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I Can See Your Voice Season 3: Is It Renewed For A New Season?

CJ ENM’s I Can See Your Voice, the Korean music competition reality TV show inspired British show of the same name is one of the shows that has been pretty popular among all the fans and has received amazing reviews for all the adaptations in different regions.

Directed by Meyrick Cook, Julia Knowles, Sam Nutt, and Peter Oliver I Can See Your Voice on UK was released in 2021 and since then has been going pretty strong because of its unique and exciting format that will put you on the edge of your chair which also means that it has got a lot of fans who do not wish the show to end. This brings us to today’s discussion that whether the show is going to continue and release another season or not.

I Can See Your Voice Season 3 Release Date

I Can See Your Voice Season 3 Release Date

I Can See Your Voice which is running in its second season has already made people expectant of the third season and we cannot blame it because the show is enjoyable and unique. But the question is whether the third season is on the plan or not. And the answer is, that it is still unknown. The team of the show has not announced anything on the renewal or cancellation of the third season yet which also leads to one thing for the time being the release of the third season is not confirmed. But, you know that we are here for you all to give all the updates which also includes the release of any information for a new season, so till that time relax and enjoy the show.

Name of the ShowI Can See Your Voice
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreGame Show
I Can See Your Voice Season 1 Release Date23 September 2020
I Can See Your Voice Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
I Can See Your Voice Season 3 Overview

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I Can See Your Voice Season 3 Story

David Reilly’s written show is not like the normal music competition shows that you get to see but rather is formatted in a very different manner that you would not want to miss. It is based on 6 mystery singer who is in a group who can be identified only on the basis of occupation. It also includes guest artists and 2 contestant groups who will be trying to remove the bad singers among the participants and guess what they will not even get to hear them sing. They will have to eliminate only on the basis of clues, in the four rounds. Sounds exciting and mysterious right? well, guess what, it is.

At the end of the competition, the last singer who remains is finally revealed whether he is good or not, and this is understood through a duet that takes place between the mystery singer and the guest artist. If the mystery singer is understood to be good then they win 10,000 pounds but if they are taken to be bad, then the amount goes to the singer who was taken to be bad. The 4 rounds of the show consist of the visual round where the mystery singer is examined on the basis of appearance, followed by the lip sync round where the mystery singer lip-syncs a song. The third round is the evidence round and finally, there is an interrogation round where the guest artist and contestant choose one mystery singer to interrogate.

I Can See Your Voice Season 3 Cast

I Can See Your Voice Season 3 Release Date

The competitive musical reality shows I Can See Your Voice does not have a cast in particular but includes members as presenters and the panel. Thus, the casting team who make the show exciting, and enjoyable include Paddy McGuiness who is the presenter on the show. It also stars Alison Hammond, Jimmy Carr, and Amanda Holden in the panel. Apart from them, there are participants who you will get to see once you start watching the show and might get a favorite pick as well.

I Can See Your Voice Season 3 Trailer

In terms of the trailer for the 3rd season of the reality show, nothing is available as no announcement has been in terms of the new season or its shoots. However, if you want to watch the reality show or are a new viewer to the show, then let me tell you that you can get a glance at the show through the trailer of the first two seasons. The trailers are available on the official YouTube channel of BBC Trailers. And trust us, the trailers will make you excited to watch the series.

Where To Watch I Can See Your Voice Season 3 Online?

Season 3 of I Can See Your Voice has not been confirmed or announced yet but that should not be the reason to stop you from watching the exciting reality show, especially for those who have not seen yet the British version of the show and the ones who are fans of the Korean show on which it is based. The adaptation of the show is available on BBC One. The musical show consists of 12 episodes currently. So catch up on the series now and till then we will keep you updated with all the new updates.  

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