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Intimacy Season 2 Release Date Updates

The sudden snatching away of privacy from a woman’s hands while she had least expected it becomes very regressive and pessimistic. She was not given a head up about the trouble of slipping privacy while she was being promised a good life or was demanded to have increased privacy. Well, what changes when suddenly things are not the same? When the woman is ditched. When she stands naked in front of strangers and does not know how to take unwanted eyes away from her? Netflix has come up with a very sensitive and gripping series about five women, who have been ditched. About women, whose privacy is endangered and in public. Who are constantly been judged and asked to silence themselves for no crime of theirs? Their only mistake was trusting.

Intimacy Season 2 Release Date

Well while the fans are eagerly waiting for their favorite money heist cop Raquel Murillo to return onto screens with this new character along with four other established actresses, we are hooked upon the fact will these series be short-lived or will there be a renewal for the season 2. There is no official declaration about the season 2 renewal of Intimacy as of now. Though the season 1 is going to keep you entertained as it premiered on Netflix this 10th of June. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Intimacy Season 1 Release Date10 June 2022
Intimacy Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Intimacy Season 2 Release Date

Intimacy Season 2 Story

Intimacy Season 2 Release Date
Intimacy Season 2

The story that brings five women together, united by their personal experiences of Intimacy and betrayal, the story unfolds the turmoil a woman faces when their privacy is thrown into the hands of the strangers. The judgments and statements she deals with just because someone decided to forget everything and betray the woman. Though there is no specific detail about the characters and their roles, it is a matter of time when we know the depth of characters of each actress.

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Intimacy Season 2 Cast

We have no particular announcement regarding the season 2 casting as of now. However, in Season 1, five women are ready to thrill you and help you introspect into the depth of emotions and tragedy the snatching away of privacy brings upon you.

Itziar ituno

Spanish actress well known for playing the cop Raquel Murillo in La Casa De Papel returns with another challenging role through Intimacy.

Patricia Lopez

Also, a Spanish actress known for her roles in the 2020 drama Ane is Missing was also seen performing in ‘A Different View’.

Veronica Echegui

Another Spanish actress prevalently known for her three-time nominations for the Goya Awards was seen in movies like Book of Love, My Name is Juani etc. Her work is also extended in some amazing TV shows like Apaches,3 Caminos, Fortitude etc.

Ana Wagener

This Spanish actress is well known for her roles in films like The Invisible Guest, Prison yard etc. She has even received the Goya Awards and is renowned and celebrated in her field.

Emma Suarez

Two time Goya Awards winner, Spanish Actress Emma is known for her performances in several movies and TV Shows namely Criminal, Neboa, The Red Squirrel etc.

Yune Nogueiras

Popularly known to be a musical artist yune is known for her debut in the year 2020 for Coven and her next feature in Intimacy

Intimacy Season 2 Trailer

Intimacy Season 2 Release Date
Intimacy Season 2

As far as season 1 is concerned the trailer is already out with a premiere date announcement and episodes are released on Netflix on 10 June 2022. However, the absence of any type of official announcements makes us sad to inform you that there is yet no update about the release of an official trailer of this series. It would be a hard time to wait and know if there would be a renewal of this sensitive women-centric drama series.

Where to Watch Intimacy Season 2?

The new release of this intense series is about to happen on Netflix but that is a piece of concrete information regarding season 1. Viewers can stream season 1 of Intimacy on its streaming partner Netflix. As of now, there is no official announcement about the renewal for season 2. However, we assume if there is a renewal it shall be streaming on Netflix itself.

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