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I Quit The Hero’s Party Chapter 17: Release Date, Preview & Where To Read

New anime stories are always more interesting than the older ones. While they do not already have a huge fan base, the artists are just trying to find the right base to continue the story. It is about to bloom into a beautiful series with its plot and the audience finds this very appealing. The story in discussion today is also one such beautiful masterpiece.

While it only has 15 15 episodes yet, the story has begun to gain a worldwide audience base. I Quit The Hero’s Party is a series that follows the life of Kyle Thorben. The story revolves around Kyle, Divine Archer, Sarah and Lemia. The team did have another member but now, there’s one less.

The story is based on a member who has actually quit the team called Raniel Von Trias. The audience is curious to know when the 16th chapter of this wonderful anime is going to be released. Worry not, you are at the right place! This story covers details about the release date, where to read, the predicted story and a lot more!

So, read further to reveal all the details!

I Quit The Hero’s Party Chapter 17: Release Date

The story consists of a backstory with a team. Kyle, Lemia, Sarah and another member were part of the group but this other permed Raniel quit. While revolving around him, the story might reveal why he exited from the group as well. Well, he was always called the free ride of the group for some reason. The guy had been treated so for being the heir of the magic grey tower and that he was mostly late to the scenes.

What most were not aware of was the magic powers that Raniel possessed. The man could take down all the enemies single-handedly. But he never received recognition for all the work that he did. The members do go behind his back and get jealous of his powers and this is when Raniel decided to quit the team and be on his own.

The continuation of this wonderful story is in the 16th chapter. The chapter is set to release very soon as well! It is set to air around October 26th or in the week ahead. While it is released on this date, the episode is released the next day in some countries. Even though it is released, the English version of the story will be available a few days later.


I Quit The Hero’s Party Chapter 16: Where To Read

The chapters of I Quit The Hero’s Party can be read online on Novelpia. The chapters are not available without a subscription. So, if you are interested, you can go ahead and read this story!

I Quit The Hero’s Party Chapter 17: Preview

The story of the anime has been going on strong for a lot of chapters now. the story focuses on Raniel and his meeting with Chloe. While Chloe forced Ran to attend the spring, the man did not know what benefits he would reap from it.

Raniel Von Trias learned to use less mana and reaped for effects than any time before as well. The story gets horrific when the undead is roaming in the waterways and there’s another person there. This solves the mystery that this person unleashed them all.

Raniel is about to use the shadow needle technique to find and attack this person who we need to know the identity of. So, the story will continue from here in the next chapters!

Stay tuned for more updates!


Frequently Asked Questions About I Quit The Hero’s Party

1. Where can we read I Quit The Hero’s Party online?

I Quit The Hero’s Party can be read online on Novelpia

2. How many chapters do I Quit The Hero’s Party have currently?

I Quit The Hero’s Party currently consists of 15 Chapters.

3. Who is the lead of I Quit The Hero’s Party?

The lead of I Quit The Hero’s Party is Raniel Von Trias

4. When will chapter 18 of I Quit The Hero’s Party be released?

I Quit The Hero’s Party chapter 18 might air next week

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