle

As Sukuna reverted to his true form, Yuji and Higuruma leaped into action, shouldering the responsibility of confronting him. With Yuji’s pivotal role as the main character, the burden of defeating Sukuna falls heavily upon him. The strategy involved leveraging Higuruma’s Deadly Sentencing, a potent weapon against Sukuna’s formidable power.

Despite their concerted efforts, the overwhelming might of Sukuna proved daunting for the duo. Their task entailed halting Sukuna’s potential devastation, a daunting responsibility that weighed heavily upon them. While other fighters might join the fray, the ultimate onus rested squarely upon Yuji’s shoulders.

As the protagonist, Yuji possessed the deepest understanding of Sukuna, fueling his determination to emerge victorious. His intimate knowledge of Sukuna’s nature and motivations reinforced his resolve to be the one to ultimately vanquish him.

Sukuna: Yuji’s Path to Victory

Fans speculate on various hypothetical scenarios regarding Yuji’s potential triumph over Sukuna. A pivotal factor in this conjecture is the likelihood that Sukuna won’t be at full power during their confrontation. The onslaught of adversaries confronting Sukuna throughout the battle could diminish his strength, thereby increasing Yuji’s odds of emerging victorious. While seemingly subtle, this aspect holds significant importance in the overarching struggle.

However, the paramount reason Yuji stands as the sole contender capable of vanquishing Sukuna is his status as Sukuna’s vessel. Gojo’s prior assertion regarding Yuji gaining access to Sukuna’s Cursed Technique bolsters this claim. Yuji’s unique connection with Sukuna affords him a potential immunity to Sukuna’s assaults, granting him a higher resistance compared to other sorcerers. This inherent advantage becomes Yuji’s linchpin in the battle against Sukuna.

Moreover, the prospect of Yuji harnessing Sukuna’s techniques, such as Dismantle and Cleave, and potentially accessing the Malevolent Shrine Domain Expansion, further amplifies his combat prowess. While Sukuna may maintain the upper hand initially, Yuji’s emergence as a formidable fighter, coupled with Sukuna’s potential weakening, levels the playing field.

While victory may prove arduous, Yuji stands as the singular entity capable of resisting Sukuna’s influence and unlocking his full potential to dethrone the king of curses.

The Clash with Sukuna: Kashimo’s Challenge

Following Gojo’s demise, fans anticipated Sukuna’s vulnerability, prompting Kashimo to test his luck against the weakened curse. Kashimo unleashed his powerful Genju Kohasaku cursed technique, relentlessly assaulting Sukuna and driving him into a corner. Sukuna drained from his recent battle with Gojo and reeling from a Hollow Purple attack found himself unable to retaliate effectively. Deprived of his full strength, Sukuna couldn’t deploy his signature techniques like Domain Amplification, Domain Expansion, or reverse cursed technique, leaving him at a disadvantage.

However, Sukuna unleashed his trump card: his ability to return to his reincarnated form. Utilizing this transformative ability, Sukuna rejuvenated, regaining all his cursed energy and healing his injuries. Empowered by one of his cursed tools, Sukuna emerged stronger than ever before. In a swift turn of events, Sukuna obliterated Kashimo in battle, showcasing his newfound strength and dominance.

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