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Is Escaping Twin Flames a True Story

A new Netflix documentary series, “Escaping Twin Flames.” It follows the story of Jeff and Shaleia Divine’s Twin Flames Universe, who purportedly turned the concept into a business. Is Escaping Twin Flames a True Story? The three-episode series dives into how the organization claims to help people. Find their twin flame through courses, coaching, and exercises. Former members unravel the darker underbelly of a high-control group and allege that members are coerced into engaging in damaging practices.

The filmmakers hope that by creating “Escaping Twin Flames.” The series will prevent more people from joining this and other high-control groups. It helps viewers see the former members of Twin Flames Universe as survivors of intensive, systematic coercive control. “We all shared the main motivation to bring the ongoing abuse to a stop and to assist current members in leaving and recovering,” they added.

Is Escaping Twin Flames a True Story

Escaping Twin Flames,” a 2023 American true crime documentary series directed by Cecilia Peck. Explores the world of Twin Flames Universe, a cult run by Shaleia and Jeff Divine. The series, consisting of three episodes, delves into the controversial. It community allegedly run by Twin Flames Universe founders Jeff and Shaleia. They have been accused of exploiting the concept of helping people find their twin flame.

While the concept of a person seeking their other half, one true love, or soulmate has always existed. The idea of finding a “twin flame” seems to have surpassed them all in recent years. However, the series questions what happens when someone takes it too far.

The story unfolds as the documentary investigates Jeff and Shaleia Divine’s Twin Flames Universe, an organization claiming to assist people in finding their twin flame through a series of courses, coaching, and exercises.

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Jeff Divine Journey to Founding Twin Flames Universe

A Michigan native and business school graduate from Western Michigan University, Jeff Divine. It previously known as Jeff Ayan and Ender Ayanethos, explored personal growth, spirituality, and New Age concepts during his college years. He claims on the Church of Union’s website that his interest in transcendental and spiritual experiences began after being introduced to yoga and meditation by his first spiritual teacher.

After relocating to Hawaii, Divine adopted the persona of a lifestyle expert under the name Ender Ayanethos. Before establishing Twin Flames Universe, he ventured into various personal growth and healing businesses, including one where he purported to cure cancer for free, as depicted in “Escaping Twin Flames.”

Deepening his engagement with personal growth practices, Divine met Shaleia, who introduced him to a spiritual teacher they both studied under. The duo decided to combine forces as expert, offering relationship coaching before launching Twin Flames Universe.

Shaleia Divine Background

Shaleia Divine, originally Megan Plante, hails from Canada and spent her formative years there. Later, she settled in Sedona, Arizona, seeking guidance from a spiritual mentor. It is following a string of relationships devoid of genuine love, as per her bio on the Church of Union’s website. During this period, she crossed paths with Jeff online, leading to their eventual in-person meeting in Sedona.

In Sedona, Shaleia introduced Jeff to various spiritual concepts, such as tarot cards and intuitive readings. After tying the knot, they ventured into business together within a few years, with Shaleia emerging as Jeff’s primary advocate. Together, they asserted to provide evidence supporting the existence of twin flame unions.

Twin Flames Universe: Is Escaping Twin Flames a True Story

Established by Jeff and Shaleia in 2017. Twin Flames Universe is an online community and organization headquartered in Michigan. The couple relocated a few years after initiating their relationship in 2012. The organization purports to assist individuals in discovering their twin flame union through a series of coaching sessions and exercises designed to attract their counterpart.

The gateway to Twin Flames Universe is the “Twin Flame Ascension Course,” overseen by Jeff and Shaleia. This course includes regular online classes where members analyze twin flame unions alongside others in the community. In “Escaping Twin Flames,” the documentary portrays these regular classes as a primary method through which Jeff and Shaleia exert control over their followers. Jeff is depicted as becoming increasingly demanding and even aggressive towards members who do not promptly comply with his directives. Attendance at these classes comes at a steep price, with “The Everything Package” costing $8,888, according to the Twin Flames Universe website.

Since its inception, Twin Flames Universe has expanded to offer additional services, including opportunities for members to become coaches in the Twin Flames Ascension School, a cookbook advocating the ideal diet for living in a twin flame union, the Mind Alignment Process aimed at addressing trauma, and the establishment of a new religion named the Church of Union.

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