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Is American Murder: The Family Next Door Based On A True Story?

This Netflix crime documentary brings yet another case in front of us. The tale of Chriss Watts and his dead family surely brings anger, tears and rage in the audience. The story throws light on the case of Chris Watts, a father and husband who turns into a monster as time passes by. While initially looking like an innocent sad guy who has lost his family, the man turns into the most hated person in America when he confesses to the murder of his entire family.

Yes, this is a very rare case and this seems like something that does not usually happen. American Murder: The Family Next Door describes the scenarios of the Watts family and all the horrendous activities that take place. 

While it covers a lot of details about Shannann Watts and her videos from social media, it has left us with a lot of unanswered questions. This article covers details about the true story behind the documentary, the true story and a lot of other details. We also have included a lot of facts from the case that seem to have thrilled the audience. 

Is American Murder: The Family Next Door Based On A True Story?

Is American Murder: The Family Next Door Based On A True Story?

American Murder: The Family Next Door showcases the life of the Watts family. Just like any other cute family, this one comprised of Chris Watts, his wife Shannan who was pregnant and two daughters Celeste and Bella. 

The Netflix documentary covers details about the life of the family using footage from their home, their communications and other details. The documentary has a runtime of 83 minutes and consists of a lot of clips of his wife and her videos from social media. This story is a must-watch that will surely shatter the hearts of its spectators. 

The story focuses on the familicide that Chris Watts committed on August 13, 2018, where he murdered his pregnant wife and his two daughters. Consisting of all the details from the case and security footage acquired, the story takes us through the journey of this crime and how this loving father turned into a horrific criminal. There is a lot of footage from Shannan’s social media and videos of her with her happy family. This led to many questions about how could such a happy family be ruined by one predator who was previously a loving father and husband. 

This is a true story that shows us the case of the Watts family and how Chris Watts was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or ever coming out. The further segments of this article will cover the actual story and what happened in this case.


American Murder: The Family Next Door 

Is American Murder: The Family Next Door Based On A True Story?

The documentary covers the scenarios that led to the murder of the family in 2018. On August 13, Shannan missed a lot of calls and texts. A worried friend contacted the police and it was shown that Chris returned home to see his entire family missing. A few days later, his secret girlfriend, Nichol Kessinger realised that he was a liar and that he was not in the process of a divorce as he had told her.

She told the media that she asked him not to contact her until his family was found and told him to stay away from her. They had just been seeing each other for a few weeks but due to her concern, Nichol contacted the police with all the information she had. When the police questioned Chris, he denied the affair entirely and agreed to take a polygraph.

While he tried to act up and fail the polygraph, he soon confessed to the crime within a few hours. He spoke about how he strangled his pregnant wife in the morning after a conversation about them separating.

After a failed attempt to kill his children, he brought them along in his car with their mother’s dead body. He explains how he took them to the oil storage facility where he worked and buried Shannan in a grave. He later smothered both his daughters and shoved their bodies into a huge oil tank.

He was thus sentenced to consecutive live sentences without the possibility of parole. He was sentenced to 48 years of prison for pregnancy termination and 36 for tampering with a dead body. But he escaped the death penalty by pleading guilty. After killing three of his family members and an unborn child, the man is ashamed.

Records tell us that he knows about the Netflix documentary and that he is ashamed and unable to watch it. He is in jail for the rest of his life and pleading guilty was his trump card to escape from the death penalty. The documentary is available on Netflix.

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