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Is Buried Truth Based On a True Story? Who Is Indrani Mukherjea?

Netflix is back with yet another nerve-chilling documentary series, The Indrani Mukherjea Story: Buried Truth. Since Netflix released the trailer, all the viewers can think about is Buried Truth based on a true story. Buried Truth is a documentary of the infamous case of Sheena Bora. 

Uraaz Bahl and Shaana Levy are the directors, and Sandeep Nigam is the screenwriter for the series. The Netflix series Buried Truth shows us the aftermath of the Sheena Bora case. You will witness the bizarre secrets and lies of Indrani Mukherjea. Today, we are presenting you with the mysteries and truths behind the sudden disappearance of Sheena Bora.    

Is Buried Truth Based On a True Story?

Yes, Buried Truth is based on a true story. The Netflix documentary series will focus on the mysterious disappearance of Sheena Bora and the involvement of her family members in the bizarre disappearance. At difficult times, the only people who stay with us and support us are our families, but what happens when they become our worst nightmare?

Buried Truth explores the story of a family who murdered their daughter for money and whatnot. The series brings all the close people of Sheena to one place and unravels the truth about her family. Let’s explore the case more deeply.


Who Is Indrani Mukherjea?

Indrani Mukherjea was born in 1972, and her parents named her Pori Bora. According to Siddharth Das, Indira might have been born in 1965. Sheena Das Bora and her brother Mikhail were born to Poori Bora(Indrani Mukherjee) and Siddharth Das in 1987. Sheena’s mother left the two kids under the care of their grandparents and moved to Kolkata. 

In Kolkata, Indrani married Sanjay Khanna, had a daughter named Vidhi, divorced him in 2002, and married again to Peter Mukherjea. Sheena found out about her mother and moved to Mumbai in 2006. Instead of introducing her as a daughter, Indrani introduced her as her younger sister. 

Sheena stayed with her mother and obtained a Bachelor’s degree. In 2009, Sheena joined as a Reliance Infrastructure trainer. In 2011, Sheena joined Mumbai Metro One as an assistant manager. 

Sheena Bora’s Disappearance:

On 24 April 2012, Sheena took a leave of absence and sent a written resignation letter. On the same day, Rahul Mukherjea( Peter’s son and stepbrother of Sheena, who she was dating.) received a breakup text message from Sheena.

Indrani said Sheena went to the United States for higher studies, so they never filed the missing FIR. Sheena went missing after April 24, 2012, but Rahul never gave up and insisted the cops for investigation. Mumbai Police visited her house in Worli, but the staff informed her that Indrani was out of state.

Upon her arrival, Indrani stated that Rahul was stalking Sheena, so he went to the US without informing him.  

Sheena Bora’s Death and Investigation:

Mumbai Police started looking into Sheena’s case after a tip-off. The Mumbai Police arrested Indrani’s driver for having illegal weapons, and during questioning, he opened up about Sheena’s murder. In 2015, Sheena’s brother Mikhail revealed that Sheena was her daughter, not her sister.

According to reports, Indrani’s driver informed police that Indrani made a plan with her ex-husband, Sanjeev Khanna, and chose a place to dump her body. He even shared details about kidnapping, killing, and burning Sheena’s body. 

On August 25, 2015, Mumbai Police arrested Indrani, accusing her of murdering Sheena. On August 26, Police arrested Sanjeev, who allegedly confessed to the murder of Sheena. Later, Peter was also arrested for Sheena’s murder and money laundering charges. In 2002, Indrani came out on bail but with a seized passport. 

Why Did Indrani Killed Her Daughter:

According to reports, Indrani didn’t like Sheena’s relationship with Rahul, which might be a cause for her murder. There are rumors about Sheena blackmailing Indrani to reveal her mother-daughter relationship for a 3BHK flat. 

Sanjeev’s daughter Vidhi warned Sheena that Indrani was planning to take someone out of her way and that she and Rahul should be careful. The true motive is still well hidden. 

Netflix Series The Indrani Mukherjea Story: Buried Truth:

Netflix has created a documentary series on the infamous case of Sheena Bora, which will air on February 23, 2023. You can watch the four-part documentary series with a subscription. Stay updated for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Buried Truth Based On a True Story?

Yes, Buried Truth is an adaptation of a true story. 

2. What is Buried Truth about?

The Netflix series Buried Truth shows us the aftermath of the Sheena Bora case.

3. Where can I watch Buried Truth?

Netflix has created a documentary series on the infamous case of Sheena Bora, which will air on February 23, 2023.

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