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Is Heist Based On A True Story? Showcasing The Events Of 3 Heists!

The trend of making documentaries and series which are based on true events is on the rise. Unlike fiction which most of the time is far away from reality, TV series which are based on true events make everything more exciting to watch for the viewers. While watching the series, the way we connect the events happening in the show to what might have happened in reality gives a lot of thrill and doubles the fun of watching the series.

The makers of TV shows are also trying their best to cover those unusual and exciting events which might be of interest to people. Covering real-life incidence also helps in creating a lot of buzz about the series which lessens the pressure of promoting the series on makers and the ones who have been cast in the series.

Heist is one of the series on Netflix which is a documentary. The series showcases the events of three heists. Released on July 14, 2021, the series has been directed by Derek Doneen, Nick Frew, and Martin Desmond Roe. The series only has one season with 6 episodes and has a running time of around 41 to 49 minutes.

The interesting series has successfully captivated the attention of the people who are curious to know whether everything that has been shown in the series is based on true events. If you are also curious to know whether the series is based on a true story, then read the information below we have for you which will clear all your doubts.

Is Heist Based On A True Story?

Is Heist Based On A True Story?

Heist is a documentary series featuring three different crimes that have happened in reality. So yes, the documentary series is based on real-life events! The series shows people narrating the details of the heists they committed themselves. Heist eloquently shows how these criminals select their target, how everything is planned, how they put everything into action, and what loopholes lead the investigators straight to them.

The series has covered three different heists, each heist being covered in two episodes. What makes this series interesting to watch is that the criminals themselves tell their stories.

The first heist is done by a 21-year-old woman, Heather Tallchief who gets influenced by the criminal Roberto Solis. Both of them steal $ 3 million from a truck in Las Vegas, in 1993, making it one of the largest truck robberies that have happened in the history of Las Vegas.

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Things get more complicated when after committing the crime, Heather, who was on the run for 12 long years, gets pregnant with Roberto’s child. She eventually gives birth to a son.

Even after being on the run for 12 long years, Heather couldn’t find the freedom she always longed for and instead burdens herself with the heaviness of having to lie to her son.

In 2005, Heather turns herself in and gets charged with embezzlement, bank fraud, bank robbery, and using a firearm. She was sentenced to prison for 5 years in 2006 and was released in 2010.

The next story is about Karls Monzon, a Cuban native who was dealing with the problem of his wife having two miscarriages. Eager for a child so that they could call their family complete, the couple decides to adopt a child for which they need money.

A big fan of crime shows and desperate to be a father, Karls does very extensive research after he gets to know that $100million landed regularly through one particular flight at Miami International Airport. Karls, along with his accomplices, conducts the robbery and ends up taking $7.4 million.

He, however, gets charged with armed robbery in 2006 and pleads guilty. He was ultimately sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment but served only under 10.

The last story of the series is about one of the biggest bourbon heists. Gilbert “Toby” Curtsinger, the former elite-league softball player, was working at a Kentucky spirit distillery. He har decided to start smuggling bottles of Pappy Van Winkle alcohol, which was very rare and sell them to earn big cash.

His side gig ended when he was discovered in 2015 and was arrested. He was sentenced to 15 years but was released after a month on probation because he was a first-time offender who was not a threat to society. His parole supervision does not end until 2023.

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