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Is Carrot Top a.k.a Scott Thompson Gay? Sexuality Details Are Out!

When it comes to providing laughs, the name Scott Thompson has been on the top list here. Hey, it’s only Scott Thompson but in fact, he is also known by another name which is Carrot Top.

He is among the top prop comedy performers in the world of prop comedy. With his prop comedies, he also appeared on several standup special shows as well. Talking about his personality and looks, he is the person who has adopted a red hair color on his top and also he has a sort of funny personality which can easily attract a massive set of audience as well as other comedians as well.

With his career progression in the world of comedy, there are many other facts that have been floating around about his personal life! Well, there are many fans who adore him for his career and his skills but also would love to know more about him in the personal space.

Although the comedian is quite active with his jokes outside when things go to his personal life, you can see him being more sort of a private person so there are very limited details about the personal life of this star.

But, still, we have gathered all possible content about this star from every credible source and have compiled ever there for this article. So, if you are a fan of Scott Thompson or maybe we can call him Carrot Top as of now, then here we have brought everything you should be knowing:

Is Carrot Top Gay?

Is Carrot Top Gay?

When it comes to preserving his private life, the question usually arises about his sexuality very often! Well, there are fans who believe him to be gay in sexuality, and also there have been tons and tons of reports which say the same about him.

But, if you move the other way around, you can see Carrot Top actually making and punching with comedic punch lines over these rumors about his gay sexuality. When it was asked about the floating rumors to him, we made a joke claiming how the media has been carrying about the sexuality part and covering these updates by taking months but they often ignore to cover they are exactly needed to be covered.

In fact, these fan rumors and theories have helped the comedian to make the perfect set of comedy materials which we can often see him using this material for standup comedy gigs. Regarding the material only, recently we saw seen using such related comedy materials for his show where he addressed the rumors and also showed a photograph of him with Lance Bass while saying, “And I’m the one wearing the mesh tank top”.

Talking further about these accusations, the comedian has been in public, stating how the homosexual rumor has affected him in his personal life, and he recently disagreed with a statement about these claims and said:

“People say things like, ‘Carrot Top is queer,’ or ‘Carrot Top has a makeover.’ Would a facelift make me appear better? Alternatively, ‘Carrot Top does drugs.’ It’s so silly that people ask me, ‘Doesn’t it hurt your feelings?’ Part of it does. But I’m a huge lover of self-deprecating comedy; it’s what I do.”

Is Carrot Top gay? If you are still looking for a solution to this question, we don’t want to leave you with rumors, so here is the correct answer! NO! To persuade you of his sexuality, it was recently revealed that fans misidentified another US comedian called Scott Thompson, who has openly said that he is homosexual. Maybe the fans have the incorrect Scott.

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What is Carrot Top’s Age?

Carrot Top a.k.a Scott Thompson was born on the 25th of February in 1965. And, if we see at his date of birth, currently, the comedian is aged around 56 years.

Carrot Top Dating Amanda Hogan?

Is Carrot Top Gay?

Talking about the dating life of the comedian, Carrot Top has been in the media where it has been claimed to have a love life with Amanda Hogan. The duo couples have reportedly appeared together back in March 2015 on social media.

Many of the fans have their eyes on this couple after noticing a massive age gap between the couples. Here Hogan is reported to be aged around 38 years whereas Carrot Top is aged around 56 years in age. This makes a massive difference of up to 18 years.

What is Carrot Top’s height?

Talking about his height, the comedian seems to have a good height where it has been reported to be around 5ft 9 inches which translated to meters is around 1.77m.

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