Josh Groban Is Single? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Josh Groban or also known as Joshua Winslow Groban is a famous person who has been known for his talent. He is known to be a singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor, and television presenter. This artist has contributed a lot to American pop culture. Josh has been active since the year 1997. Josh has been making music across genres like contemporary, classical, crossover, pop-rock, vocal, adult, soft rock, orchestral rock, easy-listening songs, and more for which he is known.

The artist has successfully released nine albums throughout his career and his recent album, Harmony was released in 2020. Not only his music but he is also credited for the performance that he has shown in some of his projects. Some of his works are Ally Mcbeal, Coffee Town, and many musicals that have kicked started his career as a Broadway artist.

For a talented man like him, we see a lot of fans who have been supporting him ever since his debut. There are new fans who are curious about the artist’s recent relationship status and we are here to tell you all about it.

Is Josh Groban Single?

Is Josh Groban Single?
Josh Groban and Schuyler Helford

Josh Groban is a famous artist who started his career at a very young age. The artist has built a big and nice reputation over 25 years. Josh has been mentioned in many rumors and other affairs that were never proven correct. Josh Groban was once seen dating January Jones. The couple stayed the same for three years before they departed.

The singer-songwriter continues to stay single for a long time. He was seen focused on his acting and musical gigs. Later, Josh made his relationship with Kai Dennings public in the year 2014. This relationship as well didn’t last long. They parted ways after being in a relationship for two years, which ended in 2016.

The artist after then was seen getting into a relationship with an actress and writer, Schuyler Helford since the year 2017. The relationship continues with no problem seen. Josh Groban is not single and has been in a good relationship for the last five years.

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Josh Groban Career

As mentioned before, Josh Groban is a singer-songwriter, musician, and actor, and is also a record producer. Groban started his career at the age of 16 when he was introduced to a Grammy-winning producer named David Foster. After attending some of the music tours and other activities, which were able to catch the attention of the record labels and he signed with Warner Brother Records. Josh comes up with his first solo album that was named after his name. Josh Groban was the first album released in 2001.

The artist released his first four albums which have been certified multi-platinum. He is also charted as the number one best-selling artist in the U.S in the year 2007. Josh was presented perfectly among the musicians and he was rising as one after releasing his other two albums. He started his journey as a Broadway artist in the year of 2016. He started his work in Natasha, Pierre &The Great Comet of 1816. The artist continues to work on his music and released two more albums named Bridges (2018) and Harmony (2020). These two albums have shown some good outcomes and impressive praise from fans and listeners all around the world.

Josh Groban Early Life

Is Josh Groban Single?
Josh Groban

Born in Los Angeles, California, Joshua Winslow Groban was born on February 27, 1981. He was born to a couple, Jack Groban and Lindy Groban, who has lived up while working as a businessman and school teacher. As a kid, we see that Josh had a growing passion for acting, but eventually moved to music after puberty hits him. He attended the famous school, Los Angeles Country High School for the Arts, and then California State University.

He continued to study music in his adolescence. He graduated with a major in theater. Later he was discovered to study at Carnegie Mellon University, continuing his studies in musical theaters. That was the time when we see Josh has a huge turn in his life. He was later offered a recording contract after which he leaves to achieve his musical career.

Josh Groban Personal Life

Josh grew up learning many things about music. He grew up with loving parents Jack and Melinda Groban. His parents were quite artistic and inspired him to go to musical theaters. Apart from that, we have been public in a relationship thrice. Now he continues his relationship with an actress and writer named Schuyler Helford.

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