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Hunting Hitler Season 4 Release Date

Some TV networks are going to remain in our hearts forever. Some shows, typically interesting ones are something we remember for years. Channels like National Geographic, History Channel, and Animal Planet are shows that teach us how to live and survive. Some stories are so inspiring, that years later we continue browsing them online. Today’s topic is based on one such story of none iconic channel.

History TV’s finest show was Hunting Hitler. With its thriller plot and investigations, the story kept getting interesting with every single episode. The show gained a lot of audience in a very short period and the spectators became obsessed with it. We could not wait to watch another one of these mysterious episodes but there seems to be an issue.

It has been over a year since we saw a new episode of Hunting Hitler and the audience are curious to know what has happened to the story. This article covers topics about the prospective release date of Hunting Hitler season four, the plot, story and predicted story and more!

So, if you are looking for answers and investing in the current state of season 4 of Hunting Hitler, you are at the right place. Here is everything we know!

Hunting Hitler Season 4 Release Date

History Channel’s Hunting Hitler reveals a lot of details about Hitler’s life, and some conspiracy theories that have been going on for decades now. There have been sayings that tell us Hitler did not die in the bunker, it says he fled Germany after World War II. The story of this show is inspired by the details and documents that the FBI released showing the investigation if Hitler really died or if he faked his death.

This show is the only shred of hope many had to uncover the truth and know what really happened. The seasons included the investigative team which consisted of MMA fighter Tim Kennedy, James Holland the historian, and Former CIA officer, Bob Baer. These men went on expeditions to places in Germany, and Spain and followed on leads that depicted possible sightings of Hitler after World War II.

Just before the release of Season Three, History Channel confirmed that season three would be the last of Hunting Hitler and that the show would be cancelled. If we look at the title as well, it says Hunting Hitler: The Final Evidence which means this would be the end. Thus, the channel never even wanted a fourth season in place and the story ended in three seasons.

Thus, Hunting Hitler has ended and there will not be any season or topics about it.


Hunting Hitler 

In the first season of Hunting Hitler, the investigative team of James Holland, Tim Kennedy and Bob Baer set out to places around Germany, Spain and Argentina to look for leads about sightings of Hitler. The second season went on to uncover details within classified documents from the FIA with evidence from authorities like the Russian government.

The third season was released in 2017. The cancellation notice also came during 2017 which means it has now been over six years since the story was cancelled once and of all by the channel. We have to admit that this was one of the most elite shows, uncovering the truth, honestly interesting plots and following up on something everybody always thought but never acted on.

The story had some reasons for its cancellation as well. The makers felt that every angle of investigation was exhausted and thus there was nothing to continue to the next season. many people doubted the authenticity of the show and felt that the documents were fabricated. Most audience also felt that the story was silly and did not work on serious theories but was just turned into a reality TV show.

After the final episode of Hunting Hitler season three ended in February 2018, there have been no rumours about the show returning or about the makers trying to come up with anything. The show will remain cancelled and will mostly not return.

The story was released on History Channel so you can catch it there if you have not yet watched it and are curious to know what happened.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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