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If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Release Date Is Officially Revealed!

K-Dramas have always come up with series with beautiful stories and one of them that is really garnering a lot of praise for all the elements being shown to the audience and fans is If You Wish Upon Me.

This series is a humanism genre-based series written by Jo Ryeong Soo and directed by Kim Yong Wan. The series will take you through some emotional and happy moments as the cast tries to fulfill their service in the hospital of patients who are about to die very soon. Considering the story, the series has gained really good reviews from critics and viewers and has become quite popular. Today in this article we will give you updates on the new series which will be released soon. So, start scrolling to get all the details.

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Release Date

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Release Date
If You Wish Upon Me

I know you cannot wait to see what is the next wish Gyeo and his team has to fulfill and how will they do that, and that is why you are eager to know about the release date of the next episode which is episode 11. We have the good news for you that we have got the official date of release. Episode 11 of If You Wish Upon Me is officially set to be released on September 14, 2022. So mark the date down and set a reminder to get an alert on September 14, so that you do not miss the release.

Name of the ShowIf You Wish Upon Me
Episode NumberEpisode 11
If You Wish Upon Me Episode 1 Release Date10 August 2022
If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Release Date14 September 2022
If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Overview

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If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Story

If You Wish Upon Me directed by Kim Yong Wan is based on a true story of a foundation based in the Netherlands called Make-A-Wish Foundation. It is a story that follows a man named Yoon Gyeo Re who is young and has had a difficult past and has struggled all his life since his childhood. He was abused, had a scary time at the orphanage where he grew and also had to serve his time in a Juvenile detention center followed by serving time in prison as an adult, and now is made to enter a hospital of hospice on account of community service ordered by the court. He has joined a team named Genie in that hospital. This team tends to fulfill the final wishes of the patients near their death. They also get the chance to learn how one can take care of others. The young man with this team will carry out his duties to complete his community service by fulfilling the last wishes of the hospital patients in the episodes. You will get to witness what are the wishes he has to fulfill and how he will do that.

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Cast

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Release Date
If You Wish Upon Me

The cast of If You Wish Upon Me includes bright, renowned, and talented actors who have made this series one of the most liked series in the genre and on streaming platforms. The cast has been laying their role beautifully and is winning the hearts of the audience. The main cast includes Ji Chang Wook playing Yoon Gyeo Ree, Sung Dong Il playing Kang Tae Shik, and Choi Soo Young playing Soo Yeon Joo. The supporting cast includes Yang Hee Kyung, Gil Hae Yeon, Yoo Soon Woong, Jeon Chae Eun, ParkJung Pyo, and, Shin Joo Hwan. It includes Won Ji An, Nam Tae Hoon, Park Se Jun, Park Jin Joo, Nam Kyun Joo, Jung Dong Hwan, Jeon Moo Song, and Yeo One. Finally, the cast that appeared in special appearances in the series includes Kim Shin Rok and Min Woo Hyuk.

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Trailer

All the readers who still have not seen this drama yet can start with the series by watching the trailer which is available on the official YouTube channel of Viu. You can see various teasers and trailers on the channel. In terms of episode 11, no trailer or clip has been released yet. But if something is released or if we come across any updates from the team of the series, we will make sure to update you on the same. Till then, watch the trailer and the teasers, and then start watching the series so that you can catch up with the new episode.

Where To Watch If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Online?

To watch the new episode that is episode 11 of If You Wish Upon Me or to watch the whole series if you are new to this and are interested to watch, then tune in to OTT platforms Viki, and Viu now because the drama is available on these two platforms. Till now, ten episodes have been released in total. And now you know the release date of the new episode too. So, make sure to not miss the date of release and to enjoy the episodes that are to be released soon. We will keep you updated on any further information so, stay in touch with us.

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