Insatiable Season 3 Renewed or Cancelled? Know Here!

We all know that these past years have been the worst and distressing years out of all. We have seen numerous areas suffer, markets decline, and a few ventures have been totally cleared out. In any case, for one area, these times were an exceptional one. And, that’s for OTT platforms. While most of us are locked inside our house and constantly looking for some sort of entertainment, these streaming services stand out the most. Among them, Netflix is one of those we often referred to as OTT giant because of some legit reasons. Netflix has always given us some binge-worthy series that we can’t get over them easily. One such series is Insatiable that already offered us two hilarious seasons and yet we can’t seem to be satisfied. Here we have shared answers to all kinds of burning questions about Insatiable Season 3 including its cast members, story, trailer, and many more.

Insatiable is an American teen and dark comedy television series on Netflix created by Lauren Gussis. The series is based on Jeff Chu’s article “The Pageant King of Alabama” in The New York Times Magazine which published in July 2014.  

Insatiable Season 3: Renewal Status

Insatiable Season 3: Renewal Status

The first season debuted on Netflix on August 10, 2018. In September 2018, the series received a renewal for a second season, which came to the floor on October 11, 2019. Season 2 consisted only of 10 episodes, compared to 12 episodes in the first season.

Over this course of time, the series got involved in many controversies. The Guardian reported on July 24, 2018, that more than 100,000 people marked a petition calling for Netflix to cancel Insatiable, blaming it for “fat-shaming”. However, the show also gained huge viewership judging by the fact that it got renewed for the second installment.

Here and now the main concern is will Netflix give this series one more chance for the third renewal? Well, unfortunately, the answer is NO. In February 2020, the streaming service officially announced the cancellation of Insatiable Season 3 and that the previous second season is the last and final one.

Hence, there is no third season of Insatiable coming in the future, so the fans should also drop their expectation and satisfy themselves with two seasons so far.

But, naturally, one question that we can’t wrap our head around is that what led to the cancellation of the show? well, don’t be impatient because if we have an answer of that also. Read on to the next section to know.

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Insatiable Season 3: Reason for Cancellation

The reason may seem quite complicated. Netflix’s head of original content Cindy Holland said about the streamer’s cancellation choices, that, “It’s a mix of things. At the point when we are investing in a TV series, we choose the amount to invest based on the crowd that will appear through that series. If the viewers don’t appear, we consider the motivation to keep on putting resources into something that doesn’t work out quite as well as we had trusted. Clearly, basic approval is significant as well, however, we’re truly about attempting to extend our venture dollars to the furthest extent that we can and follow through on our investors’ money– it’s theirs, not our own.” via, Deadline.

So, it’s safe to assume that though the series had pulled enough audiences by its dark and humorous comedy yet it disappointed many as well. 

Additionally, the several controversies that the series led as mentioned above is another possible reason for the cancellation. After all, that petition had over 230,000 signatures.

Insatiable Season 3: Release Date Possibilities

One of the casts of Insatiable, Alyssa Milano made an update on Twitter earlier last year thanking fans for showing their interest in seasons 1 and 2. In the post, Alyssa seems to hope for season 3 as well if only a new broadcaster happens to pick up the web series to renew it.

Also, the end of the previous second season was a little twisted and by seeing there was definitely a plan for the third season. So, if another network decides to take over the show, then it could possibly see season 3 in late 2021 or early 2022. If that comes up, let’s quickly predict what will be the cast and story for season 3.

Insatiable Season 3: Cast and Crew

Insatiable Season 3: Cast and Crew

We can anticipate the actors who played their respective characters in both the previous seasons who are Debby Ryan as Patricia “Patty” Bladell as the protagonist.

Other than that, there is Dallas Roberts as Robert “Bob” Armstrong Jr., Sarah Colonna as Angie Bladell, Christopher Gorham as Robert “Bob” Barnard, Erinn Westbrook as Magnolia Barnard, Michael Provost as Brick Armstrong, Kimmy Shields as Nonnie Thompson, Irene Choi as Dixie Sinclair, Alyssa Milano as Coralee Huggins-Armstrong, and Arden Myrin as Regina Sinclair.

There can also be some additional casts who could appear in the recurring and side roles like the first and second seasons.

Insatiable Season 3: Plot Summary

Insatiable Season 3: Plot Summary

Patty Bladell is a teen who was continually harassed in school for being overweight. After being on a liquid eating routine for 90 days over summer vacation given a rough argument with a homeless man, she is now turning slim and thin and looks for revenge on her harassers. Ashamed common attorney and obsessed beauty pageant mentor, Bob Armstrong, sees Patty’s latent capacity and embarks to transform her into a beauty queen.

The show’s maker, Lauren Gussis, addressed The Wrap about what she needed to come next for Patty. She accepted the show was about “someone who has the insatiability, that the hovel is never enough” and “regardless what you do to reach outside to fill that hovel…it’s never going to get filled.”  

Looks like the maker already has a plot ready for the third season even though the chances are very slim. It seems like in the fifth season, Patty will realize how much is she submerged after hitting rock bottom level. She will realize her true self as she already killed a bunch of people that we have witnessed in the last seasons.

Insatiable Season 3: Trailer

We have no trailer or any kind of promotional clips to show presently but as we wait for it, enjoy the trailer of season 2 here.

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