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When Will The Inside The Tower Of London Season 6 Release Date Be Declared?

Inside the Tower of London is a Documentary series that covers what actually goes on inside this historic attraction. This series gives you a wonderful look into the most attractive sites in British history. This series follows the day-to-day routine of the staff that works there and all the different types of challenges that they have to handle. This series rightfully shows how management is done. This Historic place gets millions of tourist visits per year which makes it one of the busiest monuments in the world.

If you have a thing for history then you will be hooked on this show. As this series is fully loaded with historic facts about the tower and London itself. This series also shows how hard it is to preserve the tower and its content. When you watch it, you feel that the series is very engaging. The soundtrack used in this series is perfect. The only resident of the tower of London is Yeoman Warders who are popularly known as Beefeaters. They are there to take care of the tower and act as guides for the visitors. The series also features how the tower hires new staff and what the whole process looks like. They take you to different places inside the tower and explain the details mainly related to the history of that place. The series also follows them during all the events like twilight night guide and more. 

Inside The Tower Of London Season 6 Release Date

Inside the tower of London Season 6 Release Date

The last season which is season 5 premiered in October 2022 and since then have been no news for season 6. In the last season, they covered the saddest moment in the history of the tower of London which is the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

We can expect season 6 to be released in 2023 if we follow the previous pattern the producers have released one season every year. So, it is only natural that they release one season in 2023. It will be released sometime in mid-2023 or by the end of the year. As season 5 premiered in October it will be safe to assume that season 6 will do the same.

Name of the ShowInside The Tower Of London
Season NumberSeason 6
Inside The Tower Of London Season 1 Release Date23 October 2018
Inside The Tower Of London Season 6 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Inside The Tower Of London Season 6 Overview

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Inside The Tower Of London Season 6 Story

900-year-long history of the Tower of London is beautifully covered in this series. This series covers the inns and out of the tower of London and every event that takes place in the tower. The series covers the monument in the same way these people experience it in real life. The series also follows how the guides are trained and how they have to memorize 21 pages of facts and deliver them nicely. The last time we say how our beefeater Emma was preparing for the final exam.

We see how the tower is prepared for all the latest events that will occur in the tower. How they are planning to install a new wildlife habitat. With exclusive access, they have shown how the people kept the tower alive during the covid times. As for what will be covered in season 6 is still unknown as they might cover some events and skip others depending on the importance of the events.

Inside The Tower Of London Season 6 Cast

Inside The Tower Of London Season 6 Release Date

The narrators of this documentary are Adrian bower and, Jason Watkins. Jason Watkins has done a splendid job in narrating the series and is expected to narrate season 6 of the same. We also see them interact with all the workers who are there. There may be a new narrator added in the 6th season.   

Inside the Tower of London Season 6 Trailer

As this is a documentary there are no available trailers for Inside the Tower of London. You can find short clips of the series on YouTube which will give you a fair idea of what the series is all about. There is also a YouTube channel where you can watch YT Shorts made from small clips of the original series.

Where to Watch Inside the Tower of London Online?

The first season has 4 episodes and the second season and third were stretched a little more to 8 episodes and the 4th season had 6 episodes. Season 5 of this documentary premiered on 27 October 2022 and dropped an hour-long episode for its fans. You can watch all their episodes on Channel 5. You can also watch this series on just watch as it has all the seasons for you. It is also available on streaming services such as sky go. You can also find channels on YouTube which have whole episodes posted on their channel.

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