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Is ‘Dying in Plain Sight’ a true story?

Michelle Ouellet directed Lifetime’s ‘Dying in Plain Sight,’ a drama film. It centers on the secrets harbored by a mother and daughter. Morgan Cruz, an higher weight high school student, and Kim. Is ‘Dying in Plain Sight’ a true story? After leaving her cheating husband, Kim becomes obsessed with “clean eating,” oblivious to Morgan’s complete cessation of eating. Morgan receives positive validation for her changed body, coping with the detrimental effects of her disorder. With her cries unheard, she ends up hospitalized due to life-threatening malnutrition. Witnessing Morgan in this state, Kim finally realizes the negative impact of her disordered eating on her daughter’s life. The narrative delves into the complexities of the mother-daughter bond and eating disorders, prompting many to question the tale’s authenticity.

Is ‘Dying in Plain Sight’ a true story?

The credit for weaving the intriguing tale around reality in ‘Dying in Plain Sight’ goes to the screenwriter of the film, Lydia Genner, who, with her creative mind and several years of writing experience (‘Camp Takota,’ ‘The Outfield,’ ‘I Love You… But I Lied,’ and ‘Rediscovering Christmas’), crafted the gripping screenplay for the Lifetime movie. Eating disorders, common occurrences in real life, have been faced personally or known by some. The narrative around this realistic yet sensitive subject matter, the makers of the film managed to raise much-needed awareness. After all, students commonly experience unhealthy eating disorders that can cause serious problems in mental health, physical health, academic performance, and social engagement.

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Dying in Plain Sight story behind the plot

The familiarity of the themes and elements in ‘Dying in Plain Sight’ stems from their exploration in other movies and TV shows. An apt example is the 2009 short film ‘STARving,’ written and directed by Sierra Lisa. The narrative revolves around Sam, a female student at a performing arts high school who succumbs to societal pressure to be skinny. The plunging into a world of compulsion where help is elusive. Through Sam’s eyes, the drama short raises awareness about the struggles of young women pressured to conform to a certain appearance.

In essence, ‘Dying in Plain Sight’ draws inspiration from reality, portraying it through characters like Morgan and Kim, echoing the realization Kim has when she sees Morgan hospitalized, understanding the negative impact of her disordered eating on her daughter’s life. The narrative, dealing with a complex mother-daughter bond and eating disorders, prompts many to question the tale’s authenticity.

Dying in Plain Sight Overview

Dying in Plain Sight” unfolds a gripping drama as a woman, engrossed in the pursuit of clean eating, remains oblivious to her teenage daughter, Morgan, who has ceased eating entirely. Morgan’s desperate pleas go unheard until she is hospitalized for life-threatening malnutrition.

Genre: Drama

Original Language: English

Director: Michelle Ouellet

Writer: Lydia Genner

Runtime: 1h 30m

Production Co: Neshama Entertainment, MarVista Entertainment

Cast & Crew

  • Raffa Virago as Morgan Cruz
  • Nicola Correia-Damude as Kim
  • Michelle Ouellet – Director
  • Lydia Genner – Screenwriter
  • Larry Grimaldi – Executive Producer
  • Hannah Pillemer – Executive Producer

“Dying in Plain Sight” intricately navigates the complexities of a mother-daughter relationship. The backdrop of a silent struggle with eating disorders. Director Michelle Ouellet, along with screenwriter Lydia Genner, crafts a compelling narrative that sheds light on the consequences of obsessive dietary habits and the toll it takes on family dynamics. With a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes, the film is a production collaboration between Neshama Entertainment and MarVista Entertainment, featuring standout performances by Raffa Virago as Morgan Cruz and Nicola Correia-Damude as Kim. Executive producers Larry Grimaldi and Hannah Pillemer contribute to the film’s powerful exploration of the profound impact of disordered eating on individuals and familial relationships.

Where to Watch

If you’ve cut the cord or don’t have cable access, “Dying in Plain Sight” is readily available for online streaming on several platforms, and you can even watch it for free by taking advantage of trial offers. Among the options, Philo TV stands out with a seven-day free trial, making it an appealing and cost-friendly choice at just $25 per month. Additionally, Direct TV Stream offers a five-day free trial for viewers interested in exploring the film.

These streaming platforms provide a convenient alternative for those who prefer on-demand content and wish to enjoy the movie at their own pace. The trial offers enhance accessibility, allowing audiences to sample the film before committing to a subscription. For cable subscribers, tuning in to the Lifetime Channel provides a traditional viewing option to catch “Dying in Plain Sight.” Overall, whether you’re seeking budget-friendly streaming or sticking to traditional cable, there are diverse avenues to experience this compelling narrative.

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