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Insecure Season 5 Episode 9 Release Date And More

Insecure Season 5 Trailer

Insecure is an American comedy-drama series; premiered online in September 2016. The series first aired from HBO Now and then from HBO Go. Now it’s aired from HBO. It is selected as the top 10 series of the TV program of the year. The series received a rating of 7.9 from IMDb. Further, the show has been recognized with multiple awards.

The show has two lead women; Issa and Molly. Both have been really close for a long time. Starting from going to college, studying, engaged in relationships; they did everything together. Through all thick and thin they stayed together till the end. But the question is will they be able to hold onto their friendship? Will any other stimulus ruin it once and for all? What lays ahead for the best friends?  Go and watch to cool your curious nerves. 

The seasons focus on black female friendship. It shows that friendships are at their best when communication is clear. Season 4 is the best season to highlight this, so it’s a must-watch.  

The series has made up to 5 seasons with 41 plus episodes. 

The renewed season has aired 8 episodes. Is the 9th out? When will it air? Is it canceled? 

Well, that’s what I am here for. Read along to know!

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead! 

Insecure Season 5 Episode 9 Release Date

 The show was initially released on October 9, 2016. And Season 5 was confirmed in May 2020. Yes, the most awaited show has finally released its season. And the episodes are currently airing as well. 

Fans are amazed by the series and her hoping for quick air, through and through. So, will it air? Well, the answer is a definite yes. Episode 9 of Season 5 is expected to air on December 19, 2021. The show will premiere on HBO. 

The first episode of Season 5 of Insecure made its debut on HBO and HBO Max. While you wait for it to renew you can stream the previous seasons.

Insecure Season 5 Episode 8 Recap


It’s assumed that this season would revolve around three main storylines. Issa and Molly both trying to repair their friendship. Molly’s relationship status and Lawrence trying to have a baby with another woman.

Fans are really looking forward to them repairing their friendship. Will they be able to? Go and watch to find out!  

Issa tries to live her life without Lawrence, Molly tries to adjust to her single life. And Tiffany embraces her motherhood. Lawrence is also seen all sad and mopey after Issa leaves him.

HBO has dropped the first teaser along with the Seasons go and enjoy!

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Insecure Season 4 Recap


The season opens with Issa talking on the phone and talking about not being Molly’s friend. Well, this is a real shock for fans who have witnessed their friendship. The season further focuses on Issa trying to get her life together. Like all time she needs Molly’s help to make her dreams come true.

Molly on the other hand tries to get into a serious relationship. Although seen as a woman who gets her acts together, she is facing real trouble. It’s hard for her to maintain the work relationship balance. Balancing her life as a lawyer and also trying to be in a relationship with Andrew is really hard for her. She too is in need of Issa for emotional support. 

These two characters are in a difficult situation. But the question is how will they face it when they have broken their friendship. Will these two best friends patch their relationship? Or will they stay away from each other forever? What will happen next?  That’s for you to find!

Season 4 has 10 episodes.

That’s all folks! Not revealing more than this. Go and watch the seasons online! Am sure this series deserves a binge-watch. It’s available on Hulu, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime Video

Happy watch! 

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