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Is Hi Nanna Based on a True Story

The movie Hi Nanna doesn’t rely on novel ideas or inventive methods to make an impact. Yes, there is a significant plot surprise in the second part that completely changes the course of the narrative, but overall, the script is quite predictable, especially in the first half. But the genuine care is what makes the difference. To illustrate my position, let me to tell the anecdote. Raised by her single father, Viraj (a high-class Nani), 6-year-old Mahi (Kiara Khanna, a fantastic find) is naturally extremely keen to find out about her mother. Viraj wants her to see him as the narrative’s protagonist each time he tells her a bedtime story. 

Following a heavy-handed, brutal Dasara, Nani went with the family-oriented love story “Hi Nanna,” which was directed by a rookie. With Hi Nanna, Mrunal Thakur makes a comeback to Telugu viewers after making a lasting impact as Sita in Sitaramam last year. Family audiences are the target audience for this drama.

Is Hi Nanna Based on a True Story

No, Hi Nanna is not based on a true story. The film depicts a lovely tale of a father and daughter’s bond. Hello Nanna, let me begin by telling you about Viraj’s life. He is presently the father of a girl, but no one has seen her mother. Now that she is six years old, the girl is curious about her mother. It’s worth watching to see whether Nani is able to inform her about her mother. Given their lengthy separation, it will undoubtedly be tough for Nani to tell his daughter everything.The fact that Hi Nanna is so forthright about such delicate subjects has won the audience over. 

Story of Hi Nanna 

The first focal point of Hi Nanna is Viraj, a photographer by profession. Mahi, his six-year-old daughter, has fibrosis and they live alone. Nani always tries his hardest to make her happy.

Mahi possesses nearly all of her desires. No matter how busy he is, Viraj, being a loving parent, constantly looks out for Mahi. By reading Mahi enjoyable bedtime stories, he aids in her slumber. Nani has been able to block off any thoughts of Mahi’s mother from her mind for years. But one day Mahi started to worry: where is her mother? Is there a reason Mahi cannot be with her mother like other children are? Viraj did everything he could to shield Mahi from these kinds of ideas, but now he had to give her all the information she requested.

Viraj wagered that he would tell Mahi everything if she won her class. He postponed this, causing Mahi to vanish and nearly meet with an accident. Fortunately, kimd lady Yashna was there to save Mahi. Mahi began to imagine Yashna as her likely mother from that moment on. Together, they sat Viraj down and very much made him disclose everything about Mahi’s mother. Viraj then began to take us on an emotional rollercoaster. We discovered that Varsha is Mahi’s biological mother; she and Viraj separated a number of years ago.

Review of Hi Nanna 

The highly anticipated movie of the season, Hi Nanna, starring Nani and Mrunal Thakur and helmed by Shouryuv, comes up to the hype, providing an emotionally charged cinematic experience. The film’s 155 minutes deftly examine the subtleties of marriage, children, and love while keeping viewers interested and nourishing their souls.

The touching family story comes to life thanks to the talents of Nani, Mrunal Thakur, and Kiara Khanna. It is admirable how they captured the core of the father-daughter relationship and their own frailties. Nani’s post-Dasara metamorphosis gives his character a new dimension, and Mrunal skillfully demonstrates his adaptability. The primary performers have a strong connection that makes their on-screen interactions enjoyable. They have fully developed and multi-layered personalities. Nani connects on all the appropriate levels, and Mrunal expertly complements him—whether he’s playing a lover, a parent in despair, or a photographer in training.

With her outstanding portrayal as Mahi, Kiara Khanna wins over hearts and emerges as the most endearing and stunning character in the film. Even Pluto, the family dog, puts up a strong performance and plays a crucial role in the story. There are several scenes in the movie that make viewers’ eyes water.

For those looking for a cinematic experience that combines heart and soul, Shouryuv, Mrunal, Nani and the entire ensemble have made a stunning picture that strikes a chord with the viewer.


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