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Is daughters of the cult based on a true story?

ABC News Studios released “Daughters of the Cult” on Hulu yesterday, January 4, 2024. Is daughters of the cult based on a true story? The true crime documentary series delves into the history of the polygamous Ervil LeBaron cult, led by Ervil Morrell LeBaron. The show features firsthand accounts from individuals who experienced the events, providing a compelling narrative.

I am 13 years old, escaping my father’s cult. It’s very frightening because I know if somebody sees me, that’s the end.  In response to the soaring popularity of documentary series, streaming platforms like Hulu have expanded their offerings, following the trend set by Netflix in producing content that caters to the growing demand for such gripping narratives.

Is daughters of the cult based on a true story?

The upcoming true crime docuseries, consisting of five episodes, will release all at once on Hulu. Before its debut, let’s delve into the synopsis, cast, and more. IMDb has released a synopsis, revealing that the series will narrate the history of the polygamous Ervil LeBaron cult through the firsthand accounts of “survivors, relatives of killers, and law enforcement.”

Streaming platforms, responding to the peak popularity of documentary series, have expanded their offerings to meet audience demands. Following Netflix’s lead, Hulu is set to deliver a similar experience with this compelling docuseries.

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The “Mormon Manson” and his Reign of Terror

Nicknamed the “Mormon Manson,” Ervil LeBaron led a fundamentalist Mormon offshoot operating in the Southwest and Mexico during the 1970s. Raised in a variation of the religion after his father abandoned mainstream Mormonism due to its rejection of polygamy, the LeBarons embraced plural marriage, with both sons taking numerous wives. In this chilling saga, many now-adult children from these marriages candidly recount the years of suffering under their father’s oppressive beliefs in the teaser of the upcoming documentary series, “Daughters of the Cult.”

What distinguishes LeBaron’s sect is the cold-blooded assassinations he coerced his followers to carry out. Armed with almighty power and fear-driven mind control, LeBaron orchestrated a killing spree resulting in the deaths of several rivals. This docuseries not only focuses on those ensnared in LeBaron’s vengeful and bloodthirsty cult but also sheds light on the experiences of law enforcement officials who tirelessly tracked down LeBaron, ultimately bringing him to justice.

Is daughters of the cult based on a true story Premieres on Hulu

Launching on January 4th, the five-episode docuseries, “Daughters of the Cult,” delves into the harrowing experiences of those who endured decades of violence and abuse within the polygamous Ervil LeBaron group.

Established in 1972 after LeBaron’s ruthless murder of his nephew, the Church of the First Born of the Lamb of God descended into a cycle of violence, committing numerous assassinations to maintain power. Despite LeBaron’s death in 1981, his teachings persisted, leading to the 2017 arrest of Orson William Black, a public follower. Former FLDS member Ron Rohbock, reflecting on Black’s arrest, highlighted the cult’s delusional nature, stating, “He felt like there was nothing he could do that was wrong.”

“Daughters of the Cult” unfolds a narrative of fear, with survivors, relatives of killers, and law enforcement shedding light on a bloodthirsty madman. Despite the brutality, the series also showcases triumph, healing, and sisterhood for those who bravely escaped and sought new beginnings.

Stellar Cast

The ensemble cast of “Daughters of the Cult” includes Olivia Fox, Ranen Navat, Nicholas Wagner, Chiyeko Jones, Bix Krieger, Peyton Riley McConville, Casey Cathcart, Serra Naiman, and Peter Mastne.

Additionally, Joey Cathcart, Javier Chavarin, Sarah Siverson, Charlotte Raith, Lander Eastland, Keri Bunkers, and Chad A. Fehr contribute to the show’s cast. Directed by Sara Mast, who also served as an executive producer, “Daughters of the Cult” is backed by Main Event Media, ABC Studios, and All3Media. Executive producers of the documentary series include Jacob Coehn-Holmes of All3Media, Jimmy Fox of Main Event Media, and Emily Bon of Main Event.

Where to watch

Experience the gripping tales unfold on ‘Daughters of the Cult‘ by tuning in to Hulu. The docuseries, featuring an ensemble cast led by Olivia Fox and directed by Sara Mast, sheds light on the harrowing experiences within a polygamous cult. Witness the resilience of those who escaped and the chilling legacy that endured. Stream all episodes exclusively on Hulu, where the riveting narratives of survival and sisterhood come to life. Don’t miss this captivating journey, available for viewing on the Hulu platform.

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