Is 100 Days My Prince Over?

100 Days My Prince is a Korean drama series written by No Ji-sul and created by Studio Dragon. The series was released on 10th September 2018 and aired till 30th October 2018. The series has 16 episodes with two special episodes (18 in total) with a running time of 67 to 85 minutes. The drama was quite popular which can be proved by its twelfth ranking among the highest-rated Korean Drama on cable Television. There were a lot of questions regarding the series one of them was, is the series over? So, today we will be answering these questions through the article.

Is 100 Days My Prince Over

Is 100 Days My Prince Over?
100 Days My Prince

Since the release of the first season of the 100 Days My Prince fans are desperate to know whether the series is over or will it continue? Well, the answer is quite disappointing for the fans because the creators of the series have already announced that there won’t be a future series coming off the series. Yep, you have read it right there won’t be another season of the series it means that the series is over and will not be further produced by the publishers.

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100 Days My Prince Story

The story revolves around a prince who has lost his memory and a noblewoman who is the oldest single woman in the village and her true identity which is on known to his adopted father. Nobel men offer her marriage but she refuses to lead to the wrath of the noble man and to escape from it they tell him that she is engaged to Yul (the prince with amnesia). In the end, they end up being married without knowing each other true identities.

100 Days My Prince Cast

Is 100 Days My Prince Over?
100 Days My Prince

No matter how good the plot of any series or movie is with the cast and crew doing their jobs with their heart and soul as they are one with the character or they seriously do the work they are assigned, it is impossible to make a good show. Cast for the first season of 100 Days My Prince is, Kyung-soo Do in the role of Lee Yool (16 episodes, 2018), Nam Ji-Hyun in the role of Hong Shim (16 episodes, 2018), Jo Sung-ha in the role of Kim Cha Eon (16 episodes, 2018), Jo Han-chul in the role of King (16 episodes, 2018), Kim Seon-Ho in the role of Jung Jae Yoon (16 episodes, 2018), Hae-Kyun Jung in the role of Hong Shim’s father (16 episodes, 2018), Min-ji Lee in the role of Kkeut Nyeo (16 episodes, 2018), Han So-hee in the role of Crown Princess (16 episodes, 2018), Jeong-min Heo in the role of Kim Soo Ji (15 episodes, 2018), Jae-young Kim in the role of Moo Yeon (15 episodes, 2018), Lee Joon-hyuk in the role of Park Bok Eun (15 episodes, 2018), Yeon-ah Oh in the role of Queen Park (15 episodes, 2018), Ahn Suk-hwan in the role of Lord Park Sun Do (14 episodes, 2018), Hye Eun Lee in the role of Yang Chun (14 episodes, 2018), Min-Hyuk Ji in the role of Prince Seowon (14 episodes, 2018), Woong Choi in the role of Chief CensorJung Sa Yeob (12 episodes, 2018), Gi-doo Kim (7 episodes, 2018), Eun-Jung Heo in the role of Yoon Yi Seo (young) (5 episodes, 2018), Ji-Hoon Jung in the role of Lee Yool (young) (5 episodes, 2018), Ji-han Do in the role of Dong Joo (2 episodes, 2018), Kang Young-Seok in the role of Kwon Hyuk (2 episodes, 2018), Han Ji-Eun in the role of Ae-wol (1 episode, 2018), Tae Won-suk in the role of Restaurant Customer (1 episode, 2018).

Where To Watch 100 Days My Prince?

100 Days My Prince is available on many sites to watch. It is available on Netflix for the premium users and the same goes for Amazon Prime you can watch it easily if you have a premium of either of them.

100 Days My Prince Trailer

The official trailer of 100 Days My Prince is available to watch on YouTube. Well, the trailer is available but none of them has been dubbed only the trailer that are subbed are available. As for the language of availability, it’s English and Indonesian.

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