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Is 2019 movie Anna based on a True Story

Luc Besson wrote, produced, and directed the 2019 action thriller film “Anna.” Is the 2019 movie Anna based on a True Story? That starred Sasha Luss as the titular assassin, alongside Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy, Helen Mirren, and Alexander Petrov. The US-France production premiered in the United States on June 21, 2019, by Summit Entertainment and in France on July 10, 2019, by Pathé Distribution. While it garnered mixed reviews from critics, “Anna” grossed $31 million worldwide against a $30 million budget.

Netflix frequently updates its library, adding new titles while removing others, with “Anna” being one of its recent acquisitions. The film revolves around a Russian woman employed by the KGB who seeks an escape from her life as a spy.

Is the 2019 movie Anna based on a True Story?

In 1990, a young Russian woman named Anna, who is a victim of domestic abuse, is recruited by KGB agent Alex and trained as a field operative. She is promised freedom after five years of service under senior KGB handler Olga. However, the new KGB director, Vassiliev, reneges on the agreement, viewing former agents as liabilities.

Assuming the identity of a fashion model in Paris, Anna carries out missions and assassinations while maintaining a romantic relationship with fellow model Maude, as instructed by Olga. When the CIA discovers her true identity, Anna agrees to become a double agent, with Agent Leonard Miller as her handler, in exchange for a new life in Hawaii.

Anna kills Vassiliev during a chess game and escapes the KGB, arranging a meeting with both Alex and Miller to return stolen information. Despite Alex and Miller’s tacit agreement to let her disappear, Olga shoots Anna dead for betraying the KGB.

However, it is revealed that Anna’s death was staged, using a body double. The real Anna escapes into the sewers, changes her appearance, and disappears into the shadows, evading capture.

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Stellar Cast

Sasha Luss portrays the titular character, Anna Poliatova, while Helen Mirren portrays Olga, Luke Evans plays Aleksander “Alex” Tchenkov, and Cillian Murphy stars as Leonard Miller. Lera Abova appears as Maude, Alexander Petrov as Piotr, and Nikita Pavlenko as Vlad. Other cast members include Anna Krippa as Nika, Aleksey Maslodudov as Jimmy, Eric Godon as Vassiliev, Ivan Franěk as Mossan, Jean-Baptiste Puech as Samy, and Nastya Sten as Fake Anna. Andrew Howard also appears as Oleg Filenkov.

Upon its release, “Anna” faced controversy as it became embroiled in the #MeToo movement due to rape allegations against writer and director Luc Besson. However, the case against him was dropped in 2019 due to lack of evidence, with a subsequent investigation dismissed in 2021.

Additionally, “Anna” marked Sasha Luss’ debut role, transitioning from her previous career as a model.

 Anna plotline

Besson, the writer of “Anna,” aims to create a complex guessing game surrounding the allegiances of the titular character. However, the plot’s intricacies pale in comparison to John le Carré’s “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” feeling more elementary than advanced calculus. Despite nonlinear time jumps, indicated to avoid confusion, the narrative may be described as straightforward, a welcome departure from the convoluted nature of “Atomic Blonde.”

While Besson’s set pieces may lack the grandiosity of those directed by David Leitch, they exude a fresh and playful energy, evident in stylish montages such as the body-count-accumulating sequence set to INXS’ “Need You Tonight.” Although “Anna” may not offer many surprises, its broadly appealing mainstream appeal makes its unceremonious release somewhat unexpected, almost as if fulfilling contractual obligations.

While it falls short of being an embarrassment like Brian De Palma’s “Domino” or other recent studio tentpoles, “Anna” also lacks the freshness to warrant special attention if it were to be buried altogether, save for the potential career boost for Sasha Luss, who is likely to receive another opportunity in the spotlight.

About Anna” and its Characters

Besson’s consistent filmmaking style remains evident in “Anna,” showcasing his skill in crafting slick, comic book-style narratives. The film’s logical elegance and clean, intuitive scenes, often storyboarded by Besson, are bound to entertain fans of his approach.

Sasha Luss, with her striking cerulean eyes and poker-faced demeanour, adeptly portrays Anna as a complex character with a multifaceted personality. Rising to the physical demands of the role, Luss delivers elaborately staged fight sequences and nuanced micro-expressions, showcasing her versatility.

Initially introduced as a Moscow market vendor, Anna’s transformation began after her recruitment and training by the KGB. In a brilliantly choreographed scene, she demonstrates her ability to think quickly under pressure, shedding her previous characterization as a mere object of beauty.

Anna’s repertoire of skills includes proficiency in languages, marksmanship, martial arts, and chess, serving as metaphors for her strategic prowess. As she navigates relationships with recruiter Alex Tchenkov, supervisor Olga, and CIA agent Lenny Miller, portrayed by Luke Evans, Helen Mirren, and Cillian Murphy respectively, Anna must stay several steps ahead of her adversaries.

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