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Inirv Net Worth 2022: Latest Updates

Inirv is the fastest growing company. It was founded by Ranjith Babu and Akshita Iyer in the year 2016. The CEO and co-founder of Inirv Akshita Iyer came up with this company after a house fire incident that happened with her. In 2016 Iyer was living in North Carolina and once she and her mother went out for a movie. Iyer’s mother accidentally forgot to turn off a stove burner which lead to a devastating fire in the neighborhood. This blunder inspired her to make kitchens efficient and safer. Soon she and her husband came up with these Ome Stove knobs over existing stove hardware which allows turning off the burners that are left unattended for too long.
Their company mission states “we aim to revolutionize the way you interact with your kitchen, and create an ecosystem that allows for easier and safer cooking.” The company has grown rapidly after Ranjith Babu and Akshita Iyer appeared on Shark Tank episode 915 to pitch their product. They pitched the product for $800,000 with 8% equity. They wanted the Sharks to invest in their product and were working dedicatedly on it since they participated in the show. Unfortunately, no deals were made and their offer was declined on the show.

Inirv Net Worth

Inirv got its kickstart with a successful campaign to gather funds which were launched on January 4th, 2017. They managed to raise about 175,548 Thousand Dollars. Inirv made a profit of around 183,727 Thousand Dollars in the year 2020. Recently the company invested a lot of its funds in capital rather than in production. soon they intend to invest in advertising their products and taking their company on a global level. As of 2022 Inirv’s net worth calculated is 800,000 thousand dollars.

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Inirv Net Worth 2022
Inirv React

Inirv manufactures sensors and bugs which can be operated from the Google play store, Alexa, and any android or iOS device. They can work for three to four years efficiently. Inirv React is the first technological device designed which let us fully control our kitchen stove using our smartphones. Inirv smart knobs can be controlled using a smartphone app, Google Home and Alexa. We can monitor our stoves from anywhere with ease. It is simple to use just like an ordinary stove knob. It has amazing features including auto shut-off, cooking timers, and real-time notifications. The main motive behind its invention was the safety of the kitchen and the prevention of accidental house fires. The device has sensors that detect high levels of smoke and gas and immediately warn us. It turns off the stove upon detecting any hazardous situation and prevents it from getting worse. The device has a sensory unit including features such as Led Indicator, Wifi, Gas detection, smoke detection, Alarm, Bluetooth, Motion detection, Easy Mounting, Rechargeable Batteries, and Heat and Chemical Resistant. This sensory unit functions and senses high levels of smoke or gas. Or if motion sensors detect that the stove was left on accidentally the sensor unit sent signals to the knob unit through Bluetooth to turn off the burner. The knob Unit has various features including touch sensors, universal adaptors, a timer, Bluetooth, and wifi connections. The main function of the knob unit is to turn off the burners immediately once a dangerous situation is detected.
The smartphone app allows us to keep a check on the status of the stove. Moreover, it helps you to monitor and control your kitchen environment remotely. The app will notify you if a hazard is detected from time to time. You can change the temperature of the burners as well as turn them off through the app.
Inirv promotes sustainable Development which is the Agenda 13 of the United Nations. Inirv sensors are made of dry solar cells which makes them renewable and a little expensive.

Inirv: Founder and Co-Founder

Inirv Net Worth 2022
Inirv React

Ranjith Babu is the founder of the Inirv. He worked as a biodesign fellow at Stanford University, Co-Founder at Ome, and Neurosurgeon at CHI Memorial Stroke and Neuroscience Center. His wife Akhsita Iyer is the CO-Founder and CEO of the company. She was living in North Carolina where she and her husband met as students at Duke University. Iyer was doing her graduation in Neuroscience during the time and her plans were to attend medical school. They both built the company together. While Ranjith continued his medical profession Akshita came a long way from a physician to an Entrepreneur and Inventor.

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