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Is Case 63 A True Story? Learn The Facts About The Science Fiction Podcast!

Nowadays, people are not only enjoying watching series and movies on OTT platforms, their boundary has touched the sphere of Podcast too. It is indeed a fact that listening to Podcasts gives us another kind of happiness that we can never put into words, right? The craze for Podcasts is increasing at a faster rate than we all have already witnessed the love and support podcasts are getting from the audience. 

Many popular podcasts are getting a lot of love and support from listeners all around the world. Some of the popular podcasts are The American Life, Stuff You Should Know, Serial, The Joe Rogan Experience, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People and many more are there but let’s not forget about a particular podcast that has been getting the attention of people across the world. Well, you must be getting puzzled by my words, right? Let me give you a direct description of the podcast that I am talking about. 

Case 63 is a new Podcast that got released recently and it has already gained many listeners. Case 63 was released on October 25, 2022, and it’s been a few months since it got released officially on Spotify, this podcast has already been loved by many listeners and we can see that the number of listeners is increasing a lot lately. 

As Case 63 is getting the attention of many fans, they are very curious to learn more factually-based information about this podcast. In fact, the curiosity of fans has led them to ask many questions about Case 63. Currently, there is one such question about Case 63 that has been making the fans restless because they can not stop themselves from wondering whether Case 63 is totally based on a true story or it is a fiction Podcast. 

I can say that you are also curious to know about the same thing or else you would not have been here, right? So let us learn the answer to the question without beating around the bush. 

Is Case 63 A True Story?

Is Case 63 A True Story?

If you are a podcast lover then you must be aware of the fact that most of the time many podcasts are based on real storylines and sometimes they give us factual information about a particular incident. 

Fans of Case 63 are wondering whether Case 63 also follows the same pattern or not. Well, we can understand why fans are confused about whether this podcast follows a real storyline or is it all fictional because the storyline of Case 63 is so interesting and it gives us the vibes that it is real.

The answer is no, you must be surprised to learn the answer, right? Well, it is indeed a big no because Case 63 is not based on a true story. It is already confirmed that Case 63 is a fictional podcast and it is originally a science fiction podcast that has been produced by Gimlet Media and Forty-six. 

The story of Case 63 follows a psychiatrist who treats a patient that has been registered as Case 63. The interesting thing about Case 63 is that the patient claims that he is not from the present time, surprisingly he is from 2062. 

Case 63 is adapted from a Chilean podcast. The Brazilian adaptation is known as “Patient 63” which was first released on November 12, 2020, this one also ranked No. 1 in the local charts of Brazil. 

So, we can assume that Case 63 received love from all around the world because of its storyline but if we are talking about whether it is based on real events or not then the answer is no. It is not based on a true storyline. The theme of this podcast is science fiction.

Now that you know that Case 63 is a pure fictional podcast, what are your thoughts on this? Many fans of Case 63 have been sharing their opinions about Case 63 on many sites and Twitter. If you also want to share something about Case 63 then do not forget to share your thoughts with us.

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What Is Case 63?

Case 63 is a podcast but it is not just a normal podcast, this podcast is a science-fictional one that stars academy award winner Julianne Moore as Dr. Eliza Knight and Emmy Nominee Oscar Isaac as patient no. 63, these two are the main protagonists and they are also one of the main reasons why many fans enjoyed this podcast.

Case 63 has only 10 episodes and the duration of every episode is only 14 or 17 minutes. You can easily stream all episodes to learn the plot of Case 63. 

Is Case 63 A Popular Series?

This mind-bending suspenseful and thriller podcast is very much popular among its fans. Case 63 even ranked No. 1 in Spotify’s top podcast charts for a long time in various regions. It is still trending in lots of countries and we are also noticing that the listeners of Case 63 are growing at a faster rate.

If you have not listened to this podcast then you should go and open your Spotify and stream all the episodes of Case 63 because this podcast deserves all your attention. 

The Star Cast Of Case 63

Is Case 63 A True Story?

As this is a podcast, the list of the star cast is quite small. The main protagonists of this podcast are the academy award winner Julianne Moore as Dr. Eliza Knight and Emmy Nominee Oscar Isaac as patient no. 63. These two are the main reasons why fans enjoyed the podcast. You will also fall in love with the role they both have portrayed in this podcast and as you keep on listening to the whole podcast episode by episode, you will fall harder and deeper. 

Where To Listen Case 63?

Those fans that have not streamed this amazing podcast are having trouble finding it on any particular platform. Well, you do not need to be worried about this because you can easily listen to Case 63 on Spotify. All episodes of this podcast are available on Spotify, you can easily stream it without having any issues. 

Are There Any Videos Of Case 63?

Usually, Podcasts have official videos and sometimes they do not. If you want to watch any videos of Case 63 then you easily watch the videos on YouTube. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Case 63 still ongoing?

No, Case 63 is not ongoing. Unfortunately, this podcast is already over and it ended back in October 2022. All episodes of Case 63 aired on the same day so the podcast was released on 25 October 2022 and it also ended on 25 October 2022. 

2. How many seasons are there in Case 63?

Case 63 has made a permanent space in the hearts of many fans but they are having a hard time moving on from its amazing storyline. When it was first released fans thought that they would get to listen to more content from Case 63 but the current situation tells us something different. 

3. Is Case 63 a series?

No, Case 63 is not a series. Well, we can understand why people are getting confused, the storyline of Case 63 is so good that fans would enjoy it more if there will be a series version of it. 

4. Is Case 63 based on a true story?

As you have read above, Case 63 is not based on a true story. The whole podcast is not real and it is a science fiction podcast. 

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