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In The Dark Season 5 Release Date: Announced?

Fans are excited at the news of the return of the crime series which promises a new plot and mind-blowing thriller better and more refined than the previous season. In The Dark is an American TV Show created by Corinne Kingsbury.

This crime-drama series made its debut in mid-2019. The drama starts when Murphy’s life starts taking a turn. The series is full of suspense, thriller, and action, enough to make everyone invested in the series.

This CW original series is given the series order and now has three seasons in the series. Each season has a total of 13 episodes explaining the plot to the viewers, running for 42 minutes. In The Dark manages to get a rating of 7.16/10, based on 73% of 15 reviews.

However, the series returns with a new season which is said to be premiere in the latter half of 2022.

In The Dark Season 5 Release Date

In The Dark Season 5 Release Date
In The Dark Season 5

The webtoon is here to give what the reader has been asking for. ORV is a fantasy, thriller Korean webtoon by Sing Shong. This webtoon has been recognized by people all around the world for its impressive plotline.

The series was first released on April 4th, 2019, making a bit out on its first day. After being highly requested, season 2 premiered on April 16th, 2020. Followed by Season 3 on June 23, 2021. The series returns with a new season, bringing more to the mysterious plot. The fourth season is yet to be released and there is no news regarding the schedules for this season

However, the creators have announced their plans regarding the continuation of the series. The creators say goodbye to the series with the fourth season. They cancel the making of season 5 since the plot gets a complete closure with the fourth season.

SeasonsRelease Dates
In The Dark Season 1 Release Date4 April 2019
In The Dark Season 4 Release Date6 June 2022
In The Dark Season 5 Release DateCancelled
In The Dark Season 5 Release Date

In The Dark Season 5 Story

The mystery series calls for an emergency after Murphy goes through the darkest drift in her life. Murphy, a blind woman in her twenties lives with her two friends, Jess and Tyson. Tyson is a teenage drug dealer who once saved Murphy from getting mugged. However, they are the two friends whom she can rely on. However, Tyson had lived a very dangerous life, the life-risking situations happened to him almost every day.

One day, while having a walk with her dog, she trips over someone’s body, a corpse. By her touch, she identifies the corpse to be Tyson’s. She dials the police and by the time they arrive, the body disappears. Not talking her words so seriously, the police go back to their station, leaving a helpless Murphy behind. Murphy takes on the case into her own hands as she starts to search for Tyson and who is behind his murder.

The story brings immense action, suspense, and drama when Murphy tries to go into the depth of the case. The series walks us through every plot twist that is placed incredibly.

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In The Dark Season 5 Cast and Characters

In The Dark Season 5 Release Date
In The Dark Season 5

Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason: Murphy Mason was the foster child of Hank and Joy Mason. He was adopted at a very young age. She later meets with an accident where she loses her eyesight. The story shows the grown-up version of Murphy, in her twenties, and how she lives with her trustworthy friends.

Rich Sommer as Dean Riley: The cop that helps Murphy with the case. He sympathizes with her since his daughter is also blind.

Brooke Markham as Jess Damon: Murphy’s best friend and her roommate who aides her every time.

Thamela Mpumlwana as Tyson Parker: Murphy’s closest friend. He once saved Murphy from getting mugged. He dies under unknown circumstances.

Keston John as Darnell James: Tyson’s cousin and a gang leader, who later helps Murphy to find Tyson.

Derek Webster as Hank Mason: Murphy’s adoptive father.

Kathleen York as Joy Mason: Murphy’s adoptive mother. Along with her husband, she is found the Guiding Hope, a place for the disabled.

And Levi and Trip as Pretzel, Murphy’s loyal guide dog.

In The Dark Season 5 Trailer

As mentioned before, the series is canceled for the 5th season. The creators end the series with four seasons, giving the viewers a complete storyline. Therefore, there is no trailer for it.

Where to Watch In The Dark Season 5?

The series is available on Netflix. You can find all the seasons of the In The Dark present on the platform. However, you can also buy/rent the series on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Apple iTunes, and VUDU.

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