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Is Bruno Mars Gay? Why Is Twitter Flooding With Tweets?

In the past few days, Twitter is loaded with tweets and discussions regarding the sexuality of the International Artist Bruno Mars. The discussions are nothing but regarding if the Singer is Gay Or not. Let’s dive deep into the backstory of why Is he trending and what you need to know!

Why “is Bruno Mars Gay” Trending on Twitter

The story goes back 8 years ago. Yes, that might sound interesting to you like an Old Folk story, But to the fact, online journalism has been a vigilant part for the celebrities and audience. Just the way I am writing this article there was a site Named that went viral in the year 2014. The article was nothing but regarding if the Singer Bruno Mars was Gay or Not.

The article was written by Ndoro Alisan who wrote an article that was messed up with grammar. Although I am not complaining that everybody needs to be a grammar Freak As I do mistakes all the time even you might find a few in this one as well. Ndoro Alisan‘s Article went on fire on social media and other forums where the broken English article suggested if Bruno mars were gay or not. The trolls went on a rage and made humor out of the article and even you could spot Youtube Videos with animation and whatnot trolling the article. You can understand the level of fun people make with the article when you spot a youtube video making fun of the article with 12 million views.

There were even songs about the article as well titled in the same way as the article was “Does Bruno Mars is Gay”

And So the Story ends, but today Marks the 8 Year Anniversary of the article, and people have not forgotten the fun they Had back in 2014 thus Twitter is loaded and screaming with Bruno mars Sexuality in question.

Is Bruno Mars Really Gay?

No Bruno Mars is not Gay, There are reports that went out in the year 2012 By CNN that claimed that Bruno mars have come out as Gay but later on the Star himself directly said to all the online media that he is not gay and they should not play rumors with his sexuality around for fun. Even he asked CNN to take down the report they published that claimed titled ” Bruno Mars comes out of the Closet”.

He had been a Victim of online hoax media many times and he had made himself very clear that He is not Gay in any way.

While he was being Interviewed by the Chicago Radio Station His words were ” “I will not go to great lengths to spread this news. The timing is bad, I hadn’t realized it was April Fool’s Day but it’s been pointed out to me and I don’t want to go too public with this. I don’t want it to be disregarded as a joke. My sexuality is no joke to me and it’s come out a little faster than I’d hoped.”

So all the fun and fuss out on social media is just celebrating the 8 Years of the ” Does Bruno Mars is Gay” Article and nothing else.

Meanwhile, If you wish to See the trolling people did with the article published back in 2014. You can watch the below videos.

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