Is Fire Force Manga Over For Real?

Are you a Fire Force fan? Then this article is absolutely for you because the article is about Fire Force. The dark and science fantasy-based adventure manga is one of the most famous manga among all the readers because of the unique story, characterization, and design. The story is not simple but rather talks about life and death where Shinra wants to be the hero who saves people’s lives which is in big danger of flame terror. But Shinra finds out that it is not that easy to be a hero. The series shows the mess, humans turned into Infernals, the increasing combustion, and the search for answers to the death of Shinra’s family. The story of the manga is filled with twists, adventure, hindrance and fights, and, mystery. In fact, this is the reason why the manga is loved so much by its reader.

Manga is not just a comic but rather a path that takes the readers into a world of imagination, a situation that only readers can feel and experience. This manga is also among them. It is very popular and has had almost 20 million copies circulated. The series got a rank of 13 in the poll by Honya Club online bookstore in the category of the National Bookstore Employees’ Recommended Comics of 2017. In 2019 the prayer for Infernals Latom was found to be the most popular buzzword related to anime by Gadget Tsushin. In a 2021 poll by Asahi Manga Sosenkyo Fire Force was ranked at 84th position among 100 manga. The manga also got a nomination in 2021 for the Shonen category in the 45th Kodansha Manga Award. The manga is not just famous in Japan but globally as well.

But one of the questions that are burning inside the reader’s mind is, that whether the manga has ended or is on a hiatus? Especially because there are no more volumes and chapters being published except the anime. So, has it really ended? Let’s find out in this article that will answer the burning question and will give a lot more information about Fire Force and its Future. So, keep reading to unravel the answers.

Is Fire Force Manga Over?

Is Fire Force Manga Over?
Fire Force

All the fans of Fire Force who have loved to read the manga must be thinking that what is the future of the manga right. Unfortunately, there is a piece of sad news for all of you the manga that ran for 6 years straight has officially ended. The manga was wrapped on February 22 with the final chapter 304 published in the last volume. The final chapter was published in Weekly Shonen Magazine. The added sad point of the news is, that the maker of the manga Atsushi Ohkubo also has retired from the industry of manga. The manga ran for 6 years without fail and with success. The creator of the manga shared the message to the fans of the manga when the final volume was released.

The message stated that she is thankful to all the fans who were there till the end. She said that Fire force is a manga about life and death. He ended the emotional message by saying that he wishes that all the fans and the readers of Fire Force can make good use of the imagination they have and should enjoy their life every day. Don’t get disheartened, because you know that there is an adapted anime series to watch and enjoy the story and if you like the manga then you will love the anime as well. And there are much more mangas that you can read for a new experience and feel. So, one can say that the end is not always bad but yes it does make you sad. But let me tell you that the world of fire and the firefighters have just ended in the form of pages and not in the visual form and there are still things to explore, imagine and enjoy.

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About Fire Force

Is Fire Force Manga Over
Fire Force

The Japanese manga turned anime Fire Force originally called Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou is set on the premise of an event called The Great Cataclysm that took place two hundred and fifty years ago and fifty years prior to the Solar year 0. This event caused the entire world to be set on fire leading to many nations vanishing. As a result, only a few habitable areas were available. The people who survived the devastating incident were taking refuge in the Tokyo Empire which even though it lost a lot of areas was still stable. To power up the country the emperor of Tokyo Raffles I set up a Holy Soul Temple as the Haijima Industries and the Temple built a thermal energy plant Amaterasu for powering up purposes.

The special fire brigades named as Fire Force in Tokyo’s Solar era year 198 started fighting against the human combustion that was rising rapidly. The Fire Force formation was done by bringing people from Holy Sol Temple, The Fire Defence Agency, and, The Tokyo Armed Force with the powers. The combustion was where humans were being converted into living infernos that were known as Infernals. Now, these infernals are new cases with powerful variants called demons but later generations are the ones who had the power of pyrokinesis and retained their human form. It revolves around Shinra Kusakabe who is a pyrokinetic of the third generation. He has got the nickname Devil’s Footprints because of his power to ignite his feet whenever he wants and wishes to do.

He was even shunned for this power because twelve years ago it killed his mother and his younger brother. In order to put his power to good use, he joined Special Fire Force Company 8 which contains other pyrokinetic who are using their power and are dedicating themselves for good by ending the infernal attacks and are investigating Companies 1 through Company 7 to find out the corruptions in the ranks. Shinra in the process learned that his mother’s death in the fire was a conceal for Sho so that he can be taken by White Clad.

Whit Clad is a doomsday cult who is within the Tokyo Empire and behind the Infernal Attacks with agents who are within the Empire. The company 8 that Shinra has joined and the allies of the company are anti-white clad and oppose them as they learn the goals to assemble people like Shinra to repeat the devastating Great Cataclysm. Now whether Shinra and his teammates will be able to save the world and the devastation or not or will he lose is something you can find out only if you read the manga for yourself because there might be some new readers who wouldn’t disrupt their experience by getting spoilers.

Fire Force Adaptations

is fire force manga over
Fire Force

The Japanese manga by Ohkubo who is popularly known for his work Soul Eater has been licensed by Kodansha USA for the English release of the manga. The series also became one of the longest-running manga in Kodansha’s Magazine called Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Fire Force was adapted into an anime series by David Productions in 2019. The first season premiered in July 2019 and continued till December 2019. It is directed by Yuki Yase (he directed from episode 1 to 24) and Tatsuma Minamikawa (he directed from 25 to 48). The fantasy series is written by Gakuto Haijima and Tatsuma Minmikawa. The second season was released in July 2020 that went on till December 2020. The third season’s announcement has already been made but not much has been revealed about the third season. But do you all know where to find the updates? You are right. You can find the updates here, you just have to stick with us.

The manga was also adapted into a stage play in 2020 (isn’t it great) directed by Sho Kubato and written by Yusei Naruse. The play ran at Umeda Arts Theatre in Osaka from July to August and at KT Zepp Yokohama in Kanagawa from 7th to 9th August. The music of the play was composed by Masaki Miyoshi. The play received lots of praise like the manga because the image was brought to life beautifully on stage.

The manga was recently announced in 2022 to be adapted into a video game. The game is named after the manga name called Fire Force: Enbu no Sho. The game’s theme song is said to be performed by Mrs. Green Apple. So, now one more thing has been added to the list to enjoy the manga in a different way. This also means that the manga has not really ended.

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Fire Force Characters

is fire force manga over
Fire Force

The popular manga includes interesting characters that are really loved by all the readers and the viewers. In fact, after the story, it is the characters that have made the manga so popular. Let’s not forget the fact that characters are the ones who take the story forward and can make or break the manga. Well, in the case of this manga the characters have played a great role and have contributed amazingly thanks to the writer and illustrator. The manga includes a lot of characters and can be divided into categories that incorporate 8 Companies that come under the special fire force, Haijima Industries, Holy Sol Temple, Knights of the Ashen Flame, and, the Chinese Peninsula. All the characters have unique traits that make them stand out including the villains.

Special Fire Force aka Blue Stripes is the force of fire fighting that came into existence by the members of the Fire Defense Agency, Tokyo Army, and The Holy Sol Temple. It includes 8 companies. The brigades in the branch are there to search and investigate the combustion that has increased rapidly and is affecting the world. It is necessary to end the Infernals in some way and that is what the Special forces are here to do.

Company 8 includes Shinra Kusakabe, Akitaru Obi, Takehisa Hinawa, Maki Oze, Iris, Arthur Boyle, Tomaki Kotatsu, Viktor Licht, Vulcan Joseph, Lisa Isaribe, and Yu. This company is a special one because it was formed hastily and thus has very few members. This company is having the same mission but also has the mission to keep a check on other companies. It might happen that the other companies are hiding something that might be useful or dangerous. This branch includes the protagonist Shinra too who wants to be the hero.

  • Company 1 includes Leonard Burns, Karim Flam, Huo Yan Li, Onyango
  • Company 2 includes Gustav Honda, Takeru Noto
  • Company 3 is one of the companies which is heavily influenced by Haijima industries. This company is the most corrupted company among all the companies.
  • Company 4 includes Soichiro Hague, Purt Co Pan, Ogun Montgomery
  • Company 5 includes Princess Hibana, Toru Kishiri, Tokuyama, Conehead, 3Angels of the 5th, Setsuo Miyamoto
  • Company 6 includes Kayoko Huang and Asako Hague
  • Company 7 includes Beinmaru Shinmon, Konro Sagamiya, Hinata and Hikage

The captain category incorporates Holy Sol’s Shadow Captain, Pan Ko Paat, Taguchi

The Haijima Industries include Gureo Haijima, Nataku Son, Puppeteer, and, Yuichiro Kurono.

The Knight of the Ashen Flames has The Evangelist, Haumea, Haran, Flail, Assault, Arrow, Lisa Isaribi, Mirage, Sho Kusakabe, Yona, Dr. Gionanni, Charon, Inca Kaugatani, Sumire, Rekka Hoshimiya, Flail, Mirage, Ritsu, Dragon, Faerie, First Pillar. It includes the warrior of the White clad. This is a cult of doomsday under Evangelist’s guidance. This branch of warriors has infiltrated all the branches of the Tokyo Empire and the Holy Sol Temple and is the cause of Infernal attacks.

The Knights of the Purple Smoke include Orochi, Ritsu, Sasori.

Chinese Peninsula is another category that includes Black Lady, Scop, and Tempeh. It is the area in the west of Tokyo. It has some fragile land and the Infernals are wandering in some areas.

Other characters include Joker and Mari Kusakabe. Writing about the characters will require a separate article because there are so many things to talk about them that cannot fit in here easily.

Tokyo Empire includes Raffles III, who is the ruler of the Empire but there is speculation and rumor that he is not the real king, and Raffles I is the founder of the Tokyo Empire and was murdered by Yona.

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Where To Watch Fire Force?

is fire force manga over
Fire Force

All of you who have not seen the series yet and are interested to watch and experience the fiery world and the Savior after reading about it can tune in to Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and, Amazon Prime Videos. The series currently consists of 48 episodes. If you want to get the imaginative experience by reading if you haven’t already experienced it or want to get a recap again then you can read the manga on Kindle, and, Azuki. The manga consists of 34 volumes in total.

It is always disheartening when some manga comes to a halt or end because it becomes a habit for the readers to read the chapters. Fire Force also had the same feeling among all the readers and they felt like they have lost something precious, especially for those who read it without a miss. But then everything that starts has to end some day and the manga also has come to an end with the last chapter being released.

However, it is never too late to enjoy the manga again, right? Also, if you look at the positive side then you can say that the Fire Force as a whole has not ended because the anime series is still there to watch keeping the world of Fire Force alive. So, if you are a big fan of the manga and haven’t started watching the series then do not miss the chance to experience the adventure on screens. The anime series is doing extremely well among anime viewers and a new season is also planned. So, before the release of the new season, you can catch up on the previous seasons. 

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