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Indian Idol Season 13 Finale Date: Who Will Win?

Indian Idol is the soul of Indian reality music shows. This show has been airing for a long time and it has never let the expectations of the fans go dry, not even for a single time. Every season of this reality show has paved the way for us to understand more about our Indian Music. We know how poetic and soothing music is. 

We are into different genres but we all have one thing in common and that is Music. Indian Idol is that kind of Indian reality show that has shown us the talent of Indians from every part of this holy country. Every year we indeed get only one winner of Indian Idol but we can not deny the fact that every year this amazing show brings out the best singers and polish their vocals more beautifully. 

You must have remembered how Indian Idol was first aired on Sony in the year 2004. At that time, there were very few reality shows and Indian Idol was one of them as time kept on passing more reality shows came into existence but Indian Idol always tops the list of the most popular Reality Shows. It’s been more than a decade since Indian Idol started and every season of this music reality show has delivered the best performances as well as participants. 

This year we got to watch the 13th season of this amazing reality show. The 12th season of Indian Idol got over on 15 August 2021 fans waited for its 13th season as it was not confirmed to get canceled. And fans were also kind of sure that they would get to see another season of Indian Idol in 2022.

Well, now this show finally has season 13 which is already ongoing. Fans are trying to predict so much stuff about the 13th season so there are many questions regarding the 13th season of Indian Idol. If you are also having any queries regarding Indian Idol then keep on scrolling through the article to learn all the things about Indian Idol Season 13. 

Indian Idol Season 13 Finale Date 

Indian Idol Season 13 Finale Date 

It’s been 3 months since Indian Idol Season 13 has been airing. The show has more than 25 episodes and fans are already on the way to knowing its finale date. Last year the 12th season of this show had 75 episodes but we can not say that this year we will also get 75 episodes. Maybe we will get more than 75 or fewer episodes.

We all have our favorite participants in this show and we all are curious to know what will happen in the finale episode. For now, we do not know when the final episode will be released as it has been confirmed to end now. Maybe the 13th season of Indian Idol will be over at the end of December or January 1st Week. This is our assumption we are also not sure as nothing has been confirmed officially. 

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Who Is going to be the winner of Indian Idol Season 13?

The show has not announced the winner as it is not yet scheduled to have its final episode. And the finalists have not been announced either. Fans are hoping to see their favorite contestant in the final episode crowned as the winner of Indian Idol Season 13. The contestants are so powerful and talented that we are also having a hard time predicting who will be the winner this time. 

The Contestants that are still in the competition include Shivam Singh from Vadodara,  Rishi Singh from Ayodhya, Navdeep Wadali from Amritsar, Vineet Singh from Lucknow, Sonakshi Kar from Kolkata, Bidipta Chakraborty from Kolkata, Chirag Kotwal from Jammu & Kashmir, Anushka Patra from Kolkata, Senjuti Das from Kolkata, Deboshmita Roy from Kolkata and Kavya Limaye from Vadodara.

The Judges and Host of Indian Idol Season 13 

Indian Idol Season 13 Finale Date 

The Judges of the 13th season are Himesh Reshammiya, Neha Kakkar, and Vishal Dadlani. And the host of this season is none other than the amazing singer and actor Aditya Narayan. 

What can we expect from the Finale episode of Indian Idol Season 13?

We can expect to see amazing star guests in the final episode and we are sure of one thing, there will be mesmerizing performances performed by the finalists as well as the hosts. 

Where To Watch Indian Idol Season 13?

You can watch Indian Idol on the Sony channel every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM. You can also stream the show online. 

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