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Is Drive Away Dolls Based on a True Story: Know the Truth!

America’s most renowned and talented filmmakers, Daniel and Ethan Coen, have a long history of successful blockbusters in the country. They are capable of writing, directing, and even producing their films. All together, they go under the moniker “Coen Brothers.” This time, however, it’s a lone brother attempting to make a movie and try his luck. Yes, it’s just Ethan Coen this time. He and his spouse developed a comedy-thriller script that promotes the LGBTQ+ community without formally releasing it.

The film, which is set to premiere shortly, has fans giddy with anticipation thanks to the just-released teaser.

Ethan Coen and Tricia Cooke, his wife, co-wrote the lesbian comedy Drive-Away Dolls together. The movie is based on a genuine story, according to rumors that have been circulating since the teaser was released. Does it exist? We’re here to inform you of all these speculations as well as the cast and storyline of the movie. Therefore, let’s get started and learn more about it rather than wasting time on small talk. 

Is Drive Away Dolls Based on a True Story 

Despite not being based on a true tale, “Drive-Away Dolls” has a striking amount of real-life parallels. Scripted by Ethan Coen and his 34-year-old wife, Tricia Cooke, the movie takes on a more intimate quality. Since her adolescent years, Cooke has been a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, having accepted her gay identity. She freely admits to having an open marriage to Coen, highlighting their joint position as co-parents and life partners as they navigate life together.

‘Drive-Away Dolls’ was born out of Cooke’s desire to see more LGBTQIA+ characters in movies, spurred on by memorable encounters with a few films from the 1990s. She and Coen worked together to write the script in the 2000s, adding a plethora of her experiences to it. She attended Cattyshack and Meow Mix, two lesbian pubs in New York, throughout this creative period. These places had a lasting impression on her, and it showed in the movie’s depiction of lesbian clubs.

Story of Drive Away Dolls

In this lesbian comedy, two pals who are heading out on vacation to live a free life quickly become a pair. However, fate had other ideas for them; the car they had borrowed from a dealership included certain prohibited items that they were unaware they were driving. For them, this doesn’t become a “fall apart” scenario. All of this occurred when they chose to take a leave of absence, having previously recovered from several breakups and fears. 

The movie opens with Jamie, a girl portrayed by the well-known Margaret Qualley. Her girlfriend was unfaithful to her and seeing another lady, and she was jealous. That being said, she eventually broke up with her after catching her red-handed. Alternatively, Geraldine Vishwanathan’s character, her companion Marian, is enraged by her life’s hardships and obstacles at every step. They thus resolve to travel together and rely solely on one another. 

They chose to take the road to their holiday spot, but the officers stopped them because they had contraband in their car. Both of them are required to sit in the police station and pay for their respective deeds, unaware of the circumstances or the automobile owner’s illicit activity. 

Reviews of Drive Away Dolls

Drive Away Dolls waters down a vivid and engrossing tale about the closeness between the main characters. The outcome is a wildly unsuccessful endeavor that puts further dents in the Coens’ growing distance from one another. Drive Away Dolls is a mediocre film, but not because the majority of the movies are awful. It’s the evidence of how unremarkable their films are in comparison to their extraordinary joint ventures that each movie stands alone.

Drive Away Dolls is a rather ordinary plot behind the LGBTQ+ beard that gives the impression that it is something more than it is from that point on. This flawed script is essentially a reworking of several of the Coen brothers’ famous crime stories if you eliminate away the sexuality of the protagonists. The movie twists sharp turns while maintaining a lighthearted and humorous tone at the same time. 

The best part of the film is that you can see Miley Cyrus doing her cameo as Tiffany Plaster Caster. 

Where to Watch Drive Away Dolls? 

Drive Away Dolls is available to watch on Vudu.


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