Is House Of Cards Worth Watching?

The House of cards is an American TV series, created by Beau William. It was released on 1st September 2013 and it ran till November 2018. The series has in total of 6 seasons and 73 episodes. The series is adapted from another older British series of the same title released in the 1990s, which was based on a novel by Michael Dobbs, with the same title, released in 1989. House of cards is a political thriller genre story revolving around an amoral politician named Frank Underwood, Played by Kevin Spacey. The series involves Kevin Spacey in all the seasons except for the last one, this was because at the time Kevin Spacey had sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Therefore the makers decided to cut ties with Spacey. Aside from that, the series was a success among the viewers (with 6 seasons, it is obvious). The show was also received well by critics. It has an 8.7/10 rating on IMDB and a 77% positive review on Rotten Tomatoes. Also, 87% likes by Google Users. Moreover, the series has been received so well that it has earned 33 Primetime Emmy Awards nominations and Eight Golden Globe Awards nominations. Overall, the series has done well among viewers and critics.

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Is House Of Cards Worth Watching?

Overall, the show is interesting and it is considered one of the best political thriller stories out there. With a brilliant performance by the cast and the engaging storyline makes the show worth a watch especially if someone is into thrillers and more into politics-based plots.

For more information on the whole series, many reviews from the viewers on online platforms, have pointed out what is the best part and what is the worst. Many have said that the earlier seasons are the best however the quality of the content went on decreasing with the progressive seasons.

Especially the sixth season is pointed out to be the worst season out of all. With Kevin Spacey gone, the show quality went down as compared to the previous episodes. But Overall, House of Cards is definitely worth a watch. It is one of the Top-class series on the American scene.

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House Of Cards Story

Is House Of Cards Worth Watching?
House Of Cards

The whole series is made up of 6 seasons within which the story can be broken up, however, the general picture of the whole plot of The House of Cards is the story of a Politician and his ruthless and corrupted ways to get to climb the social ladder and get into a powerful position. All these manipulative works, Frank Underwood carries out with his wife Claire, who is also equally power-hungry as her husband. The seasons are not sharply divided into different stories, all of them are just continuations from the previous season’s last episode.

Below is a summary of each season, to have a better picture of the story of House Of Cards.

House Of Cards Season 1

Released in 2013, this season of House of Cards shows the beginning of Frank Underwood’s elaborate plan of manipulation to obtain power. All this starts during the 2012 US Presidential elections. At the time, Frank works in the support of Garrett Walker who is running for the presidential seat. Underwood is a Democratic congressman and a House Majority Whip, in exchange for his support, the Presidential candidate Garrett Walker promises to appoint Frank Underwood as a Secretary of State.

However, after winning the presidential election, he decides to not keep his word and instead asks Underwood to remain in the congress and support him and his agenda just like he did before and therefore he remains a House Majority Whip. The tale of manipulation and power begins from here on with Frank and his Wife Claire, who are both power-hungry, planning a manipulation game.

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House Of Cards Season 2

The story of manipulation continues but this time, Underwood is a Vice-President and he performs the duty. Being a Vice-president comes with an advantage for Underwood, as his Wife can get closer to the First Lady and find out about his personal life. Claire finally finds out that the relationship between the President and his wife is strained, this gives her a point to attack the President. With lots of manipulative works, Garrett Walker is under Impeachment and by the season’s end, Frank Underwood finally becomes the 46th President of the United States.

House of Cards Season 3

Is House Of Cards Worth Watching?
House Of Cards

This season was released in 2015 and started 6 months after Frank was put into the Presidential election. This season sees the tension between the US president and Russian President Viktor Petrov over the arrest of an American Gay activist by the Russians. Frank and Claire, demand the release of the activist.

However, Russian President Viktor, in exchange for the release demands that the Gay-rights activist provide an apology on Russian TV. This leads to the activist killing himself. The Russian President also demands that President’s wife, Claire be removed from her position as a UN ambassador if the president wishes to have peace between the countries.

Amidst these tensions, Frank Underwood hires a man called Thomas Yates to work on Frank’s biography. However, Thomas Yates starts nice but by chapter 1, he starts focusing more on Frank’s marriage life than Frank. After reading and not liking it, he fires Yates. The Season also ends with a possible tension and separation between the Underwoods.

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House of Cards Season 4

The fourth season was released in 2016, this season includes the assassination of Frank Underwood by Lucas Goodwin. Who believes that he was framed by Underwood and is released from prison. Frank gets severely injured and falls into a comatose state. A man named Donald Blythe acts as the President. Until Frank is out of his comatose state and is healthy again.

After a while, Frank is out of comatose and resumes his Presidential position. Frank Underwood is once again running a campaign for the next Presidential Election. Around the end of the season, there is a threat of war and terrorism in the country. Frank orders the military to go all-out to end global terrorism at any cost. By the end of the season, both Claire and Frank witnessed a live execution. The Underwoods break the fourth wall for the first time in this season.

House of Cards Season 5

Is House Of Cards Worth Watching?
House Of Cards

Released in 2017, the season continues with the presidential election of 2016, this is won by Frank Underwood once again. Moreover, Claire also wins the seat of the Vice-President.  There is a presence of a leaker in the white house, who leaks private information from The White House. This leaker is used by Hammerschmidt to investigate the death of Zoe and in the process, he brings out information that results in an Impeachment hearing for Frank.

Soon, the leaker’s identity is being investigated among the employees of the white house. This season also sees Frank resigning from the 47th Presidential spot. His place is taken by the vice-President and Frank’s wife. It ends with Claire as the President in her Oval Office. She breaks the fourth wall once again at the end and says ‘My Turn’.

House of Cards Season 6

It was released in 2018, the season continues, Claire as the President and it is set 100 days after she took the seat. Frank is dead but Claire is still powerful and ambitious. She installs a whole new cabinet consisting of only females. Her Agenda becomes more progressive.

It is later revealed that Claire is pregnant with Frank’s child. Some murders take place and after some months, Claire changes her name back to her Maiden name. And later in the season, Frank’s killer is revealed who turns out to be Doug, he reveals it himself to Claire in her office.

Is House of Cards Based On A True Story?

Is House Of Cards Worth Watching?
House Of Cards

The House of Cards (2013-2018), is adapted from the 2008 BBC series of the same title. And both the series are based on the 1989 novel ‘House of Cards by Michael Dobbs. The story plot and the characters are all fictional and are not based on any true stories. However, the political scenarios are all based on facts and many of the characters are even inspired by real-life politicians and other people involved.

Facts such as the electoral process, the campaigns run by the Presidential candidates, and even stuff like the signing of bills and statements given by the characters are all based on real-life facts.  One example of a statement is the one given by Frank Underwood in season one, in which he argues ‘Power is more important than money, in the sense that money is more fleeting than power.

This rings true in real life also. Not only that, even the themes of relationships, like the strained marriage between Claire and Frank, are part of real life. Anyone can face it, no matter who one is.

Where To Watch House Of Cards Online?

House of Cards is available for streaming on Netflix and AmazonPrime etc.

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