Hulaing Babies Season 2 Release Date And Updates!

Hulaing Babies Season 2 is a short anime with a very distinct style of animation, produced by Gaina. The show only has 12 episodes which show just a small aspect of the lives of the characters involved. It doesn’t go much deep nor does it go out of its way to explore. The plot remains stagnant at one point but it sure does progress steadily. It’s a simplistic show and the animation style, the color, the motion, the color choices, everything gave the show its own charisma. However, it doesn’t stand out even a little bit.

Viewers might not even remember about this show for long. But still, it’s a nice sweet little story that is great for someone looking for an hour or so to kill. However, if you are looking for something more substantial they this is not something for you. The short anime gets over even before you just know the characters properly and quite honestly the characters are pretty boring. The story doesn’t hold any mass with an easily forgettable plot.

Hulaing Babies Season 2 Release Date

The show was released on 11th January 2019. There has been no clarity regarding the next installment of the show. The last season has received a mixed set of reactions from both viewers and critiques. However, the chances are pretty low.

Hulaing Babies Season 2 Story

The plot follows Suzu and her best friend Fumi on their path carved by their aspiration of becoming hula dancers. In the beginning, they came across a lot of difficulties in their endeavor. They started a hula club in their school but still, it was difficult for them to recruit new members. But they still didn’t give up, no matter what problem they had to deal with. Their dedication was just incredible. And slowly with time, they started recruiting members. And they were successful in creating a successful club.

Mona, Nagisa, Shiina, Moe, and Miku were the new members of the club. All of them have similar aspirations. And soon they started practicing and improving their skills they also started going on tours and competitions and alongside all these endeavors they made life-long memories. The bond between them became way deeper as they walked along the path to fulfill their aspirations.

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Hulaing Babies Season 2 Characters

Suzu- Haruka Yoshimura has provided the Japanese voice.

Mona- Suzuko Mimori has provided the Japanese voice

Fumi- Mikoi Sasak has provided the Japanese voice

Nagisa- Sarah Emi Bridcutt has provided the Japanese voice

Shiina-  Rikako Yamaguchi has provided the Japanese voice

Moe- Moe Toyota has provided the Japanese voice

Miku- Miku Itō has provided the Japanese voice

Rei- Amami Kokumai has provided the Japanese voice

Hulaing Babies Season 2 Trailer

No trailer for any installment of Hulaing Babies is available on YouTube.

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