Is 1000 Lb Sisters Real?

1000 Lb Sisters is an American reality show on TLC that focuses on the personal lives of two sisters Amy Slaton-Halterman (406-lb in weight she wants to start a  family with her new husband but is in trouble getting pregnant because of her overweight and health issues) and her sister Tammy Slaton (605-lb in weight, she needs help with day to day task and had to move in with sister and her husband after spending some time in hospital). And their attempt to lose weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. The combined weight of the sisters reaches 1000 lb.

Is 1000 Lb Sisters Real?

Since the release of 1000 Lb Sisters, a hell lot of people is searching on google asking the same question, whether 1000 Lb Sisters is a true story or not? Even though the answer is well known to people that is, yes. The main reason is their youtube channel even before the release of the reality show they used to have a youtube channel on which they tend to show the daily life problems faced by over-weighted people. They also told in an interview that they have a tough childhood cause their mom have three jobs to attend and they were left with their grandmother for their care. But everything fell out of place as their grandmother died. The sisters have to look after each other from then on. This was also the reason their unhealthy diet began that ultimately lead them to their current condition. They agreed to the show cause they wanted to challenge themselves to weight loss and the show will be the best motivation for them.

1000 Lb Sisters Story

Is 1000 Lb Sisters Real?
Is 1000 Lb Sisters Real?

“1000-Lb Sisters” chronicles the struggles and triumphs of two sisters — Amy and Tammy Slaton — whose combined weight was 1,000 pounds at the beginning of the primary season in January 2020, because of the success of television shows like “My 600-Lb. Life.” Amy had her own YouTube channel before participating in “1000-Lb Sisters.”Amy and Tammy would come with beauty tutorials, life updates, and a fat bunny challenge (in which viewers stuff marshmallows or other objects into their mouths and try to memorize difficult sentences) within the films, which accumulated several views.

The twins agreed to look on their TLC reality show to document their weight reduction surgical journey while also demonstrating significant weight loss from a special angle. “Doing the program is a way to represent ourselves in a very different manner, as there’s a  hand full of things that you’ll show on YouTube,” Amy told the Louisville Courier-Journal. Everyone has setbacks in their life. As for them, they faced them on their quest to lose weight. They also faced several issues on Amy’s journey to motherhood and Tammy’s struggle to beat vivid health challenges.

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If you’re inquisitive about binge-watching another season of “1000-Lb Sisters,” here’s all you wish to grasp about the fourth.No such remarks are made regarding the renewal of 1000-pound Sisters on the TLC television network. Since the show’s beginning, TLC has been on that and talked with the general public daily. As a result of the show’s popularity in its first season, it’s been renewed for 2 additional seasons in an exceeding row.

After the third season, however, no such announcements are made. Additionally, the performance ended abruptly and unsatisfactorily. Which has kept fans on their toes and waiting to find out what happened to Tammy and her food addiction, still as if Amy regains her weight-loss success or not. there’s a bevy of other unsolved questions, which the filmmakers are cognizant of.

1000 Lb Sisters Cast

Other than Amy and Tammy, other relations of the show include Amy’s husband Michael Halterman, and their dog “Little Bit”. Over time the show has grown to incorporate other members of the Slaton family Chris, Misty, and Amanda. Chris Combs, Amy and Tammy’s brother, has also decided to slenderize within the series and continues to try and do so alongside both his sisters. He accompanies Tammy to her doctor visits. The show has also featured Amy and Micheal’s son Gage Deon Halterman once Amy discovered she was pregnant while being rushed to the hospital room within the first episode of the second season, “Life-Altering News”.

Where To Watch 1000 Lb Sisters?

Is 1000 Lb Sisters Real?
1000 Lb Sisters

It is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, Philo, VUDU, Vudu Movie & TV Store, Spectrum TV, Vudu Movie & TV Store, discovery+ | Stream TV Shows or TLC GO on your Roku device.

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