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Indian Web Series Releasing In January 2024!

The world will witness a new variety of Indian web series in 2024. Today, we will discuss an Indian web series released in January 2024. Since the rise of the Ott platforms, audiences have considered Ott platforms more than the live channels. 

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Hoichoi, and more are set to launch a new series. Many series are also getting renewed because of their popularity. Here is a list of Indian web series coming out in January 2024. 

Indian Web Series Releasing In January 2024:

2024 is coming with a mesmerizing web series. Some of the fan-favorite Indian web series are getting a second season. January is going to keep viewers very busy. Here is a list of Indian web series coming out in January.

  • Kolonko 
Indian Web Series Releasing In January 2024

Bengali series are reaching their peak with the Ott platform Hoichoi. One of the best suspense thriller of Hoichoi is coming out in January, Kolonko. Kolonko is a suspense thriller series directed by Abhimanyu Chatterjee. Raima Sen and Ritwick Chakraborty are the main cast of the series.

The Bengali web series will follow the mysterious death of Rangan after revealing his extramarital affair with his wife. Chaiti and Rangan have been happily married for 20 years with two children, but one day, Rangan drops a truth bomb that changes their lives. 

The sudden demise of Rangan creates suspicions among the close people, and the main suspect is his wife. The Bengali web series Kalanko will air on the famous Ott platform Hoichoi.


  • Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo (5th January)

Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo is a Bengali legal crime drama. The series will air on January 5th on Hoichoi. The Bengali series is an adaptation of real events. Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo is the Ott debut for Mimi Chakraborty. Chandrasish Ray is the director.

The series revolves around a confrontation involving off-duty officer IC Tapas and a murder defense by Joyraj Singha. The show portrays the thin line between good and evil. The series also illustrates the involvement of Indian politicians in huge cases. 

Mimi Chakraborty plays the role of Pritha Roy, who fights a legal battle against Joyraj Singh. The Bengali series has a fascinating cast like Tota Roy Choudary, Mimi Chakraborty, Rohith Dey, Prankit Banerjee, and more. 

  • Karmma Calling (26 January)

According to reports, Raveena Tandon starrer Karmma Calling is coming out on 26th January on Disney+ Hotstar. The popular Spiltsvilla and Roadies player Varun Sood makes his Ott debut alongside Raveena Tandon with the series Karmma Calling.

Ruchi Narain is the director of Karmma Calling. The Indian web series is the Hindi adaptation of the American drama series Revenge. The series will revolve around Indrani Kothari, played by Raveena Tandon, the reigning queen of the Alibaug Society. 

The Alibaug Society is set in a world of glamor and tinsel, filled with betrayal and deceit. Indrani Kothari will take revenge on families that wronged her twenty years ago. While taking her revenge, she finds many truths, lies, and affairs in the family. Will she get her revenge? Watch the series to know more. 

  • Showtime 
Indian Web Series Releasing In January 2024

A fascinating series awaits us in January 2024, Showtime, starring Emraan Hashmi, Nasruddin Shah, Mouni Roy, and more on Disney+ Hotstar. Fans waited a long time because of its familiar story about Nepotism. 

The series Showtime features the struggles and off-camera fights backstage areas of Bollywood, and the irony is filmmaker Karan Johar is the series producer. 

The audience will finally get to see how nepotism works in the film industry and the struggles faced by the commoners. Sumit Roy is the creator of the series Showtime. Sumit has not announced the release date, but it is coming out sometime in January. 


  • Killer Soup (11th January)

Netflix is back with another comedy thriller series, Killer Soup. Killer Soup is one of the most awaited series of 2024. Manoj Bajpayee and Konkana Sen Sharma unite to create Netflix’s comedy thriller. 

Konkana will play the role of Swathi, and Manoj Bajpayee will play the role of Prabhakar. Swati is a horrible cook who dreams of opening her restaurant. Prabhakar is a doubtful husband who doesn’t want to help her with her dreams.

Swati comes up with a master plan, but their plan is very suspicious. We can see some glimpses in the trailer that hint towards killing people. We must watch the series to know what’s happening in the couple’s mind.  

  • Wedding. Con (29 December 2023)

Prime Video is bringing a web series that exploits women getting conned in pursuit of love. The series Wedding. Con is a true crime document series. We have seen American crime document series, but this is the first time we will witness the various cons taking place on wedding sites.

Wedding. Con revolves around five women seeking marriage who get exploited by conmen posing as grooms online. The five women lose money and face mental distress because of the con. Akshay Jhunjhunwala came up with the idea of the series. Tanuja Chandra is the director.

The main motive is to create awareness among women about the cons happening in matrimonial sites. The series depicts the legal ways to take if you get conned. You can stream the series on Amazon Prime Video with a subscription from 29 December 2023. 

  • Khakee Season 2 

The makers of the web series Khakee have announced a second season. Khakee is all set to air sometime in January on Netflix. The release date has yet to be out, but the work for the second season started in August 2023. So, it will air soon. 

Khakee is an Indian crime thriller series. Neeraj Pandey is the director and writer of the crime series. The series revolves around IPS Amit Lodha, who brings down the Ashok Mahto Gang. Inspired by a true story, Neeraj Pandey adds light to the bravery of Amit Lodha. Witness the courage of Amit Lodha while catching the gang. 

  • Indian Police Force ( January 19th)

Rohit Shetty is back with the cop universe, but this time, it is not a film but a series. Indian Police Force is coming out on January 19, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video. Rohit Shetty has cast talented actors like Siddharth Malhotra, Shilpa Shetty, Vivek Oberoi, and more.

The series revolves around an honest officer who sacrifices his family’s life and safety to bring down a dangerous criminal network threatening innocents. His only goal is to keep people safe. Siddharth Malhotra is playing the role of Kabir Malik. According to reports, the series will have seven episodes. 

  • The Legend Of Hanuman (12th January 2024)

The best Indian Animated series, The Legend Of Hanuman, is back with another season. The most awaited third season of The Legend Of Hanuman will premiere on January 12, 2024, on Disney+ Hotstar. Sharad Devrajan, Jeevan J. Kang, and Charuvi Agrawal are the creators of The Legend Of Hanuman.

The series begins at the time of Ramayan. The evil deeds of Raavana are destroying the world. The incarnation of Lord Shiva as Hanuman serves the Vishnu Incarnation, Ram, in killing Ravan. Damandeep Singh Baggan voices the character Hanuman, and Sharad Kelkar voices Ravana. 

Season 3 of The Legend Of Hanuman will continue the incredible stories about Hanuman’s bravery. Hanuman and Ram will fight together to destroy Ravana and protect Mata Sita. 

  • Perilloor Premier League (January 5)

Disney+ Hotstar is back with another Malayalam comedy series, Perilloor Premier League. You can stream the comedy series on Disney+ Hotstar with a subscription from January 5, 2024. Praveen Chandran is the director, and Deepu Pradeep is the writer of the Perilloor Premier League. 

Nikhila Vimal and Aju Varghese are the main protagonists of the series Perilloor Premier League. The series begins with Malavika, who comes to the village of Perilloor to find love with her boyfriend, Sreekuttan, but fate has something else planned for her. 

She becomes the village Panchayat President against her will. The series will be available in multiple languages like Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, and more. 

These are the top ten Indian Web Series coming out in January 2024. Get your subscription and sit tight because 2024 is going to be a very busy year for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which Indian web series is coming out in January 2024?

Many Indian web series are coming in January, like Kalanko, Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo, Legend of Hanuman, Indian Police Force, Showtime, Killer Soup, and more.

2. Where can I watch the Hindi web series?

All the Indian web series are available on Ott platforms. You can watch them with subscriptions. 

3. When is the Legend of Hanuman releasing on Disney+ Hotstar?

The third season of Legend of Hanuman will be released on January 12, 2024, on Disney+ Hotstar. 

4. What is Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo about?

Mimi Chakraborty plays the role of Pritha Roy, who fights a legal battle against Joyraj Singh.

5. Where can I watch the Kalanko Bengali series?

The Kalanko Bengali series will be available on Hoichoi.

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