Is Anime For Kids? Know Here! 

Who doesn’t like to watch anime series, right? It’s always entertaining its audiences. Anime series are available in a variety of genres. People of every age group love to watch anime across the globe. Sometimes anime teaches you a big life lesson whereas sometimes it will make you emotional or happy as well. Anime is not only for youngsters but children and older people also love to spend their precious time watching anime and have fun together. It would not be surprising if I say that children love to watch anime or spend their whole day watching anime. Even me and you have been watching it since our childhood. We used to get up early in the morning just to watch anime series. It’s the same with today’s kids, they love to watch anime series. But as you know parents are always concerned about the genres of anime series. No parents will like it if their children go in the wrong direction after watching anime. So I will say that their concern is right. As we all know that every entertainment series has its own pros and cons, the same as some anime series. So in this article, you are going to know whether anime series is safe for children or not. So let’s begin this article!

Is Anime For Kids?

Anime series have wide genres which have already attracted a great number of audiences across the globe. Let’s discuss some of the genres. Horror and violence: Is horror and violence for children? So yes, lots of children are watching horror and violent scenes in shows like Doraemon Chhota Bheem and you must be familiar with many more right? However, such violent scenes are fun for children but there are lots of anime series that show violence and horror which may distract the minds of kids. So parents should check out the age limit before introducing horror series to their kids. Some of the horror anime series for children are GeGeGe No Kitaro, Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories, Interviews with Monster Girls, Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, and many more. Hentai – pornographic content: The genre Hentai contains 18 + content. This genre is quite famous in Japan and western cities as well. No parents want to let their kids go in the wrong direction, so this genre is extremely prohibited for kids. As it may distract their mind, and increase the risk of addiction to pornography.

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Can children get addicted to anime series? 

Is Anime For Kids?
Is Anime For Kids?

Anime series are quite fun to watch, and most kids nowadays find them interesting. However, there should be a limit to watching anime. If your child is spending more time watching anime series then he or she can get addicted very easily. So parents should maintain the time limit for their children to watch any anime series. As we already know, in the morning lots of anime are broadcast on television, you can let them watch the series in the morning. However, the content which broadcasts after 9 p.m. on TV may distract kids from studying as it may contain 13+ or 18+ content. So always have a good check on them about what they are watching, when they are watching, or how much time they are spending on anime series. 

How can parents protect their kids from watching anime of the wrong genres?

It is always necessary to check on your kids every time, and you should not let them watch any content which is not preferred for their age group. First of all, help them to choose the right genre. Sometimes anime series scenes can affect the choice of your kids. Always understand the choice of kids, before choosing any genre you should understand what they want to watch and also read the reviews of the series before introducing it to your children. Don’t forget to maintain the time limit so that it does not make kids lose interest in their studies. 

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