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Is Archer The Future Shirou?

Fate series is one of the most famous anime series. It has huge popularity among anime fans. The anime series was produced by Ufotable and is based on the visual novel Fate/stay night produced by Type-Moon. The story revolves around a boy name Shirou Emiya a high school student and amateur magus of Fuyuki City, Japan. Due to some reasons, he must participate in the Fifth Holy Grail war (A secret tournament in which participants are known as Masters and their Servants reincarnations of legendary historical heroes, and fight for the Holy Grail, an omnipotent magical cup that can fulfill any wish of the winner). This tournament brought Shirou Emiya to Rin Rohsaka (another participant in the Holy Grail war) due to certain conditions both must team up. The meeting brought Shirou together with Rin’s mysterious servant Archer who seems to have a strong disliking of Shirou. One of many events when Saber (servant of Shirou) defeated Rider, Archer understood that she is willing to through her life for Shirou. Saber, Rin, and Archer went to Einzbern Castle Archer stayed behind.

Fate/Stay Night Story

While Saber was dueling Berserker, Archer visited the highest of a far-off hill and fired Caladbolg II from his bow at Berserker. Shirou was angry because Archer risked being damaged witnessed, but Archer explained that defeating Berserker is more important.

Archer took every opportunity to ridicule Shirou’s ideal. Shirou and Saber were deeply suffering from Archer’s rants. He displayed intimate knowledge regarding Shirou. Archer also told his intention to win the war by any means necessary. He then tried to kill Shirou and Rin consumed a Command Spell to stop Archer from harming Shirou.

Archer pressured Rin to defeat Shirou. After Caster obtained Saber, Archer betrayed Rin to side with Caster, claiming that Caster now has the best chance to win the war. Later, Archer betrayed Caster successively, explaining that his final goal was to kill Shirou and he needed Caster’s Rule Breaker to flee from Rin’s control. Archer tried to kill Shirou again, but Rin formed a contract with Saber and sent her to fight him off. He then kidnapped Rin and brought her to Einzbern castle and demanded a duel with Shirou.

At Einzbern castle, he explained that he’s the long-run self of Shirou and he had attained his dream to become a hero of justice. But as a Counter Guardian, Archer had witnessed the ugliness of mankind. He saw many of us who wished harm to others. Archer had to kill some people to avoid wasting others. He became disillusioned by his ideal.

Archer decided to kill Shirou to stop Shirou from coming up to become him, thus erasing Archer from existence. Shirou managed to defeat Archer through sheer force of will, insisting that despite knowing what’s going to happen, he has no regrets. Archer was reminded of the motivation that he had while he was alive, he achieved enlightenment.

The path of a hero isn’t a straightforward one, and nobody knows that quite just like the Fate series’ protagonist, Shirou Emiya. In Fate/Unlimited Blade Works, Shirou Emiya is thrown into the goblet War by the skin of his teeth and has his ideals of saving everyone repeatedly questioned and sometimes smashed with a hammer. But the one who criticizes his ideals the foremost is none apart from Archer. A bowman who somehow knows more about Shirou than anyone else, including himself. In the end, he got enlighted by Shirou and came to realize what he was fighting for.

The Fate series is not any stranger to several twists and turns, but one of the most important plot twists is this: Archer’s real name is EMIYA, and just to be clear, EMIYA isn’t a descendent of Shirou or a clone. He is also Shirou from the longer term.

Any veteran Fate fan will say that when a newcomer starts the series, be prepared for a few serious revelations. the thought that the red-garbed archer with a biting tongue, twin swords, an odd ability to duplicate Noble Phantasms, and a ruthless ‘do what I must’ mindset is that the decent and naive Shirou Emiya’s future version is one heck of a twist.

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Is Archer The Future Shirou?

Is Archer The Future Shirou?
Fate/stay night Unlimited blade work

From the start, Archer has always been a form of an enigma among the Servant characters. Even an off-the-cuff fan could guess who each Servant was. an extended sword-using assassin, as an example, wouldn’t be too hard to peg as Sasaki Kojiro, whether he does hand over his name in his introduction.

But Archer gives away no indication of who he’s, his swords are Chinese, but his bow is western. to not mention, that he seems to be of Japanese descent. No archer in history matches that description, even within the Fate series’ strange history (for example, an admiral within the Fate series can be called a lady or a queen in disguise). So, if the past doesn’t hold the solution, why not the future?

The funny thing is, all Servants, when summoned, are pulled from an area called the Throne of Heroes, and people who accomplish remarkable feats in life are sent there. People like Hercules, Arthur, and the like. Servants from alternate universes will be summoned, or heck, even storybook characters.

In the modern age, most people aren’t warranted to become a hero, but Shirou Emiya, after the events of Fate/Stay Night‘s chalice War, made a accommodate the world (yes, that’s a thing), in exchange for more power.

In return, the earth would take him after he died, transporting his soul to the Throne of Heroes to function as a Counter Guardian, a kind of clean-up crew for whenever something so catastrophic is on the brink of happening. The Counter Guardians kill just about everyone in an exceedingly five-mile radius; innocent or guilty, it doesn’t matter. Which is just about an endless hell for a person who just wanted to assist people, irrespective of who they were.

But, upon his death, Emiya’s soul is now displaced from time, which suggests he might be summoned from across time/space, even to the past. goodbye as a summoner had something to summon him with, say, a special amulet, then it’d be possible to summon Counter Guardian EMIYA.

Another point of view may be that Archer is Shirou Emiya from an alternate timeline yet both Shirou was saved by Rin using her father’s pendant. Shirou was nearly killed because he witnessed Lancer and Archer fighting but Future-Shirou hadn’t become Archer by now so he wouldn’t be present therein timeline, and Rin wouldn’t be ready to summon him even with the pendant as her catalyst. So, unless Rin somehow summoned another Archer class Servant that battle shouldn’t have taken place eliminating the necessity for Rin to use the pendant in the first place. Doesn’t this implicate that Archer is the true future version of UBW-Shirou and not a possible version of him in which their struggle may be a time loop? Archer knows things about the participants of the Fifth goblet War, but these also are things Shirou himself learns throughout the series, and Archer claims to own amnesia so he doesn’t remember most of the Grail War itself just that he was involved doesn’t that mean that Archer himself could’ve been the same UBW-Shirou that fights Archer in his past and he’s simply on the opposite side now? Also, how was Archer sure he’d be summoned into the identical era he once lived to fight the goblet War he once participated in unless he was UBW-Shirou and learned the circumstances of his summoning from his future self and believed he could change his fate.

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Other Questions About Shirou

Is Archer The Future Shirou?
Is Archer The Future Shirou?

Other questions are still longer around like, why is his name spelled in all told caps? Mostly to differentiate himself from Shirou Emiya, the naive wannabe hero of justice. The Shirou Emiya of the series proper, however, continues to be noticeably learning, and when the long run and past Emiya clash, it is a battle of ideas and that of Fates.

If it is true that Archer is the future of Shirou then the history of Archer can be explained in the following way, with the end of the holy war he decided to improve himself. He continued to polish his skills to become the hero of justice. He worked as the savior of people and fought continuously to protect them. But he never bothered explaining to anyone about his course of action and why he did such things. This habit of his ultimately lead him to his death because no one understood him, when he returned after winning a large battle he was accused as the person who started the war and was executed.

Even though everything fell apart his spirit was not broken, and he still wanted to sever mankind. So, he formed a pact with the will of the world to be a special heroic spirit, a Counter Guardian (Counter Guardians are summoned anytime an enormous man-made calamity occurs. they’re liable for cleaning up the mess.). While serving the world he saw the different faces of mankind, which caused him to change over time to be someone who wanted to kill Shirou or wanted to change ideals. So Shirou will not become like Archer.

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