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I Escaped To The Country Season 8 Release Date: Here’s What You Should Know!

People enjoy watching reality TV shows not only because they are highly entertaining but also because they give a glimpse of real-life people doing extraordinary things in reality. The thrill and adventure shown in reality shows are worth watching and are one of the main reasons why people love watching them.

One such exciting and thrilling series is I Escaped to the Country which was released in 2017 and was praised by people so much that it has released 7 seasons so far.

People who have this series as their favorite are now desperate to know about the release date of season 8. So brace yourself because we might have some information that would be of importance to you if you are also eagerly waiting for the release of season 8 of this series.

I Escaped To The Country Season 8 Release Date

The series premiered in 2017 and has released seven seasons so far with the seventh one released on October 24, 2022. The seventh season is still ongoing and will conclude in November. Now, since the seventh season is ongoing, there is nothing available about the release of season eight. To have some updates about season eight, we will first have to wait for season seven to end. The makers might announce something about season eight as soon as season seven ends or might take their own time to release updates about season eight. So far, there is nothing available in season eight.

Name of the ShowI Escaped To The Country
Season NumberSeason 8
GenreReality Show
I Escaped To The Country Season 1 Release Date30 January 2017
I Escaped To The Country Season 8 Release DateNot Announced Yet
I Escaped To The Country Season 8 Overview

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I Escaped To The Country Season 8 Story

The concept of this series features the house-buying success stories who purchased a rural property that was introduced to them while they were on their original Escape to the Country journey.

Nicki Chapman, the host of the show, meets the escapees who have started living a new life in rural Devon. She comes across a homebuyer who, in the summer of 2021, had a modest £350,000 budget to have her dream West Country home. After getting discounted all the properties she had gone through, she abruptly made a surprising decision and bought one.

After buying the property, Nicki then travels to north Devon, where she tries to explore and understand how shifting to a 400-year-old farmhouse has enabled a multi-generational family to grow and move ahead in their lives irrespective of the multiple challenges they faced and things that made them step out of their comfort zone.

I Escaped To The Country Season 8 Cast

I Escaped To The Country Season 8 Release Date

The cast of the series consists of Sonali Shah, Jonnie Irwin, Alistair Appleton, Jules Hudson, and Nicki Chapman. All of them are well-known faces who have significantly contributed so far in making this series a grand success.

They have been there in all seven seasons and most likely all of them will be there in the eighth season as well. Any changes in the top cast of the series are very unlikely, and that too after seven seasons. Some changes might happen, but the chances of that happening are very unlikely.

I Escaped To The Country Season 8 Trailer

So, let’s now know whether there are trailers for season 8 or not. For all the previous seasons, trailers are available but no trailers are available yet for season eight. Since we do not have any updates about the release or making of season eight, there are no trailers available for that. We will have to wait for some time to watch the trailers for season 8 which will give a glimpse of what season eight is going to look like.

Where To Watch I Escaped To The Country Online?

Let’s now talk about the platforms on which we can watch all the seasons of this series.

This amazingly adventurous series is broadcasted on BBC. Other than that, the episodes once released, are later available for streaming through BBC iPlayer. All the seasons of this series are available on the above-mentioned platforms.

Whenever season eight releases, it will also be available on the same streaming platforms for watching probably at the same time. The viewers will have to tune into the above-mentioned platforms to be able to watch this series.

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