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Is Anime Addictive? Why? How?

Is Anime Addictive? Or Are you an Otaku? Or do you just watch anime for fun? Do you neglect your activities because of this? Are you obsessed? Do you watch anime till late and that is the cause of insomnia?

These are some of the few questions that all anime watchers face. Do people often ask the question of anime is addictive or not as well? Or whether it can be addictive when you start watching anime! These are faced by many; I will try to answer your doubt and queries through my writeup. You may as well get the answers you’re looking for. 

But the most important factor is, only a little bit about anime addiction is known. A lot of research work is needed when it comes to topics such as these. Some feel that anime addiction is not even a thing. Because as people say, how can one be addicted to cartoons? But believe me, when I say this, this is a topic of serious concern. Diagnosing someone with addictive issues is really tough. And I will not be a judge of it.

My article solely is written to enjoy watching something yet not affecting your health at the end of the day. Because we all know how the story and the graphics involved can help us to relieve stress and even send a message at the end of the day. How beautiful the story can be only our audience knows right!

What is Addiction?

Is Anime Addictive?
What is Addiction?

If I answer this scientifically, then it means a compulsive habit of doing something on a regular basis and not being able to get out of it. This I explained in simple words. Now, let me explain, when the question about addiction comes it’s not only anime, people can get addicted to anything. As in any materialistic or non-materialistic thing, it depends on the mind and the stress-relieving stimuli or stimulus. 

We have often seen people addicted to coffee, to be precise caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, movies, books, tea, web series, social media; so on and so forth. So, people when start liking something to a greater extent or get attached to something to relieve their stress then needless to say; they grow addicted. 

That necessarily isn’t just anime in general. And especially in this pandemic situation sitting back at home, youngsters are growing addicted and ending up couch potatoes. So, at the end of the day, it can be anything that can fill your void of emotion. One tends to get so obsessed that they keep on continuing that behavior. Now let’s talk about anime addiction. 

What is Anime?

 I have heard many people asking what makes you a fan of anime? Or why do you watch these cartoons? Watch movies, why waste time on children’s cartoons?

First of all, I will point out the fact that anime and cartoons are not the same things. Let me highlight the basic difference. Animes are more of Japanese visual arts with more vivid character portrayal; drawing a closer reference to reality. Whereas cartoons are semi-realistic drawings of creatures to capture satire, humor, caricature, etc. They are non-realistic in nature. 

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What draws the audience is; the storyline, the vivid art, the aesthetic attributes, the beautiful animation, the emotion which one can relate to even the character building and depth of the story. Like any other movie or web series, anime in graphic form attracts the audience’s interest. The closer connection to reality is one of the prime factors which is why viewers can get drawn to it. But again, this is very subjective and depends on the perspective of the observer. 

Is Anime Addictive?

Is Anime Addictive?
Anime Addiction

Does the term Otaku scare you? Well, don’t be it’s a common term given by Japanese to indicate people who are obsessed or a huge fan of animation or in short anime. Think of it this way, you love anime, that is why you watch it, then being an Otaku is fine unless it becomes an obsession which can create anxiety and other personality issues. I am coming to that later.   

Let me explain the situation in as simple words as possible. People of all age groups can watch anime, it gives one sheer joy, entertains the viewers, brings happiness and some sort of unfulfilled fantasy even. But detaching yourself from reality and fantasy is not a good sign. 

I have seen many of my friends falling in love with the 2D characters, well that is definitely not something one should encourage. There should be a line between realism and fantasy. Habitually watching many anime movies or series can detach an individual from the physical world or reality. 

Let me give you an example to clear things out. If an anime lover faces a problem and tries to think of how to solve it if it was an anime. Or constant comparison between the 2D love partner and that of theirs is another example. This kind of thinking can give birth to overthinking. Let’s not think about it for now.

Watching anime all day is definitely not good for your mind and body. It can cause stress, headache, eyesight problems, and anxiety of not being able to accept reality. So, set a timer and reduce the time you watch anime. 

Let’s see the indicative signals for you to understand if you’re getting addicted. 

Signs that You’re Growing Addicted

Below, I will list down the factors which will help you to understand whether you’re getting addicted. I will point those in bullets for your better understanding:

  1. Painstakingly trying to speak in Japanese all the time 
  2. Always referring to the series or movies you’ve watched. Even if the person opposite to you is not interested 
  3. Pursuing to the level of forcing others to watch them with you or alone
  4. Gogoanime, Crunchyroll, etc. is your new dish 
  5. The topic of anime seasons and staffs swarming in your head even when you’re doing your daily activities
  6. Dreaming about the characters and story
  7. While you’re watching one anime show, you’re thinking about your watchlist and waiting to finish off so that you can start another one
  8. Buying anime themed stuffs and manga’s in huge scale
  9. Gizmos having ringtones and wallpaper of anime only
  10. Shipping a couple and thinking about the character from your shoes
  11. Negative comments irritate you
  12. Episode withdrawal
  13. Absentmindedly doodling chibis
  14. Arguing whether subtitles or dubbed is better
  15. Suffering from insomnia

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Now, since I have stated the causal, I will also help with the cure. Go through the bulletins and see if you fall under more than 4 of these categories. Then Tomodachi, I will suggest you try to tone it down for your own health.  

How To Get Over?

Is Anime Addictive?
How To Get Over

Like I shared the causes, similarly, the cure will be shared in bullets as well. Go through them. Here are the facts: 

  1. Start recognising; the money and time you spend
  2. Accepting the fact and hence getting over the denial
  3. Reduce the time you spend
  4. Try to stay away from the devices and sleep at night. Moreover, try to engage in activities which will help you get over the anime addiction
  5. Level your emotional attachment
  6. Try to observe how it affects your social behaviour
  7. Save the animes for weekend or as a reward for your work day 
  8. Try to limit down the purchase of merchandise
  9. Socialise
  10. Move into a different fandom but don’t again get obsessed over it

These are some of the tips which you can follow. These might help you get over the addiction. It will not happen in a day. Give it time, concentrate on your daily life. I am quite positive that slowly but surely you will get over it. Best of luck folks! Just believe in yourself. 

It’s fine if you’re addicted or obsessed over anime, don’t overthink it. You love it, that is why you spend time on it. But be careful, so that it doesn’t affect your health. Remember health comes first, so try to limit down activities that can cause harm, just that. Nothing more and nothing less! 

Getting over something you fall in for hard, is certainly difficult. I will suggest don’t pressurize yourself, just take your time. I will go ahead and suggest that you watch anime not all day long but 3 hrs. in max. But if you feel that watching anime for long hours is not affecting you then well, go on with it. 

On an end note, I will just touch upon the fact that doesn’t stop doing what you enjoy doing. If watching anime, does you good then harm then go on guys watch it to your fill. That is why people are spending their time and effort to bring in joy for you by creating visual watch and read for people like you.

And as fellow Otaku, we know we love watching anime just because we simply love it. Who cares what people have to say to this? We are the judge of our own lives, right?

That’s all folks!

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