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I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67 Release Date Updates

I Shall Master The Family is a manga that depicts the narrative of the Lombardi family, which formerly reigned supreme over the empire. Following the death of its father, the family’s fortunes, as well as that of Firentia, a child of a Lombardi and a peasant, are ruined by her useless and vicious cousins. When she reincarnates as her seven-year-old self, she vows to safeguard the family’s honor, win the love of her grandfather Lulac, and prevent the death of her father. There’s just one way for her to win this lifetime: to become the head of their enormous household. I’ll Be The Matriarch in This Life is another title for the series.

I Will Rule Over My Family The Lombardi family will be surprised by Chapter 67. When Estira appeared with a remedy in the previous episode, the family doctor caused a commotion. He would not allow Estira to visit Gallahan or experiment on him. Florentia, on the other hand, was enraged by his accusations and his dismissal of Estira. In actuality, he was terrified of losing to a child.

Florentia’s grandfather will therefore listen to the doctor’s words in Chapter 67 before deciding what to do next. He might also bring up Estira’s accomplishments with the doctor. Florentia will also vent her frustrations on the doctor. Moreover, despite Estira’s repeated requests, Florentia’s grandfather will finally let Estira visit Gallahan.

I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67 Release Date

I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67 Release Date
I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67

I Shall Master The Family has a sporadic publication schedule. A week after Chapter 64 was released, Chapter 65 was released. Chapter 66, on the other hand, did not follow the same trend. So we can anticipate the release of I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67 in ten to twenty days. On May 12, 2022, Chapter 67 could be released. So pay attention. We’ll keep you informed.

I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67 Story

Estria visits Florentia’s father, Gallahan, after returning from the academy. Her family doctor, on the other hand, refused to allow her to see Gallahan. He even told Florentia’s grandfather that a child couldn’t cure the king’s condition. How could a kid like her succeed in finding the cure if he failed to aid him? Florentia’s grandfather, on the other hand, will support Estira and remind the family doctor of her accomplishments.

Florentia will also stand up for herself and demand to visit her father. The family doctor, on the other hand, will stick to his guns. He does this because he is terrified of losing his job. Estira will administer the Tleburgh medicine to Gallahan when Florentia’s grandfather approves. To everyone’s amazement, the drug appears to be effective. It may result in the family doctor’s suspension because he was unable to cure the disease.

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I Shall Master The Family Previous Chapter Recap

In the previous chapter, the second prince and Florentia had a fantastic time together. Belsach, however, interrupted them and began disparaging them. He claimed that the second prince had come to see his sick uncle, but they appeared to be having a good time. Florentia was drawn to him because he labeled them “Low-Life.” She warned Belsach to stay away from her and reminded him that his grandfather had instructed him to do so.

She also reminded him of her strength. Belsach, on the other hand, inquired if she had any proof of what he said. He also made derogatory remarks about her. However, Florentia ordered the second prince to taste his words, and Belsach fled in terror. Florentia persuaded Krenny to join them because she was concerned about his ties. In the meantime, she appeared concerned about the letter she had sent to the academy. Estira returns from the academy to see her uncle and assist in the remedy search.

I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67 Characters

I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67 Release Date
I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67

Florentia Lombardi is the show’s primary character. Florentia is a dedicated worker who is well-versed in her field, as seen by her flashbacks. She, like her father, spent most of her time at the library and became quite timid. Following her regressiLombard gathered a lot of courage and anger, which drove her to become confident and proud of her Lombardi heritage. She speaks up when she sees something wrong and cleverly exploits her status as a youngster to create scenarios that benefit her and the people she cares about. Bellezac Lombardi, Lorraine Lombardi, Astaliu Lombardi, Giliou Schulz, and Mayron Schulz are among her other characters.

Where To Read I Shall Master The Family?

I Shall Master This Family is a Reincarnation, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, and Comedy Korean Light Novel that was later turned into Manhwa. Roah Kim wrote the original story (twitter) • Mon (Ant Studio) created the story and art (Twitter) The Lombardi family was once the most powerful in the empire. There are various good reasons to read manga online. This manga can be found on sites like and others.

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