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I Am A Killer Season 5 Release Date: When To Anticipate?

Well, it is a universal fact that crime series hit so differently, well we know the reason why we are so drawn toward crime series, right? The content they show and the way we get hooked to them just by watching a few episodes is definitely hard to explain, the way we get hooked to suspenseful and thriller series and the feel we have while watching them is indeed one of a kind. There are many amazing series and movies that have content, suspense, and thriller. If we start naming the shows then it will definitely take us forever to mention all the movies and series, right? 

But there is one series that has recently captured the hearts of the people. You can easily guess the name of the show that I am talking about. As I have mentioned above, crime series are so interesting but what if we watch a Crime documentary? Well, Crime documentary series are way too interesting because they are not fictional. There are many crime documentary series that are on trend, and we have come across many good Netflix crime documentary series this year such as Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and more are there. I Am A Killer is also one of the most popular crime documentary series that released another season of it this year. 

Fans want to know more about this documentary series and its upcoming seasons so keep on scrolling down through the article to learn all the important information. 

I Am A Killer Season 5 Release Date 

The fourth season of I Am A Killer was released on 21 December 2022 and it also ended on December 21, 2022. We can understand why fans are searching a lot about the 5ty season of this amazing documentary series but nothing is in our hands. We are sad to inform you that I Am A Killer has not been officially renewed for season 5. 

Maybe it will be renewed soon and we can expect it to be released in 2023 or 2024. For now, we can only assume. What are your thoughts on this?

Name of the Show/MovieI Am A Killer
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 5
Season 1 Release Date3 August 2018
Season 5 Release DateNot announced

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I Am A Killer Season 5 Story 

As this is a documentary series we will definitely see factual information in the 5th season. The fifth season will also follow the same pattern as the previous seasons. We can expect to see more interviews with the killers and their points of view. 

I Am A Killer Season 5 Cast 

I Am A Killer Season 5 Release Date 

This is a documentary series so we can not expect to see the same star cast in the next season, maybe the 5th season will show us a new cast. As of now, nothing has been confirmed. The cast of the previous seasons includes Swaylee Loughnane, Reece Putinas, David Galea, Miguel Angel Martinez, James Robertson, David Lee Lewis, Justin Dickens, Charles Thompson, Kenneth Foster Jr., Deandra Buchanan, Robert Shafer, Wayne Doty, Joshua Nelson, Lindsay Haugen, Brandon Hutchinson, Linda Lee Couch, Mark Arthur, Leo Little, Cavona Flenoy. 

Joseph Murphy, David Barnett, Charles Armentrout, Toby Williams, Ellis McCullough, Mary Cole, Steve Cooper, Nico LaHood, Jay Dickey, Jeff Jones, James Farren, Richard Kiel, Tina Porth,  Anne Otwell, Secil Schodroski, Stacey Lewis, 

Joe Ackerman, Dori Greeson, Nicole Andrews,  Michael Murphy, Thomas Matjeka, Walter Metevier, Bill McDonough, Frank Roberson, Robert Lynch, Lily Hughes, Harvey Horne, Jon Anderson, Barbalee Blair, Krista Jones, Linda Owens, Phillip Groenweghe, Mike Donaghy, Jesus Torres, Marilyn Hutchinson, and many more are there. 

I Am A Killer Season 4 Recap 

This Documentary series is about criminals that are in prison and they have received the verdict for their crimes. This series gives us a deep idea about criminals and their crimes. 

I Am A Killer Season 5 Trailer 

We can not have a glimpse of the 5th season because the official trailer is not out. You can watch the trailer for the previous seasons on YouTube. 

Where To Watch I Am A Killer Season 5?

This is an original Netflix series so you can watch all the seasons on Netflix but the 5th season has not been uploaded on Netflix yet. If there will be another season then it will surely be available on Netflix too.


This 2018 show got an average rating of 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

FAQs- I Am A Killer Season 5 Release Date 

How many seasons are there of I Am A Killer?

I Am A Killer has 4 seasons in total.

When will the fifth season of I Am Killer get released?

As of now, we don’t know when it will be released officially.

Is it confirmed that there will be season 5 of I Am A Killer?

No, it has not been confirmed yet to have season 5.

Is I Am A Killer a true story?

Yes, it is a true story because it is a documentary series.

Where to watch I Am A Killer?

You can watch it on Netflix. 

Am A Killer a Netflix original series?

Yes, I Am A Killer is an original Netflix series. 

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