Iann Dior Net Worth: Earnings Of Rapper In 2022

 Micheal Ian Olmo or famously known as Iann Dior is known for his Rapping and singing. At this young age, he gifted his fans with phenomenal pieces of work. He was born on March 25, 1999. He belongs to Arecibo, Puerto Rico. But he is not only known for singing and rapping but also for songwriting. 

Most of the best songs he sang are also written by him. At the age of 23, he made his name on top. The song released in 2020 Heatwave and Mood is one of his most viewed songs.  His song Mood in 2020 was placed on Billboard hot 100 and ranked number one.  This song is also known as the most loved and phenomenally viewed song of his to date.

He started his singing career in 2019 and he made phenomenal growth in this period of 3 years. But it was not as easy a  journey as it looked. Let’s take a look at his life, who he is, and how he made so much growth. 

Iann Dior Net Worth

Iann Dior Net Worth
Iann Dior

The self-made artist, singer, rapper, and songwriter Iann Dior has had phenomenal growth in these 3 years of his career. And after giving so many hit songs one of those gets a high position in the Billboard hot 100 it’s not surprising he has a pretty figure of net worth. This young rapper gained so much popularity at the age of 23 and started his career at the age of 20. So the present estimated net worth of Iann Dior in the year 2022 is 7 million dollars. Let’s read the secret of his success. 

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Iann Dior Early Life 

No matter who the artist is, the fans of that artist were always curious about one fact: it’s their personal life, the same thing for his fans. Let’s give answers to his fans. Let’s read about his personal life. Iann Dior was born to his parents Tommy and Annabelle Olmo on March 25, 1999. He was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. 

Though he was brought up in Corpus Christi, Texas as the family moved from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He completed his education in Corpus. He got this liking for songs and rapping from his mother and father. His mom and dad used to hear Spanish music from Jay-Z and rock bands, The Fray, which he got familiar with from rapping and rock bands through his parents.

Iann Dior Career

Iann Dior Net Worth
Iann Dior

It’s not that he started working with the idea of being a singer but he was working in a part-time job at United parcel service from which he got fired in 2019. His lady love broke his heart so badly. It said Behind Every Successful Man There is a Woman. So behind success, there is a woman who breaks his heart to endure the pain and gloom of the broken heart and starts to write and sing. In 2019 He sang his first song Cutthroat which had been a great success with views of 5 million. After that he never stopped, he gave back to back Hits.

 In the next few months,  7 releases back to back.

In the year 2019, He made his first studio debut with Industry Plant. This project also gained much popularity and made its place on the US Billboard 200. It takes a place among the highest 44 ranked projects on Billboard 200. 

This success followed him to the next year. He started his new year 2020 by gifting his fans with a new song and his first single I Am Gone. 

This song is also successful in captivating the hearts and screens of the listeners. This song made its place in the highest 33 of the Official New Zealand Music Chart. 

At this young age, this boy made his way to Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly. He worked with them on the next project Sick and Tired, a pop-punk track. This followed a few more releases but they did not receive as much popularity as his previous project. 

But this was a step back before the highest fly. 

He was cast in a Pop Rapp Mood which was released on July 24, making the fans crazy for him.  He got his first breakthrough with this project Mood. This Song ranked in the US Billboard Hot 100 and captured the first position for eight weeks. This is followed by Heat Waves which is still on the lips of the listeners. 

There is the most fantastic news for his fans that Iann Dior will go on a music tour this year: Better Things Tour 2022.

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