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Ippon Again Season 2 Release Date: Plot, Characters and Storyline!

The sports genre in manga and anime is among the most well-liked and appealing. This category includes a large number of widely known anime titles. One such anime is Ippon Again; today, we’ll discuss when Ippon Again Season 2 will be available.

A judo player’s life serves as the basis for the anime. The fighter’s combat prowess and skills have garnered her notice. However, one day her life begins to become more difficult than she could have imagined. Ippon Again became extremely well-known with the release of the anime adaptation. The release date for Ippon Again Season 2 is currently a topic of great interest to many people. Let’s examine its potential and the fundamental story.

Ippon Again Season 2 Release Date

Ippon Again Season 2 Release Date

The anime tells the story of a judo practitioner’s life and athletic career. However, difficulties are frequently on the horizon. A life-altering incident occurs as she is considering changing who she is. Otakus has adored the studio’s and production house’s works. Thus far, we have only seen one season of this anime; if you are familiar with it, you are probably already aware that, upon its premiere, it became popular on social media. Everyone is now interested in the next season. What is the release date for Ippon Again Season 2? Is there a cancellation or renewal of the anime?

The makers of anime always seek opportunities for a second season when their work becomes popular after its debut. Now let’s discuss this anime. The official announcement of the release date for Ippon Again Season 2 is still pending. Bakken Records has not provided an explanation for its cancelation or renewal. There were thirteen episodes in the previous season, and from what I understand, every single one of them attracted a sizable audience. Ippon Again Season 1 was a huge success for both the studio and the individual producers. That explains why the second installment is generating so much buzz among fans and watchers.

Story of Ippon Again Season 2

Towa and her cousin are attending Michi’s school, thus there may be some great fight scenes between them in the upcoming season. Michi Soneda had never experienced such humiliation, so when Towa triumphed over her in the sport she loved so much, Michi lost it. Season 2 will most likely see Michi Sonoda use a judo contest to get revenge on Towa Hiruwa. There will be additional Judo players that we can witness. Hopefully, we shall see how the competition rules operate, unlike the first season.

However, we will have to wait until the official release date of Ippon Again Season 2 to find out what actually transpires. Let’s hold off on additional speculation till then.

Story of Ippon Again 1

To begin with, this is an anime version of Muraoka’s manga series Ippon Again. The narrative centers on Michi Sonoda, a budding judo player. In addition to continuing her education at her current institution, she has other interests. Michi eventually grows tired of leading a routine, boring existence. Michi is about to take her middle school finals, and then she intends to move out from the Judo world. She hasn’t displayed her skills as a judo fighter in years.

Sanae Takigawa and Michi Sonoda are close friends. Sanae Takigawa is astonished to learn about this impromptu choice. Michi Sonoda has achieved significant success in judo because to her intense enthusiasm for the sport. Michi, though, is now looking for a caring partner. Instead of hits from the judo mats, he would prefer pats from a lovely lad. She is unwavering in her resolve, until one day Towa Hiruwa, a gifted player, defeats Michi in public. Michi was ready to retire, but this made her love of judo even stronger.

Characters of Ippo Again Season 2

The characters of Ippo Again Season 2 are as follows-

  1. Michi Sonodo 
  2. Sanae Takigawa
  3. Erika Amane
  4. Natsu Umehara
  5. Erika Amane 
  6. Towa Hiura 
  7. Kotoko Nogisaki 
  8. Anna Nagumo
  9. Tsumugi Himeno 
  10. Ami Shiraishi 

Where to Watch Ippo Again Season 2?

Ippo Again Season 2 will be available on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video


Is Ippo Again S2 coming?

It is highly anticipated that the anime series might come soon.

What is the release date of this anime?

The release date is yet not been confirmed however it shall be informed.

Where to watch Ippo S2? 

It will be available on Crunchyroll or Amazon Prime video.

Is Ippo Season 1 worth watching?

Yes, it is quite an amazing anime series.

What are the characters of this anime series?

The characters are- Michi Sonodo, Erika Amane, Sanae Takigawa, Towa Hiura, and many others. 


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