Is Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 On Disney Plus?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Trailer

The action-packed movie by MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is filled with space travel, aliens, and various weird planets. Guardians of the galaxy have been a fan favorite for a long time. The movies were successful in terms of box office earnings and critical reviews. Both the volumes of the movie (1 and 2) directed by James Gunn, that have been released to date grossed over $ 700 million worldwide.  The movies are produced by Marvel Studios.

The next volume 3 is in the making at the moment. And is set to release soon. But when will we get the sequel and where will it be available for streaming?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 below.

Is Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 Available On Disney+?

Is Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 On Disney Plus?
Is Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 On Disney Plus?

As of now, volume 3 of the movie is still in the process of making.  Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 is set to release on May 5, 2023 (USA) and around the same month for other countries next year.  However, the first volumes are available for streaming on Disney +  and you can check them out on the platform if you want to watch or re-watch.

Guardians of the galaxy vol 3 will be available to stream on Disney+ once it is released. But for now, Sit back and wait for its release next year.  It is also mentioned that Disney+ Special will be releasing ‘Guardians of the galaxy Holiday Special ‘ this December on Disney+ before the release of Vol 3. This means, the fans of the movie series, will get to see something new about their favorites, on the screen by the end of the year.

Brief Look At The Previous Volumes Of The Movies

The movie is based on the Marvel comic with the same title. The last two installments were directed by James Gunn and the upcoming volume is also being directed by James Gunn.  

Guardians of the galaxy (2014)

Peter quill or Starlord is the protagonist hero of the story. He lives with a group of alien thieves known as ‘Ravagers’ whose leader is Yondu Udonta. Quill, who was abducted by these alien smugglers when he was young, learns their ways growing up. And it turns out that, he is only half-human, which Peter comes to learn later in the story.

On the abandoned planet called Morag, Peter steals a mysterious Orb and in the process gets attacked by Kree forces (An alien race). Although he gets out safe, the news of the acquisition of the Orb by quill gets out. Yondu puts out a bounty for Peter Quill’s capture meanwhile Ronan, an ally of Thanos (the powerful Intergalactic Warlord) also sets out his Assassin, Gamora, who is the daughter of Thanos.

All due to the Orb, Peter Quill meets Gamora, Rocket (a genetically modified Raccoon), Groot (A tree-like humanoid), and the Drax the destroyer (a warrior). They get together while escaping from the prison they are held in. They decide to hand over the Orb to the rights hands instead of handing it to power-hungry warlords in the galaxy. After facing various adversaries, fights, and a bit of Peter Quill’s trickery, they finally succeed in handing over the Orb to the ‘Nova Corps’.  After this, the criminal records of the 4 get removed and they come to be known as the  ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

In this sequel, Rocket steals a valuable battery that they were supposed to protect. The sovereign race (a highly advanced and genetically modified race) leader, Ayesha attacks their ship ‘Milano’. The guardians are saved by a mysterious body who later they find out, is Peter Quill’s real father called ‘Ego’. The Ego is also a powerful celestial being, who can manipulate matter through consciousness.

But he remains power-hungry and therefore plans to plant seedlings all over the universe through thousands of extensions of him will be created and the present worlds consumed. His plans do not come to fruition since he alone, is not able to. For the plan to work out, Ego requires another celestial being like him. And Peter is the only other being who possesses the power. He helps Peter tap into this power. But after learning the plan behind it, Peter resists Ego, who tries to forcefully gain Quill’s power.

Luckily, A servant of Ego known as ‘Mantis’ reveals the evil plan to Drax, and consequently, the other Guardian members also come to know about the plan. Meanwhile, Peter Quill fights Ego using his new celestial power. During the fight, Rocket develops a bomb out of the stolen valuable batteries which after exploding kills Ego and his planet. Yondu dies while saving Peter’s life.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Cast

Is Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 On Disney Plus?
Guardians of the galaxy

Peter Quill/ Starlord: Chris Pratt

Peter Quill or Starlord is the protagonist hero. He is Half-human and half another ancient extinct species (celestials).  He is lively and a bit pretentious and is an expert at tracking and stealing. Peter was abducted from the earth after the death of his mother, by a group of alien thieves and smugglers known as the ravagers. He is raised by these thieves and learns their ways of living, as he grows up among them. One of the ravagers called ‘Yondu Udonta’, has a father-like presence in his life. After saving the galaxy from being destroyed, Peter and 4 of his ally came to be known as ‘guardians of the galaxy.

Gamora: Zoe Saldana

The green-colored guardian member is the daughter of a powerful Intergalactic Warlord named ‘Thanos’. Trained by Thanos, Gamora is a skilled fighter and works as an assassin. Her relationship with her father is strained since their morals do not align. Gamora is professional, practical, and wise. She becomes a part of the Guardians team while setting out to get hold of a mysterious but powerful Orb stolen by Peter Quill. She later becomes an ally after realizing the truth behind her father and his morally twisted ally ‘Ronan the Accuser’.

Drax the Destroyer: Dave Bautista

Drax is a highly skilled warrior. Big muscles and all but innocent.  A tragedy occurs in his life when his whole family is killed by the evil Kree, Ronan the Accuser. He becomes a member of the Guardians when they hand over the powerful and mysterious  Orb to the Nova Corps.

Rocket: Voiced by Bradley cooper

A Genetically-engineered, cybernetic Raccoon,  that can talk and interact. Rocket is highly skilled in battle tactics and has excellent knowledge of weapons. He is a skilled mercenary and bounty hunts. While on the bounty hunt for Peter Quill, he ends up befriending Quill and three others and becomes a member of the guardians.

Yondu Udonta: Michael Rooker

Udonta is a leader of an alien thieves group called the ‘Ravagers’. They steal valuable objects around the galaxy. He is the one that abducts Quill for his reason. Udonta becomes a father figure to Quill and has a father-like love and care for Peter although he does not ever show it. Udonta gets killed while saving Peter in Vol 2.

Nebula: Karen Gillan

Nebula is the adopted sister of Gamora. She hates her father and wants to kill him herself. Growing up she had torturous training by Thanos. This leads to her developing a hatred for her father. Her character is very different from Gamora’s.  Nebula is cold-hearted and sadistic which makes her relationship with Gamora a bit rocky.

Mantis: Pom Klementieff

Mantis is an emphatic being. Before joining the guardians, she worked as a servant for Ego (Peter’s father), but after meeting with the guardians she changes her mind and reveals the evil plan of Ego and thereby helping save the galaxy from being destroyed.

Ronan The Accuser: Lee Pace

Ronan belongs to the Kree species of Aliens. He is an evil zealot and a war criminal. To get his enemies, he approaches Thanos to help him. In return, he agrees to retrieve an artifact for Thanos. He is an evil monster. Ronan gets killed in the first vol.

Where To Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 1 and 2?

They are available on Disney+ and the next volume will be available next year (2023) on the same platform.

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